Ruto Fanning Ethnic Clashes in Rift Valley


By Oliver Lotondo, Nairobi – July 29, 2022

If there are some Kenyans that still doubt the existence of an irrideemable break between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, they should listen to the latest verbal salvo Ruto has fired at the head of state.
While campaigning in his Nandi County, the DP issued a stern warning to Uhuru whom he accused of dividing Kenyans.
The words Dr. Ruto used, the manner by which he conveyed those words, the mood through which they were imparted and the scene where they were spoken, coupled with the timing of his speech, are a cause for caution.
It’s just a few days away before Kenyans go to the polls to elect their representatives for the National Assembly, Senate, Governors and Members of the County Assemblies and a host of other national leaders.
Electioneering is where you might call “Kipindi cha lala salaama”. (Sleep peacefully).
In order for Kenyans to sleep peacefully as the elections come closer, they need lullaby songs. Or, lullaby utterances, if you like. The kind of lullabies that will sooth the politically troubled hearts and the politically wondering minds.
Kenyans hate to think the events of 2007/8 and 2017/18 might, by a stroke of bad omen, repeat themselves.
Yet listening to some of the campaign chest thumbing, one cannot rule out a possible recurrence of the events.
Ruto warns Uhuru not to kill his children at Kaptagati as crowds cheered
Sadly, these campaigns have had the hallmarks of personal attacks, name calling and chauvinistic displays and tentacles of political mischief.
When the DP, for example, says “Wacha kitutisha. Sisi si watu wa kutishwa”, the question that comes to mind is who are “Sisi” (We) that are referred to?
The “Sisi si watu wa kutishwa” as used at the rally whose audience, one would guess, comprised of mainly the local Kenyans, carries plenty of interpretations.
One of the interpretations is whether or not, signs of ethnic unrest would begin to show as a result of these careless utterances.
Kenyans are sick to the marrow of their bones of ethnic talk. That is partly why President Uhuru, one day opined that time had come for the country’s presidency to seek another home beyond Central Kenya and Rift Valley.
This time around, however, level headed Kenyan voters will go for men and women that have the potential to turn around the ailing economy. Men and women that will not only stop corruption, but who will arm themselves with a sledge hammer, to strike to a smithering the ugly head of corruption wherever and whenever it will show.
Meanwhile, the long and short of it all, is to pray that the Almighty God guides Kenya to achieve a free, fair and democratically acceptable election come August 9, 2020.

Foot note:

Media houses SHOULD avoid sensationalising abuses by campaigners of UDA.
The PREPOSTEROUS sneers, abuses and shenanigans hurled by Deputy President William Ruto towards Uhuru are NOT worth repetation by media houses because of the risk of incitement. They are also destroying Ruto and painting him as a crude, uncivilized and ungrateful turn-coat.
If Ruto as a Deputy President can be so loud and bold in publicly abusing, ridiculing and sneering at a sitting President, (his boss) how will he treat Cabinet Secretaries or top civil servants (his juniors) who differ with him?
Why is Ruto dragging his children into his campaign frustration? How and why would Uhuru want to “KILL” them? Does he plan to kill any and blame it on Uhuru?
Ruto respects NOBODY and NO ONE.
He does not DESERVE a national office any more – he has disqualified himself.
Ruto needs to mature!!