Be your own master spiritually

By Blamuel Njururi – Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – July 29, 2022
Faith is a personal property that guides what one believes in as a matter of personal rectitude.
It determines good and evil (ill-will, bad) personal preferences, which do NOT have to be guided by religion but can be influenced by it, cultural practices and beliefs.
Religion in Kenya and most other African and former colonies of western empires is alien indoctrination that was used as a colonial weapon to bend NATIVES’ minds to submit to the colonial rule.
This week the Catholic head Pope Francis publicly apologised for atrocities meted out to native children in Canada by so-called fathers – who tormented and sexually abused them for over 115 years in government-run schools.
Pope Francis Apologized for Role of Local Catholic Institutions in Treatment of Indigenous Children in Canada. Is sexually abusing minors Christianity or religious by any defination?
Today religion has become commercial commodity with crooks, sinners and fornicators leading the way.
Why is the Pope based in Rome and not Kiriari in Embu where Cardinal Njue grew up. Why is Queen Elizabeth the head of Anglican Church and not a native of Uganda?
Why are there so many Bibles with different interpretations of the “Word of God?”
Did or do Africans have or believe in God or a supernatural power?
Does that supernatural being or power stay in the estate known as Heaven as painted in the various versions of the Bible?
Is religion a commercial merchandise that is watered with what is called “tithe”?
Can anyone and everyone own a Church – even if it’s a kiosk to preach to 5 people or preach to road passersby or those feasting on air burgers at Jivanjee Gardens and live on arms donated to feed them with the word of God?
Today religion in Kenya is a tool of CORRUPTION, deceit, fraud and sexual abuse by criminal-minded clergy and conmen/women.
Is there God? Does he live in Heaven with angels singing hymns 24/7?
Does the devil exist in hell as told by Christians?
My view is that both God and Devil live in human beings simultaneously in an organ called the Brain.
The thoughts and decisions of doing good are guided by the “God” part of your brain while the evil things and decisions you do are dictated by the Devil part of your Brain.
Both are inside you not in external Heaven or Hell.
Bothering about alien Gods and colonial religions is designed to preoccupy you and your brain on non- productive debate or activity that can lead to hate or even violence.
As the Swahili say “Kikulacho kiko nguoni mwako”.
Develop a strong mindset to determine the Good (God) and the Evil (Devil) in you for all decisions you make – think through them – the rest leave to FATE.