Deputy President Ruto Extorted Billions to Support Uhuru Presidential Bid in 2013


By Kenya Confidential Corruption Awareness Desk – Nairobi, August 3, 2022

Deputy President William Ruto extorted billions of shillings to run with Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013. The Kenyatta family initially parted with a minimum of Ksh 3 billion directly paid to Deputy President William Ruto and a lot more showered him as campaign financing, credible sources told Kenya Confidential.

The sources added that Ruto had a windfall from Uhuru supporters, individuals and corporate bodies, fearing opposition candidate Raila Amolo Odinga would make minced meat of the young man in the presidential race. The entire campaign was funded by the Kenyattas and their friends.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today publicly accused his deputy William Ruto of engaging in massive Corruption and tenderpreneurship. He likened Ruto to a conductor on a bus who would be busy removing parts and selling leaving the driver sitting on a chassis at the end of the trip. That is why he decided Ruto was not fit to be president of Kenya.

“Ruto had a joyride all way to Karen Deputy President’s residence. He never bought even a litre of petrol leave alone finance campaign materials,” said the source adding the cash flow was accelerated by reports that Ruto had visited Raila’s residence during the buyout negotiations.

Azimio la Umoja Executive Director Raphael Tuju, last week expounded to millions of Kenyan and international television viewers how Deputy President Ruto was paid billions in 2013 to support President Uhuru‘s race to State House.

While appearing on a Television Talk Show last Wednesday, July 27, Tuju publicly revealed for the first time that funds were generously contributed by well-wishers as well as supporters of the Head of State.

He further disclosed that Ruto was laughing all the way to the bank as some of the monies were paid upfront. The balance was made in form of powerful Ministries that would be overseen by Ruto‘s allies.

President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) with Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju (right)

Cash collecting rackets would soon after mushroom in Ruto ministries and beyond with a cobweb of junior staff being hired to form bogus companies that were given millions worth of tenders but supplied nothing – yet they were paid. Some have since been nubbed by the long arm of the law in a twist of fate.

Central Kenya business people who supported Uhuru went out of their way to collect moneythat brought Ruto on board. Murang’a tycoons of Mount Kenya Foundation are reported to have contributed a “large sum (twos billion by some sources)” but fell out of favour with Rutowhen they refused to donate to his current presidential bid and chose to support Raila. He called them names and despised what he called hotel interviews.

Tuju further accused the Deputy President of attempting to pull the same stunt while he was a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party headed by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

“If it is necessary for me to repeat this in a court of law I will because I know I have the evidence and it is not just me, do find out from a lot of people in our circles they will tell you that there was no way Ruto was going to give anything for free,” Tuju explained.

After 2017 elections Ruto decided to start his 2022 Presidential bid and abandoned Uhuru’s assignments spitefully amid lawlessness sweeping through the country. The relationship between the Head of State and his deputy was extremely strained to a point that Uhuru opted to form an alliance with Raila who had previously been his political foe, through the handshake, according to Tuju.

“These are demands of payments which he did not only make on TNA that time but also made them on ODM previously.

“It was better several times over to work with an honest Raila who would be ready to work with him without demanding anything in Government, support him in Parliament instead of a Rutowho, at every corner, blackmailed the President,” he revealed.

Tuju explained that the payment was made so that the Ruto could throw his weight behind Uhuru who was seeking to become the country’s fourth President. He absolved President Kenyatta from any wrongful act when it comes to joining hands with Ruto saying it was a between a rock and a hard place and he had no option.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta was between a shark and a crocodile. One side was Raila the other was Ruto who were going to eat him up. So, he had to choose whose bite was not so bad,”Tujurevealed in the most popular Citizen TV talk show in Kenya and internationally.

Tuju maintained that Ruto demanded specific ministries with huge financial outlay if they won the election, adding that Ruto sees politics as a business contrary to the picture he paints in public. Ruto was granted his wish.

He forwarded his political face of Kalenjin tribes nominees as;

  1. Henry Rotich….Kalenjin – National Treasury – now facing corruption charges
  2. Charles Keter … Kalenjin – Energy – he quit his job to seek political office
  3. Felix Kosgei….KalenjinAgriculture, Livestock and Fisheries – suspended over corruption.
    Davis Chirchir…..Kalenjin
    Energy Cabinet Secretary – suspended over corruption allegations, now Ruto’s chief of staff.
    5. Willy Bett…….Kalenjin
    Energy Cabinet Secretary – suspended over corruption allegations but later appointed High Commissioner to India.
    6. Phyllis Kandie……Kalenjin
    East African Affairs
    7. Faridah Karoney…..Kalenjin
    – Lands – Mother of Ruto’s son.
    8. Rashid Echesa. (Only Luhya
    his errand boy) – Sports sacked over graft.
    9. Simon Chelugui…….Kalenjin – Water in which billions of shillings water dams fell – plus several other Kalenjins in key government portfolios as Permanent Secretaries and Parastatal heads.

