Beware of Ruto: The Perfect Political Schemer


By Kenya Confidential Elections Desk, Nairobi – April 18, 2022

He doesn’t play around. He bites, crashes and swallows opponents bila Huruma ama uoga

Since its formation late last year Azimio had stolen the thunder and was running away with that thing called victory come August 9th.

But in the past couple of weeks, Kenya Kwanza has suddenly regained lost ground. It has found its Mojo back – and is running away with full steam.

The viciously childish fights by Kalonzo with Raila, and Kalonzo and the early Kamba entrants to Azimio have seriously dug deep into the chest missing the heart by millimetres. Kalonzo has become a spoiler.

In addition, failure to bite the bullet, like UDA did, and do democratic nominations, so that even if things bite themselves, they hurt, and heal.

Yes there were complaints of pre-marked ballot papers. late deliveries and biased election officers but those are in every Kenyan election.

Heli kushindwa, rather than negotiated dictatorship, where you are left with a bitter taste in the mouth – vengeance is bitter.

As we enter the final 90 days, whoever is in the lead, just like in the Marathon, becomes unbeatable.

Azimio has to wake up NOW!!! Or NEVER!!!

They have to put their act together and stop public fights and shadow boxing by Kalonzo.

Kalonzo’s “my agreement with Raila, myself and my law practice, I this and I the other” MUST STOP or achukue virago zake!!

Azimio are not facing a Joker. They are facing someone who always looks weak from the outside, but has steel will inside.

UDA party nomination materials go up in flames in Embu

In 1988, the powerful prison warder-turned-Moi Personal Assistant, Joshua Kulei, saw Ruto as CHICKEN FEED boy from University, who cracked jokes, but never saw him as a serious political threat and financial heavy weight-to be .

He introduced him to Julia Ojiambo, who employed him kama mtu wa Mkono, he shocked her, when he worked his way into the big boys club of YK92.

His first deal with YK’92 was to deliver the same batch of one thousand T-shirts @ Ksh 120 and smile all the way to the bank with a cool Ksh 2.1 million.

Whereas all the big names of YK92 messed billions up in life and many ended up Destitute, Ruto’s ;self-discipline saw him survive the temptation of big money, and instead of squandering the money on women and alcohol, he built a fortune in real estate – grabbing or not.

Reuben Chesire, a breed of Kelenjin dynasty, saw Ruto as a Joker in 1997, and dismissed him as a small ant that he would defeat. His hot anger saw him slap Chesire inside State House something that shocked the whole country. He went ahead and vanquished him in 1997 elections consigning to history.

Finally Moi admitted Ruto to the big club and he would be seen with him and the feared Total man Nicholas Biwott in public fictions laughing broadly.

Ruto is not someone you approach kiholela holela. He has upstaged every big name on his path up the political ladder!

He deliberately denied Raila the Presidency in 2013 when he joined Uhuru whose family wealth ran into trillions unlike Odinga’s millions.

He participated in finishing of the Moi system in Rift Valley – one by one. Many thought he SHOULD have kept company of some old guard but he wanted a clean slate.

He has stolen the majority of the Kikuyu voters from Uhuru, live live, mchana peupe – now when Uhuru is the Commander in Chief.

Unless Azimio changes tact and your mindset and have that fear and trembling Kenyans had in 2002, when facing Kanu, be assured you, you will go home on August 9th with a broken nose.

You can’t start fighting vita ndogo ndogo like that of Kalonzo and Raila. You should have one mind of crossing the bridge first and fighting later.

Cross the river and fight on the other side. Because, the person you are facing is made of steel – not scrap metal.

He doesn’t play around. He bites, crashes and swallows opponents bila Huruma ama uoga.

And if you play around with your big chubby cheeks full of Cerelac, his hardened Jaws will make minced meat of you Politically, economically and socially!