Muturi Covenants with Kenyans.


By Kenya Confidential Political Desk, Nairobi – June 26, 2022

Under the DP Government, the Fight Against Corruption will be a way of life National Movement in which Citizens will participate fully by merchandising Corruption Awareness-branded products

Ladies and gentlemen a new dawn has come, a time for all ofus to reflect and answer the simple question:

  • Which kind of a country do we want to live in?
  • Which Kind of country do we want our children to inherit?
  • How long will we stand aside and complain about bad leaders?

We have a golden opportunity to change the destiny of this country on the 9th of August this year and I am honoured to stand before you today on a day I believe will mark a new beginning. My name is Justin Muturi and you are JustinTime for Change.

Things that matter in Life

Martin Luther King said – Our lives begin to end, the day webecome silent about the things that matter.

  1. You as a Kenya citizen matters
  2. Your health matters,
  3. Your children’s education matters,
  4. Your Food matters,
  5. Your shelter matters,
  6. Your job matters,
  7. Service delivery matters,
  8. Your integrity matters,
  9. Your prosperity matters,
  10. Order in your country matters.

Leadership of integrity

Ladies and gentlemen insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Kenyans deserve a break and I believe we are JustinTime for Change but the change can only come when leaders of integrity stand up and take the leadership mantle.

That is why I JB Muturi with great humility and a profound sense of gratitude hereby accept the privilege of running for president on the Democratic Party ticket.

Ladies and gentlemen, those who stand for nothing, fall for everything. In the last 30 years the Democratic Party’s moto of Umoja na Haki, unity and Justice, has been its driving force.

It is the same Democratic Party ideals that made Mwai Kibaki, who is the first and only candidate to run for President under the party, and others seek economic, social and political justice for the people of Kenya, culminating in the new constitution.

Son of a rural farmer

How did I get here? How did a son of a rural farmer from a tiny, marginalised community called the Mbeere in Embu County, even imagine running for President of Kenya.

Mine is a story of a little poor boy from a family of 8 Born and raised from a humble remote village of Kanyuambora in the Mbeere North Constituency, Embu County.

My late sister Monica Muthoni, May God rest her soul in eternal peace..had to forfeit her studies for me to continue with school, – since my parents could not afford to pay school fees for both of us.

The Grace of God

I was privileged to get a chance to join Kangaru school where through hard work and by the grace of God I managed to get accepted at the University of Nairobi to study law.

I later on served as a magistrate in the Judiciay for 15 years in different parts of the country (Bungoma, Githunguri, Thika, Machakos and Nairobi). I have been a member of parliament representing the people of Siakago for two terms and i am serving my 9th year as the Speaker of the National Assembly where I oversaw the passage of 257 laws the highest on record since independent.


But my story is not any different from many Kenyans. Surely a parent shouldn’t have to decide which child to educate and which one not to, that is why in our democratic party government, Education will be free right from Primary all through to secondary level.

That’s not all, we must move from a system that glorifies academic qualifications like degrees to a system that encourages the development of skills set that are aligned with the vision of the nation. What is the point of having a Masters degree without a Job or practical skills?

  • At the same time, students who qualify for technical colleges admission will be given free bursary as the Institutions also get support from the government to expand and acquire modern technology and equipment for training.
  • All public schools will have access to the internet across all47 Counties while at the same time standardizing the
  • We shall not have some students learning under trees in the 21st century as it is in many parts of this country.
  • Higher Education loans for needy students will be turned into grants – If it wasn’t for the bursaries even I wouldn’t be standing here today.
  • Every student deserves a fair chance to be something in this country and we must level the playing field

And if anybody thinks these are just dreams, we will say to them with our unwavering conviction that you are JustinTime for Change.

The Economy

How many of you here are happy with the economy?

  • Kenya’s economy is in shambles.
  • Unemployment is high,
  • Inflation is increasing,
  • Businesses are failing and falling apart because the financial centre cannot hold,
  • Our debt levels for the individual and the country are
  • Foodstuffs have become more expensive.
  • Basic kitchen ingredients like tomatoes have fallen into the luxury category for those living on less than a dollar a day.
  • A packet of Unga is no longer affordable and many families are reliant on the unga-pima.

