Kenya’s undeserving leaders.


By Citizens Against Corruption Kenya political desk.

January 10th 2022.

The next President SHOULD focus on three key PILLARS to leap-frog Kenya’s economic growth with massive job opportunities.

  1.  Industrialization
    Kenya now has enough power energy to revive all the industries that died during the long 24 years of Dictator Moi.
    The industries with modern technology would be geared towards manufacture of domestic and export markets operating on 4 shifts a day as it used to be when Kenya gained independence.
    We have had enough of EPZ manufacturing garments for export, which we in turn import as mitumba.
    Today Kenya imports ridiculous products like bamboo tooth pics, cotton buds, diapers, picture frames, pencils, exercise books, used vehicles/parts and household products etc from China and western countries that we used to manufacture at independence.
    We were assembling bicycles, TVs and Radios soon after independence but stopped In order to import and enrich a few politicians who were being given duty-free import permits by Moi regime.
    Japan, India, Indonesia were dismantling machines and equipment from the West and stealing the technology building similar products in their design. Kenyan’s are daft spenders without thinking about tomorrow.
  2. Agriculture has great potential that is frustrated by imports from countries that are semi deserts like Israel, Egypt and Aran nations. Kenya’s Wajir County is 4 times the size of Israel, Egypt’s agriculture is basically Irrigation with River Nile waters some of it from Kenya – which we complain about with River Nyando notoriety. Kenya’s major river Tana drains millions of gallons of fresh water into the Indian Ocean whose marine are NEVER known to complain of salt water.                                                                                  Kenya has millions of idle fertile land most of owned by foreign landlords of British and Arab origin. Kenyatta and Moi era politicians and civil servants diverted millions of public funds to buy tracts of land from departing colonialists for purely speculative investment when millions are concentrated on small parcels of land – calling for redistribution and maximization of land utility. Agriculture should be should pursue GREEN FARMING not poisonous fertilizers and pesticides. Agriculture cannot be the Kenya’s economic backbone when its potential is frustrated by foreign imports and foreign farms owned by Kenya politicians.
  3. The third pillar use of enabling scientific technological inventions and innovations. Kenya has world class inventions and innovators whose products go waste in their Motherland or are exploited by foreign countries – the USA, Britain and China leading the way. Back home young brains at our universities and technical colleges invent/develop functional medical equipment, including life-saving ICU ventilators and two years later they are gathering dust when billions of shillings of public funds have been used to import similar by governors and top civil servants for personal preservation.

Kenya lacks genuine patriotic leaders BUT has plenty of pretenders or shall I call them THEIR real name? THIEVES!!! not worth any leadership position.
They are however, very lucky because a majority of Kenyans, however well “educated”, are politically ILLITERATE on matters patriotism.

Last word:

CORRUPTION Cash or Gold is a CURSE upon upon you and your generations – and is turning out to be for our Motherland.