Ruto has in recent years tried to disown the nominations saying appointments are done by the President. Reliable sources told Kenya Confidential that Ruto further wrote letters to his potential appointees asking for Ksh 5 million he called party donations. Those who did not pay were left out.

Knowledgeable sources told Kenya Confidential that Ruto over the years continuously generated billions of shillings from his government criminal investments – now financing his multi-billion-shillings campaign.

 Deputy President William Ruto at the presidential debate at Catholic University on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. Raila Odinga boycotted the debate.

 Secretary-General Tuju also explained that blackmailing was a widespread trade in the government and accused a hawkish leader from Western Kenya of demanding Ksh900 million from the former Prime Minister. He later went to Ruto and was received with open arms.

Tuju painted an image of Deputy President Ruto as a man unfit to hold the top most seat in government saying his reputation and conduct within the Jubilee administration portrayed a corrupt leader. He noted that the accusation of numerous land grabbing and corruption facing the Deputy President was not just mere propaganda. Ruto hides his corrupt profile by using proxies.

During the Presidential Debate where he appeared alone after Raila declined the interview, Ruto claimed was a victim of a third party that purported to own the land he is accused to have grabbed from an internally displaced person (IDP) Adrian Gilbert Mutesh. He did not say why he has never surrendered it or paid a fine of Ksh 5 million imposed by an Eldoret court a decade later.

Were it not for the resilience and courage of  his 100-acre farm in Eldoret would have gone with the wind. But the man, who died at the age of 86, would not allow his hard-earned property to be grabbed in the aftermath of the worst post-election violence that Kenya had witnessed. It is not known whether the gods will grant Ruto such a long life.

Ruto is currently fighting tooth and nail to be president to avoid being shipped to The Hague to face Crimes Against Humanity charges over the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence. He wants immunity from impunity.

“Given the blackmail he was taking us through and the issue of Kimwarer and Arror  where the price was inflated ten times a point reaches where you cannot take it anymore. Everybody wonders what happened so that Uhuru could reach out to Raila Odinga,” Tuju stated.

This coming amidst political outburstts by DP Ruto that he supported his boss unconditionally and his move to back Raila as his preferred successor was nothing but an act of betrayal. However, the contrary is the truth. He was paid billions, which he invested in the sports gambling giant SpotsPesa as a principal shareholder. That gambling outfit has cost many Kenyan youths their lives after gambling their boda boda, rent and school fees cash but it has generated huge sums of money for Ruto.

“I want to say for avoidance of doubt that I supported my friend not because of his community not because of the language he speaks. Uhuru owes me nothing and owes no community nothing,” Ruto stated in January,2021.

In recent times Ruto has been telling every public rally, in a monotonous chorus, how he was the one who solely got Uhuru elected as President in 2013, 2017 and a repeat election 2017.

President Uhuru and his deputy have now turned foes by  throwing insults at each other in recent weeks as 2022 general politics hots up, with Kenyatta declaring publicly that he won’t allow Ruto to succeed him.

Uhuru is openly campaigning for Opposition leader Raila Odinga who is he Azimio La Umoja One Kenya presidential candidate.

 Former Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe in April 2019 revealed how the handshake with Raila saved President Uhuru from his Deputy’s allies.
“In terms of Parliament, there was some alignment which was making it possible for the DP’s side to blackmail the President. Like if you don’t do this, we won’t pass this. It was like they were holding a gun to his head until Raila came, “ Murathe revealed.

He added that Uhuru’s collaboration with ODM leader Raila Odinga , Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi gave the president an upper hand over his Deputy’s influence in parliament.

On the current presidential race, little doubts exist that Raila will trounce Ruto come what may. The senior statesman has conducted his campaign professionally with abundant political skills. He has climbed Mt Kenya to appeal to the huge reservoir of millions of voters and will doubtless climb down with a chunk.

Raila has dismantled Ruto’s campaign in a forest of deciduous trees whose leaves fall down during election period. Its porous terrain demands fertilizer trademarked cash in sacks and the shifting political ground has not helped the situation.

Last word:

August 9th General Election is a choice between CORRUPTION that is crippling  the country economically and frustrating development projects or a paradigm shift towards prosperity guided by honesty in governance and accountable management of public affairs in Kenya.