And I hear you ask, so how do we fix it?

We must reduce the cost of borrowing. The famous FULIZA run by Safaricom, which we have all utilised at one time or another, charges an interest rate of 1% per day, more than 350% a year, this simply put is exploitation, but desperate Kenyans have no choice.

How many of you have been told (usitume kwa hi number, ni me fuliza) The reason that FULIZA usage is so high is the convenience, the transaction is quick and easy and requires no elaborate processes and the money is released immediately.

There are three ways to deal with this problem.

  • The first is to bring legislation to outlaw these unjust and predatory rates, but

this will just reduce the money that is being lent and will not solve the problem of Kenyans needing money.

  • The second step on the route is for the government to stop borrowing money from the local money market and therefore the local commercial banks will have no alternative but to lower their lending rates which inturn will encourage the uptake of loans by mwananchi spurring economic growth.
  • The third step would be revolutionizing our banking system and become world leaders in the process of moving to 100% digital banking, where our mobile phones are our bank

Once we achieve this our youth will be able to access affordable loans on easy terms and be able to start earning a living.

Youth Agenda

Now that we are speaking about the Youth, I believe that the true marginalised are the youth. This is where we need to start our economic revival.

  • First, I will scrap the Youth Ministry. How can the youth that accounts for 75% of our population have only one out of 22 ministries? which is 5%. All the ministries of government should be youth-centric, they should focus on dealing with the youth, and have dedicated personnel to ensure that the ministry remains focused on youth affairs.
  • Our entire fiscal and monetary policy must be tailored to ensure that the youth are at the centre. That means our tax policies should allow for the growth of business for our youth.
  • How do we do this? We must have preferential taxes and predictable tax regimes to young budding entrepreneurs, by having tax rebates and other tax incentives and tax breaks targeting the youth.
  • House loans for young first time home owners should be backed by the government to ensure cheap and available The youth need to be brought fully into the economy and all measures should be employed to ensure that they are the focal point.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the Kenyan economy contributing about 60% of the GDP and employing about 80% of the workforce. So the growth of Agriculture is really the growth of Kenya.

Maize and beans farming in Kajiado – hitherto considered pastoralists

The first step to increasing our Agricultural yield is to move away from rainfed agriculture to a stable irrigation system.

As we build the infrastructure for that, there are a few quick wins we can make along the way.

  • First we must reduce post production loss.

We loose on average 30% of our farm produce after harvest. We need to urgently address the issue of storage to ensure that we safely and hygienically store our produce by employing new technology in our storage facilities including increasing our cold storage capacity.

  • Next, we need to address the issue of farm inputs and their exorbitant costs.

Kenyan produce has become increasingly uncompetitive as it is priced too high due to the high cost of inputs. We must encourage the production of farm inputs locally and zero rate taxation on those that are imported.

  • We must also find the right markets for our produce.

Markets that are willing to pay the right prices for our produc.

  • Value addition is a must.

As I traverse through different parts of Mt Kenya, I see tons of avocados rotting on the ground and I wonder if some young people set up avocado oil processing plants, would they not make a living from these discarded avocados? It is worthy noting that an avocado has about fifteen (15) Bio – products.

I have seen mangoes and other fruit falling and rotting in Ukambani and other parts of the coast, they could have easily been processed into fruit pulp and fruit juice as a viable industry?

This will be done by promoting and supporting a strong agro-processingsector where all our young people will be able to make a living processing produce.

This is not about getting jobs for our youth, it is about getting them opportunities to earn a living by getting capital and starting businesses that will make the country grow.

Scientific studies have shown that sugarcane farming takes approximately 24 Months to grow in western Kenya and it is therefore necessary for us to consider what other mechanisms can be employed to prompt more economically viable agricultural practices I.e sugar beets and dairy farming. We must also encourage large scale sugar farming in other parts of the country.

