Ruto’s Bloody Presidency Journey


By Kenya Confidential Political Desk, Nairobi – August 5, 2022

Deputy President William Ruto began his presidential journey in the dark days of dictator Daniel arap Moi at the height of the clamour for multi-party democracy. So did his running mate Rigathi Gachagua and both have innocent Kenyans blood dripping from their hands.

Gazing at the sun setting on his dictatorial presidency Moi in 1992 dipped his hands into the national coffers and scooped Ksh 3 billion to combat what he perceived as his sinister threat. He cobbed a youth outfit dubbed Youth for Kanu 1992 (YK’92).

The sinister group was headed by Cyrus Jirongo but soon after Ruto would burrow his way to the position of organising secretary. In that position Ruto got free flowing cash tap and access to then lethal Total man Nicholas Biwott and dictator Moi both of whom ran the ruling party Kenya African National Union (Kanu) like a personal outfit.

With Moi and Biwott ears and free flowing cash Ruto turned YK’92 into a lethal political guillotine that hunted down, real, imagined and suspected multiparty proponents in the Kenyan political fabric, university students and professionals. In no time YK’92 was the most dreaded political-cum-criminal organ that arrested, tortured and at times killed suspects  without trial. Some members would also be handy in 2007-2008 ethnic resurrection.

Lucky Kenyans who ended up in court, over Mwakenya fabricated cases, would be shepherded to the gallows after 5.00 pm – after hours – and jailed for years upwards of ten. Three University of Nairobi students whose lives were shattered included, Tirop sentenced to 15 years in jail, Karimi got 14 and Kangethe 12 and a half.

By early 1987, over 100 university professors, students and journalists were arrested by Moi government on charges of sedition in connection with Mwakenya

Among those who hunted down students, lecturers and professionals was one Rigathi Gachagua who had been recruited as a District Officer (DO) after a stint at University of Nairobi where he was a spy student for Moi government. His sojourn at as a DO gave him experience in bribery, corruption and extortion of business community in Kiambu, Njoro and Western parts of Kenya.

The tales of those who suffered in the brutal hands of Gachagua tell blood redding stories of a brutal tyrant that claimed many lives. He was a perfect partner of Ruto even those early years as Kenyans yearned for democracy.

According to a Office of the President Permanent Secretary file copy he was summarily dismissed on 30th July 1997 The letter by Francis Kuindwa then Permanent Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service. Kuindwa cited “gross misconduct, desertion of duty and reported mismanagement od relief food for Laikipia District – he sold.

Gachagua fits perfectly as a partner of Ruto yesterday likened by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a conductor he found removing parts of a moving bus and by the time it would reach its destination, the driver would be struggled on a seat with only a chassis and a steering wheel.

Uhuru disclosed he replaced Ruto with Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i as chair of cabinet meetings because his deputy was only interested with tenderpreneurs looting the government coffers and before long the Kenya government would be bankrupt. The Ruto-Rigathi pair would make a perfect “looting partners” enterprise.

That relationship explains why Ruto chose Rigathi over crime-free Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki as a running mate even when his fellow Parliamentarians and polls preferred Kindiki. Rigathi is further said to have threatened Ruto to refund billions he had spent on his campaign or face dire consequences.

If the two were to be new tenants at Harambee House and Harambee Annex (God forbid), they would be playing a cat and mouse game – if not hide and seek game and transform State House into a tenders gambling casino.

Kenyans must vote to own their country and not surrender their motherland to a CORRUPT couple whose purpose in life is to enrich themselves at the cost everything else and nothing else.

The press conferences and public meetings utterances where both Ruto and Gachagua are making unsubstantiated claims of Chiefs being used to campaign for Raila Odinga is an admission of how Kanu, TNA and Jubilee used the civil servants to campaign for Moi and Uhuru elections.

Besides the tainted lifestyle of Ruto and his running mate the deputy president is a man running way from his shadow. His lifestyle is written with capital letters of impunity that he is trying to run away from. But more worrying to him is the resurrection of his Hague-based International Criminal Court crimes against humanity he is likely to face sooner than later. He knows Raila would be too glad to surrender him to ICC.

The ICC case makes Ruto a fugitive running away from justice by seeking the Kenyan presidency. He therefore is making every effort to cover up his impunity during the Moi era, 2007-2008 Post Election Violence and the corrupt way of his life dotted with public and private land grabbing.

Ruto’s real dream is to be the richest man in Kenya by hook or crook and diminish the Kenyattas, Mois or Mount Kenya billionaires. He has lived his dream through financial and land deals very difficult for anybody to call honest, transparent or genuine – to him the end justifies the means.

There is no love lost between Ruto and Uhuru with the former asking the latter not to kill his children. The President openly describes Ruto an incorrigible liar who cannot be trusted or entrusted to guard public resources.

Muteshi: Double tragedy victim as IDP and Ruto grabbed his 100 acre farm

Ruto’s dream is to be the richest man in Kenya by hook or crook and diminish the Kenyattas, Mois or Mount Kenya billionaires. He has lived his dream through financial and land deals very difficult to call honest, transparent or genuine – to him the end justifies the means.

Sample this basis of his unexplainable wealth:

  • Money from Ngong Forest sold to Kenya Pipeline.
  • Money from 4,000 acres of Nairobi Ruai Sewerage extensions he GRABBED on April 12, 1996 with Renton Company. Ruto did not contest its recovery two years ago.
  • Money from grabbed ex-prisoners rehabilitation plot along on Jogoo Road which he built Weston apartments sold to Police.
  • Money from Weston Hotel built on grabbed Kenya Civil Aviation air corridor
  • Money from Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Mutesh 100 acre land he grabbed.
  • Money from grabbed late Vice President Joseph Murumbi farm?

Last word

Ruto and his Weston Hotel on grabbed Civil Aviation land

After August 9th if Ruto‘s DEFEAT will be announced it will be a great VICTORY VOTE for Kenyans against CORRUPTION and a VOTE for PROSPERITY in Kenya – be part of the overdue CHANGE.