Thursday, October 17, 2019


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Political Commentary: Kenyan leaders suffer from a serious disease called Myopic Hypocrisy

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – August 14, 2019 Kenyan leaders suffer from a serious Political disease...

Spirits Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki Wanted Over Alleged Ksh41 billion Tax Evasion and Substandard Alcohol

By Kenya Confidential Business Editor, Nairobi - August 12, 2019 Kenya Police are hunting for reclusive billionaire Humphrey Kariuki...

Apple Offers $1 Million Reward for Anyone Who Can Hack an iPhone

Apple is offering between $100,000 and $1 million for anyone who can hack an iPhone.  CHESNOT/GETTY IMAGES

Uber Losses Scale-up​ in US

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber Technologies, speaks during an Economic Club of Washington event in Washington, DC, June 11, 2019. AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Kenya Deputy President William Ruto at Crossroads

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi - August 3, 2019 Uhuru cannot allow...

CORRUPTION is an Enabler of Poverty and Violation of Human Rights

By Guest Contributor Winfred Wanjiku Gitonga - International Human Rights Commission Ambassador-at-Large (Kenya) "Because what we are...

How former EACC Finance Director Aided Theft of Ksh 100 million

By Kenya Confidential Corruption Investigations Editor, Nairobi - July 12, 2019 It is...

Who Wants Deputy President Ruto Dead?

By Kenya Confidential Political Editor, Nairobi - June 24, 2019 No so long ago,...

How to combat health misinformation online: A research roundup

By Chloe Reichel Journalist Research centre, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge June 17, 2019

How Government and Private Sector Players can Engage Citizens in War on Corruption

By Blamuel Njururi, Citizens Against Corruption Kenya CEO, Nairobi - June 8, 2019 All...
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