Let us Change Kenya 2022 Tubadilishe Kenya


These past seven UhuRuto years, millions of sober-minded Kenyans have quietly nursed mounting apprehension over possibility of another deadly implosion akin to the 2008 post-election pogroms come 2022 General Elections. The writing is on the wall with poisoned animosity playing out in political parties including the virus called Jubilee which has landed Kenya into political Intensive Care Unit.

This fear is borne out of a series of poignant signs pointing to a nation not at ease with herself. Our national curse of ethnic prejudice seems to have acquired a new lease of life, and is rapidly rising to scary levels. Myopic leadership is killing what all Kenyans deserve led by principal players of 2008 ethnic genocide.

Indeed, the hydra-headed blood thirsty serpent of tribal animosity appears to be stomping back with chilling renewed venom. To make matters worse, political rhetoric has risen to a crescendo, poisoning the air with reckless talk and sickening jingoism.The ordinary Kenyan political behaves like a blind-folded idiot without a mind of him/herself.

The suicidal game of power politics is back big time, with protagonists striking the posture of men on a kamikaze suicide mission. The moderate, the sensible, the truly patriotic and nationalist Kenyan has been left petrified, fearfully very annoyedwith or without the killer Coronavirus.

Why, like the doomed moth, do we seem to love the dance of death so? Is our land damned? Are we, as a people, condemned to a generational curse? Is our nation under some malevolent spell that requires a special sacrifice to break? Honestly, Kenyans must for a moment stop behaving like unconscious helpless slaves without a mind of their own individually and collectively

But there is one thing I know for certainty. The biggest problem with Kenya; the single most potent factor that has brought this great country to tears and blood time and time again is leadership. Selfish, bad, poor, myopic, uninspired leadership has been our curse since we hoisted our national flag to claim sovereignty in 1963.

In recent years Kenya is under the spell of plutocracy founded on corruptocratic design. A plutocracy or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, liberalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. Kenya political parties are owned by millionaires and of late billionaires guided by no philosophy in life but guided by self-aggrandizement.

These are the leaders no racing against death and installing ICU facilities in their residences. They think they can cheat death the way they cheat and steal from fellow citizens’ coffers. They think they can bribe death the way they bribe police, investigators, prosecutors and judicial officers to escape corruption prosecutions. No one cheats death!

Any Kenyan who has faith in Kenya as his or her motherland should support the War on Corruption. Corruption is the root cause of bad governance, economic and social maladies our country suffers. Countries in the Far East which have prospered have zero tolerance to Corruption, their leaders are not extravagant with public funds as if it is their grandfathers’ heritage. 

Their ministers and top civil servants have no body guards and expensive cars at taxpayer expense. They don’t travel first class on taxpayers’ cost. Above all they are servants not masters. They don’t plunder public coffers with sitting allowances to go to places of work they were elected to or benchmarking trips – now stopped by COVID-17 thank God. Future generations will suffer because of the opulent wasteful lifestyle of today’s leaders.

Kenya has suffered the terrible fate of a leadership culture that is guilty, of all of Mahatma Gandhi’s famed “seven social sins”: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice.

Kenya has been a victim of leaders who preach water and gulp wine. They will wax nationalist in public, and propagate vitriolic tribalism in private. They will preach democracy in the open, and practice the most despicable dictatorship behind the veil of their parties. They are long on rhetoric and very short on deeds, and always mistake procrastination for motion.

The so-called leaders who would rather incite than inspire; because they have nothing inspirational to share, really. Leaders with a warped sense of entitlement; who behave like the country and the rest of us “ordinary” folk owe them loyalty.

Leaders whose greed and selfishness driven by Corruption, would shame even the vilest hyena; to who the only three persons who matter are “me, I and myself”. Leaders blinded by hubris and unbridled arrogance; they hear no evil, see no evil, feel no evil in all that happens with and around them. Leaders worse than slave traders buying voters a whole two years before the next General Election.

Leaders on whom millions in taxpayers money is wasted, I mean wasted, providing them with fuel guzzlers when standard cars can get them wherever their duties demand. They are allocated body guards and chase cars which could be deployed to maintain law and order. These same leaders suffer no harm at all when sacked from  and they join the rest of millions unemployed Kenyans. What purpose do bodyguards and armed police officers serve in homes of so called leaders?

We have been condemned to the fate of leaders who stand for nothing, and so fall for virtually anything. Especially if it can smoother their way to power…be it Mungiki, Sungusungu chonkororo, or even Al Shabab, everything is pretty much game! They may quote Nyerere and celebrate Mandela, but they have never learnt from the consuming humility, honesty, and dedication to duty that made these fine African sons such towering icons. They were “men whose hearts were true and honest …men who stood for the truth, though the heavens fall”.

This country’s problem is no longer the Constitution or institutions of governance. We have fairly fixed that. Yeah, the national hardware is ok. Kenya does not need BBI to function as a Nation. It is the software, the human capital that requires urgent rebooting and reloading. Human capital to function as human, considerate, devoted and committed to serve mother Kenya and her children – not father figures selectively dishing around money stolen from the same impoverished Kenyans.

Kenyan needs focused, dedicated and disciplined leaders – not benefactors. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined – even that of a country. That is why Kenya was left behind by her fellow independence counterparts in the Far East Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian Tigers.

Kenya has never had the benefit of focused, dedicated and disciplined leadership. Instead every election produces hungry corruption hyenas who abandon their professions to tap easy-come public funds which they plunder with abandon. Kenyan leaders squander public coffers as it there is no tomorrow, and if there is, they will hold their country hostage by borrowing money they know they will steal.

It will NOT repeat NOT be an easy task, transforming from our rotten leadership culture and turning around the entrenched bad manners in our body politic and bad governance our country suffers. But I have got faith it can and must be done. For, in the words of Galileo Galilei, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo them”.

Come 2022 Kenyans must resolve not to forgo our God-given sense, reason and intellect. In the next two coming years money will be flowing all over to buy your conscience, your intellect and your soul. If you fall for the money you will be betraying your motherland, your grandchildren and future generations.

You must resolve to make a personal and individual decision that will not be influenced by ethnic, political or financial considerations at the expense of a more prosperous Kenya and a better future. In the year 2022 let us start of a new page to write the future on our motherland. 

Come 2022 throw out current and former politicians. They have had their cake and eaten it. Vote in New MCAs, new MPs, New Senators, New Governors and a New President and Deputy President. It is said pessimists NEVER changed the course of history – do not enslave yourself or your conscience.

#2022TubadilisheKenya #2022LetsChangeKenya.

Last word:

Would you like your grandchildren to suffer worse than millions of Kenyans languishing in poverty today? If you do vote the leaders who shamelessly plunder our public coffers.

If you would like a better, prosperous and people-centred Kenya, vote for new leadership. The current breed of leaders have proven beyond doubt that Kenya is about them enriching themselves by hook or crook.