Northern Kenya

Let’s talk about the issues affecting Northern Kenya: water and pasture. The major reason for conflict in these regions is the fight for water and pasture, indeed, the insecurity in this region can be attributed to these two factors.

Kenya is blessed with a huge number of livestock and its sheer numbers can rival those of Botswana. If Northern Kenya herds were properly utilised that region would easily become one of the largest sectors of our economy and one of the largest foreign exchange earners. Indeed we could turn our northern Kenya into “Texas of Kenya”

How do we move the marginalised to become the centre of the Agricultural economy?

I would institute a Marshal Plan dubbed “JB Plan”;

  • The first step would be to build dams, pans, wells and boreholes all over Northern Kenya.
  • We would do this by leveraging on the assets we have, which is the armed forces, the National Youth Service and the Ministry of Agriculture, together with the relevant counties.
  • The plan is simple, the army would setup mobile units, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, NYS and the counties, that would move from place to place setting up camp and utilising the local people to build the dams, pans, wells and boreholes needed.
  • The military has all the expertise to do such an exercise. Within 2 to 3 years, we should have completed this phase.
  • An added benefit would be the increased security in the region due to the presence of the army and since they are using local labour the people in the area would in turn have money in their

Simultaneously we would start a process of demarcating and preparing a quarantined zone for all the livestock that would be brought to the market in Isiolo.

Isiolo is the perfect place, being in the geographical centre of the country (Kenya) where all the livestock from all over Northern Kenya could be brought to. Here we will ensure that all the livestock are tested, treated and fattened before entering the market or being shipped out.


And now let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Corruption. We cannot continue doing the same thing, administration after administration and expect different results.

We have spent most of our resources and efforts in investigating, arresting, prosecuting and recovering stolen assets. This is not enough, we need to reduce and stop the incidences of corruption to have meaningful gain in this fight.

Therefore, there should be greater focus on stopping the looting, rather than hunting the looters. To effectively do this, anti-corruption efforts should cease to be a government-only campaign, but should rope in the help of the citizens, because the citizens are the most affected.

The mantra should be to Stop Corruption, Zuia Ufisadi.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my administration will introduce a Corruption awareness symbol that every Kenyan can lerate and resonate with in the Fight against Corruption – with a simple message – Stop Corruption, Zuia Ufisadi.

Statistics have shown that the corrupt individuals are only upto 30% of the populations, the remaining 70% are not and most of them detest it. We need to activate this 70% to become the eyes, ears and the police force that will stop the corruption.

The Corruption Awareness Symbol: The message “STOP CORRUPTION, Zuia Ufisadi” encased in a burning capital “C” the first letter or the word Corruption.

If you remember when the Rainbow Coalition won the election in 2002, the euphoric people having decided to take charge of their destiny, were arresting police men they witnessed taking bribes. You 70% can be the change we need if you rise up. Corruption must stop. Take the lead.

This is the Kenyan we want

We need the “Mwangaza” to light the darkness of corruption. We need to have a comprehensive citizens-driven strategy which will rope in government, the business community, the clergy, the media and the civil society to reach out to the people and make them be the champions of the anticorruption campaign.

Under the DP Government, the Fight Against Corruption will be a way of life National Movement in which Citizens will participate fully by merchandising Corruption Awareness-branded products such as clothe wear, wood products, artworks, music, graffiti art, vehicles branding, beauty and personal care products, foodstuffts etc etc. Youth groups will be encouraged to take the lead in business clusters.


I can not conclude without talking about HEALTHCARE. The first step to a prosperous nation is Reactivating the healthcare system. FACT: You are only one disease away from poverty.

Health is a devolved function and can not be streamlined without having County-specific measures with unique solutions that account to the demographics in the specific Counties

We must streamline the National institutions like NHIF and KEMSA. NHIF as it is today is designed for corruption. Fictitious claims can be made several times by several hospitals even when no one has actually been attended to, the claims run into billions. We have to restructure the entire NHIF system to meet the needs of our health care system.It is very fesh in our minds that Kemsa has been used as a cash cow in the past.

