President Uhuru Gives Mudavadi New Year Boost


By Kenya Confidential Political Desk Editor, Nairobi, January 9, 2021

Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi, who has been quietly working behind the scenes to position himself as the best person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, got massive New Year endorsement by key politicians who attended his mother’s funeral.

Finally, after three year presidential campaign by Deputy President, the chicken have come to roost with a clear and loud message that Uhuru will not support him as his successor. The self-designated roadside chicken seller, brought the presidential wrath upon himself with his constant attack on children of what he describes as “dynasties” that should be shunned by Kenyan voters. He has spiced his campaign with a class war approach of “hustlers” against “dynasties”or the haves and the have-nots.

The president has consistently advised Ruto to drop his Donald Trump-style of  Twitter campaign intended to incite Kenyan youths against the so-called dynasties to no avail. Last year Ruto’s presidential campaign think tank named the hustler’s families as enemies of poor Kenyans. Ruto decided his unaccountable wealth had enough money to buy his way to State House using the so-called “Hustler Ideology”.

The “Hustler ideology” reads like what the India’s first president Mahatma Gandhi described as “Seven Dangers to Human Virtue”

Ruto supporters, according to his strategic team,  must acknowledge that “our foremost ideology is the Hustler Ideology”. The following key tenets of the ideology should be borne in mind by all members of the campaign team: 

  1. a)  A Hustler is someone who is aspiring and fighting hard to make something out of themselves using all means necessary (using ALL means necessary? including Corruption, theft, murder?). 
  2. b)  The best example of a hustler is His Excellency Dr. William Ruto who came from a humble background and has crawled his way to the top (and thereafter contemptuously disrespected those on whose shoulders he stepped on to gain power and wealth – Jirongo, Moi, Raila and today Uhuru). 
  3. c)  The hustler ideology must be contrasted with the ideology of Dynasties. Our campaign must continue to call out the Dynasties in this country. 
  4. d)  The major Dynasties in this country comprise of the Kenyatta family, the Odinga Family, the Moi Family, the Biwott Family, the Ndegwa Family, the Mudavadi Family, and the Kalonzo Family, the Nassir Family, the Nyachae Family, to mention but a few. Anyone whose father had a name during the KenyattaMoi andKibaki governments is member of the dynasty. During the campaigns, our team should refrain from mentioning June Ruto, Nick RutoStephanie Ruto, and even Abby Ruto. Those on our side who are members of dynasties such Susan KihikaRigathi Gachagua, etc., should also not be mentioned. 
  5. e)  Hustlers are good. Dynasties are bad. That is the message we should keep repeating. (reminiscent of the famous quotes in Animal Farm, including all important … “Four legs good, two legs bad.” … Are some animals more equal than others?)
  6. f)  Hustlers allow you to make money anyway you can, without restrictions whatsoever, while dynasties want to keep the wealth for themselves. All hustlers will be free from encumbrances and regulations in a Ruto presidency. 
  7. g)  To portray the image of unity and consolidated resolve, all supporters must treat Dr. William Ruto as the answer to Kenya’s problems and as the much-awaited “political messiah”. Although we are involved in a campaign not a religion, there is a lot we can learn from the Mightiest Prophet, Dr. David Owour, whose supporters follow him without asking questions and are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. Owuor later appeared in social media claiming Raila, who he baptised some years ago, had brought the Locust menace upon Kenya.

The fake much-awaited “Political messiah” and the answer to Kenya’s problems is on record as saying he does not “believe that CORRUPTION can stop a leader from delivering in Kenya. That is the same Kenya where billions of shillings in stalled white elephants are clear evidence of how corruption frustrated projects delivery during Moi, Kibaki and the government he is a deputy president today.

Read full document here: Ruto’s Team Evil Plot to Wreak Havoc in Kenya via

President Uhuru directly flung State House door wide open for Mudavadi when he said Kenya has been ruled by presidents from two ethnic groups (Kikuyu and Kalenjin) and perhaps it was high time that a person from other communities took over the throne.

The bombshell was clearly aimed at Ruto, who has been campaigning for the presidency since 2017 elections with his supporters claiming that there was an agreement between him and Uhuru in 2013, that he would take over for a ten-year tenure. No document can support the claim.

Like the self-disgraced Trump, Ruto has radicalised Members of Parliament and Senators, now recruiting youths who think he is the solution to all their earthly problems. The greedy politicians walk around with handouts courtesy of the Deputy President, whose unaccountable wealth reportedly runs into billions of shillings – if not trillion or two.

Last August, Mudavadi met various groups, including current and former leaders from the larger Mt Kenya region, at the Musalia Mudavadi Centre. He used the meetings to position himself as “Mt Kenya’s safest pair of hands” to succeed Uhuru.

“I want to assure Mt Kenya people that I have no business of revenge in my heart. In my leadership, there should be no fear,” he said.

Mudavadi said Jubilee vice chair David Murathe and Cotu boss Francis Atwoli are entitled to their opinions on his candidature. The two at one point said he is the best person to succeed Uhuru but later appeared to throw their weight behind others.

Last Word:

Who is fooling who?