Stop Corruption, it’s Evil


My Sunday Thought is on what some readers may consider monotonous subject of CORRUPTION. Corruption is teaching families previously thought to be untouchable bitter lessons in life for looting public coffers.

It’s high time to align your CONSCIENCE with what you truly want, truly desire and truly modest for your destiny in life.

Avoid pretence, self-denial and staying in a comfort zone to please other human beings. It’s time for INTEGRITY. Turn inward and ask very deep questions about HONESTY so you can be let loose from that destiny cage. It’s time for freedom from CORRUPTION.

Rid your heart of anything that burdens it, or weighs you down, because God has now given you permission to evolve.There are windows of empowerment smiling down on you right now. Take advantage of it. You build your CONFIDENCE on what you can control, then leave the rest to God.

If you want this transformation to be smooth and without chaos, just SURRENDER yourself to God. Know what’s worth your pursuit, and what’s not. Invest your passionate and intense energy wisely. Direct it only to that which is of purpose. 

You have to be brutally HONEST with yourself, if you will ever be that shining light of your family. And you better know that you cannot control the destiny. Heaven is supervising, and watching how well you will handle what will be brought to your attention and decision you make.

You will get a clear understanding of what is expected of you, if you so desire it using your God-given conscience.

You will see through the lies you have told yourself for years, because they were lies after all and can let you down any moment. Lies give you illusionary confidence and misplaced sense of importance.

You will know clearly what you want to be giving your power to and the places where you no longer want to invest your precious ENERGY. You will have to unlearn many things, because they will no longer cut it in the new level where PRINCIPLES demand of you.

Be okay with what you need, and don’t be embarrassed to ask God to fulfil you in the most intimate levels. Shortcuts that breach core values in life eventually lead to misery through Devine Justice.

There shall be power struggles because of insecurities and of wealth but things will get better as you make the right decisions and steer away from graft and such pitfalls. Your future must take a different turn now, and you know it. 

You are aware that, inorder to live an HONEST life worth living, you will have to make some big changes in the way you have been doing things. It’s time to see yourself differently, as you put down any weight of burden of greed that so easily entangles lives.

Last Word:


Truth shall set you FREE. Just flow with the divine spiritual guide to avoid extra pains, confusion and struggles in your heart because when you change from the path of EVIL ways, you become a DIFFERENT person guided by a clear conscience.

You should STOP CORRUPTION because IT’S EVIL – not because your are forced by courts.

The world has very bitter lessons for those whose conscience is for sale.