We shall deliberately change the entire Kemsa policy. We shall also set up a health commission to streamline the health sector.

We must strive to introduce 47 NEW COUNTY REFERRAL HOSPITALS with standardized services in all the 47 Counties which will enhance accessibility and ease off the pressure on KNH. Adequate funding to Counties will also allow us to employ adequate medics in conjunction with County Governments.

We believe that in the same wavelength our leaders MUST be compelled to seek medical care for themselves and their immediate families locally, because we have good doctors here. We must show confidence in our own healthcare and if something isn’t working then it will be fixed based on first hand experience.

The Democratic Party of Kenya Government will declare the state of mental health in Kenya as a major threat to National development that ought to be declared a national emergency.

In this regard we will collaborate with the Private sector to directly fund the establishment of a Neuro-Psychiatric Institute establishing a modern mental health facility with all the necessary infrastructure to provide the highest mental health quality care that patients deserve.


Finally Ladies and gentlemen let’s talk about Politics – Where are we politically?

Let me give a background, in 1992, 1997 there were several opposition parties but because they were not united they were not able to defeat KANU and yet their combined votes was more than the winning votes of KANU.

But then in 2002 there were efforts made at building coalitions and the first formidable one was NARC but it collapsed because of lack of trust. Everyone had their own interest at heart.

What am saying is, coalitions just like marriages must be guided by principles such as fidelity, tolerance, honesty and integrity and the glue that keeps them together is simple:


Here is a typical example, in 2008 the International community forced us to come up with a grand coalition whose anchoring glue was CONSULTATIONS and what mattered was service to the people.

Now we seem to have mastered the art of coalitions but still lack in honest consultations, so my conclusion is that it’s not the size of the party that matters or even the coalition – It all boils down to the integrity and honesty of the parties in the coalition.

Look at Jubilee now, many parties came together but lacked in honesty, respect for one another and a common purpose for the people of Kenya. Now the country is seeing an increase in the political temperatures and activities to a point where everything is being politicized.

The politics of confrontation and insults have dominated the political scene, how is it then that the two assumed “HORSES” that thrive in the toxic environment have become the front runners in the polls ahead of election?

Party hopping has become part of our political culture. Everyone is looking to be in the winning team, others are being lured by the highest bidder and none of them seem to stand for anything. This political promiscuity is now in high gear with politicians moving from one party to the other with recklessly abandon, leaving the electorate bewildered.

What happened to political ideologies?

Show me anywhere in the world in a functional democracy where a sitting government decides to join forces with the opposition to form another government with complete disregard to their own?

Like it happened in Botswana some years back. These are the political bad manners that I am talking about. We MUST stand for something and not just the pursuit of power.

I understand that political parties exist with the aim of capturing power either on their own or through coalitions but they must share common ideals, common principles but today we hear “the ground is not good”.. REALLY? Are leaders not supposed to lead especially where the people have gone wrong? Do they join the lost flock in the wilderness or guide them back to a safe haven?

I have been told it is a two-horse race and if I am to get anywhere, I MUST join with one of the two horses or I stand no chance. I was told to choose the lessor of the two devils and then get a share of government.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to state now before the whole country that I am here because I believe in a great future for Kenya. My track record speaks for itself, I have diligently served the people of Kenya in different capacities to the best of my abilities.

We, as the Democratic Party, offer something different from all the rest.

  • We offer a political option that is diametrically opposed to the others.
  • We stand for what is right, not what will give us political milage,
  • We stand for a prosperous Kenya and not to enrich ourselves,
  • Most of all we stand for Umoja na Haki.

Kindly come and join me in this exciting journey to usher Kenya into a golden era of integrity, order and prosperity.

This election is not about me or any other person it is about you as the citizen, what future do you want for your children?

Will you stand up for what is right, or will you continue doing the same thing expecting different results?

I am Justin Muturi and we are JustinTime for change.