Coronavirus is a Real Killer


I would like to share my Sunday Thought about the death of a young man in Nyeri whose death, attributed to COVID-19 which is real testimony of the killer pandemic shared by a friend on Facebook.

The story of my son
My dearest family, my heart is broken.

On Friday, I attended the burial of Robert, a young man I consider a dear son – he was very close to me.

Many of you have met him in my house. He was also very close to Wangechi and Nduta his sisters. I took him through the Plug In bible study in 2014 then he joined me as a co- facilitator and we have been facilitating together since 2014 until his passing on Tuesday this week.

Robert was 44 years old, married to Betty and they have 2 lovely twin boys aged  9yrs.

Two weeks ago, Robert had lunch with a young man (one of his mentees) who was coughing persistently and when Robert inquired what was wrong, just like us Kenyans, he said it was nothing but a slight flu.

Three days later, Robert, started feeling unwell.  He self treated ( again, us Kenyans). It got worse.  Finally he went to Hospital on Thursday. He was in bad shape so they admitted him, did the COVID 19  test and he was positive. 

Sunday we had a phone chat and I prayed with him. He had shortness of breath and he told me was on oxygen so we couldn’t talk much but I thank God I got to speak to him – it was goodbye.

On Tuesday evening, Robert passed away. We laid him to rest on Friday, observing the government 48 hours rule.

His wife and kids were tested – the kids tested negative, their mum was positive.

During the funeral, poor Betty was all alone, keeping a huge distance from everyone. She could not even hug her boys. No one could stand next to her to console her.

Even more scary were the 10 or so government COVID compliant squad ( with all the gear- overalls, covered from head to toe, gloves, shoe covers etc.

They managed  the coffin that had to stay in the hearse the whole time during prayers and tributes. No one could go near it or touch it. It was wrapped with plastic bags all over.

As the squad carried the coffin to the grave site, a few metres away, they were spraying everywhere – the coffin the grounds, the grave etc. needless to say, very traumatizing.

They lowered the body to the ground and then allowed the family to cover the ground with sanitised soil.

Meanwhile, the squad went to a corner where we could see them, remove all their gear, and within full view of all, lit a bonfire and burned the gear they were wearing – everything including gumboots. 

I was traumatized – imagine the kids, Betty and Robert’s parents will carry this picture all their lives.

Betty went into quarantine after the funeral to undergo treatment. I will carry the images of the funeral for the rest of my life.
My point?

Just because you don’t know anyone who has Covid, or has died from it, does not mean it is not there. 


Please please be careful. Don’t put others to risk.

  • Protect yourself and your family and those around you, especially the young ones.
  • Wear Masks  at all times, wash your hands with soap as much as you can, sanitize, 
  • Don’t encourage visitors to your home – no matter who they are.
  • If they come home, sanitise them and make sure they wash their hands.
  • If you go to work, come home change your clothes and sanitize before you touch your kids!

Within 12 days of contracting the disease,  Robert was dead.
Stay safe and take care. 
God bless.