Nyagah Thoughts of Wisdom


My Sunday Thought is about a very honest interview former Cabinet Minister Joseph Nyagah, popularly known as Joe, with 39 Stones Television in which he makes honest confessions about Kenya politicians and leaders Greed for Power, unmitigated Dishonesty and Corruption that drives Bad Governance, Poverty that are the biggest hindrance to National Unity, Development and Prosperity.

Rarely has a politician of Nyagah’s long experience and exposure been so candid in sharing the politics of dishonesty that bedevils the Kenyan Nation. The surmounting selfishness, self-sanitising and greed for power by Kenya politicians camouflages their evil intentions when they seek political positions which they subsequently use for self-aggrandisement once elected.

Kenyans must search their hearts for the kind of leaders they can trust all the way from Members of County Assembly, Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors, Deputy President and the President if they wish to pull themselves out of the deep hole of poverty and hopelessness. Corruption is the root-cause of poverty and national despondency that will never be resolved by leaders imposed by parties, which they bribe to be nominated, ethnic considerations, which promote ethnic hate and ignorance by the electorate, which allows election of thieves.

The message by Nyagah is timely heart-searching agenda for every Kenyan who is anxious to change political thinking and choices, which we all know have consequences. The consequences of ignorantly electing dishonest, unaccountable, unprincipled, unethical as well as men and women of no INTEGRITY is today manifested in CORRUPTION in every sphere of the Kenyan Nation resulting in massive Poverty, Bad Governance, Joblessness, Hopelessness and Insecurity in our Motherland.

Serious National insecurity is the journey Kenya travelled during 2007-2008 Post-election Violence during when most of youthful voters in 2022 have no memory about. Today’s violence at Kenol Church could be a rehearsal of worst things to come. Only patriotic Kenyans can avert chaos in 2022 – be one.

Listen to Nyagah’s Words of Wisdom, be informed and guided on your electoral choices come 2022. The stupidity of “Mwizi Wetu, Chaguo Letu” is guided by short term Selfish FOLLY and GREED whether you are electing a Member of County Assembly, a Member of Parliament, Senator, Governor, Deputy President or the President.

Nyagah stood as an independent candidate in the last presidential election and suffered the fate of many independent candidates and those from small political parties without big ethnic backing – a disease worse than many when it comes to elections in Kenya. Voters elect political parties and ethnic names in Kenya perpetuating the tribal discrimination in job opportunities and sharing of national resources.

Nyagah has yet to make his presidential ambitions known. However, there have been frequent media reports of Church organisations in Central Kenya, of which his ethnic Mbeere is a minority group, urging him to run for President in 2022. He will however, have to cast his net further wide to attract the attention of voters all over Kenya.

The choices Kenyans make in 2022 will determine whether their Motherland changes into a better country to live in, do business, get better health services, education, security, better agriculture, good governance or continue sinking into the Abbys of desperation, sorrow, despondency, misery, discouragement, anguish, ordeal, pain, dejection they suffer today – a wide and profound difference between people that brings trouble or destruction and HOPELESSNESS for the majority of Kenyans.

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Last Word:

Millions of Kenyans frequently hear the appeal “Tunaomba Serikali itusaidie bla, bla, bla”. Many a time is when when are faced with floods, drought, hunger, poor or lack of roads, lack of water, lack of medical services, poor houses etc, etc.

These are essential services that the government they elect every five years should plan for, budget for funds and provide to the citizens. Kenyans fund the government through more than a dozen taxes that they pay directly or indirectly. Even the millions of unemployed Kenyans, majority of them being youths who will determine the next president, pay taxes through the food they eat, transport they pay when looking for jobs, electricity paid by their families all of which have many forms of taxation.

The taxes and loans borrowed by government forms what is known as National Budget, which should be enjoyed by every Kenya citizen – not politicians, civil servants or tenderpreneurs who are currently bleeding the National coffers dry.

That is why it is important to elect persons of integrity, honesty, disciplined, ethical, principled and accountable. Look for those qualities in the man or woman you will vote for in 2022, not the money that will be bribing you.

When you take a bribe from a politician you are compromised, your morals and conscience are compromised and you have no moral standing to question those you elect when they indulge in CORRUPTION and LOOTING National and County coffers. You have no moral authority to question them when they fail to implement they election promises and essential public services – because you sold your soul and rights.

All you can do is kuomba serikali isaidie. Kusaidiwa sio kupata haki yako. Ukichukua hongo unauza uridhi wako na wa watoto wako!