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Nairobi – May 24, 2020
My Sunday thought is about the description, assessment and conclusion by former Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa of Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto that reads true of an individual of incorrigible greed for power and intense hatred for the Kikuyu – a gospel he preaches to his followers on what he calls Hustlers against Dynasties.

As the nation was burning after the disputed 2007-2008 General Elections, Kenyans of goodwill and the International community beseached the warring factions to sit down, talk and make peace.

The Serena Hotel talks nearly collapsed due to William Ruto’s attempt to hijack the process for his personal gain.

In his book, “My life, My purpose: A Tanzanian president Remembers”, former Tanzanian President, H.E Benjamin Mkapa describes William Ruto as a POWER HUNGRY, TRIBAL, CORRUPT , UNTRUSTWORTHY and a DANGEROUS WAR LORD, who gave absurd conditions that threatened peace, businesses and lives of the Kikuyu, Kamba & Kisii communities and escalated violence in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.

Ruto did not want Post Election Violence victims compensated

Over 1,500 innocent and defenceless men, women and children were butchered because they were suspected of voting for a Kikuyu Mwai Kibaki.
More than 6,500 families (3.5 million) Kenyans were rendered internally displacef persons (IDPs) and billions of shillings in properties and food crops were destroyed in carnage that climaxed with 30 aged men, women and children burned alive in a Church.

Lack of political will to address post-election violence is further demonstrated by government failure to adequately compensate victims or prosecute the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against humanity.

A defiant Ruto led Kalenjin MPs in a boycott of victims mass funeral presided over by President saying they were not invited. Today he is promoting a class war on what he calls hustlers against dynasties. According to his doctrine anyone who had a name during past presidencies in Kenya is a dynasty and so are their children.

He too would now qualify as a dynasty in the post of deputy president along with his children. In fact, his 2022 presidential election strategists is warning  “our team should refrain from mentioning June Ruto, Nick Ruto, Stephanie Ruto, and even Abby Ruto – the Uhuru presidency dynasty breed.

His supporters in Senate recently boycotted a Parliamentary Group meeting presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta saying they were not invited. A close Ruto ally oscar Sudi MP, says Ruto called some Senators as many as 22 times telling them not to attend the PG meeting.

Benjamin Mkapa: Calling a spade a spade

According to President Mkapa, Ruto gave the following conditions during the Serena talks;

• Immediate “return” of all Kalenjin lands, occupied by “outsiders”.

• Arrest and prosecution of President Kibaki and his Kitchen Cabinet, majorly from Mt.Kenya, by the International Community, before the International Criminal Court.

• NON compensation/restitution of the victims of violence who had lost their businesses, land and other assets.

• A free hand by Kalenjins to forcefully acquire the huge tracts of land owned by non-Kalenjins.

• That the PM’s post MUST be given to him(William Ruto), before any other negotiations, as he had been lined up by the 2007 ODM power structure to be the Executive PM.

President Mkapa then wondered whose interest Ruto was advancing – “It was now clear that William Ruto had lost focus, direction and objective of the negotiations, as he flatly shifted from representing the interests of H.E The Rt.Hon. Raila Odinga, the interests of ODM and the interests of ODM followers nationally, to his own personal interests, hatred, bile and vendetta against the Kikuyu community and Moi family”.

According to Mkapa,it was only after Kicking Ruto from the Serena Talks that any meaningful development was made and the country was salvaged via a grand-coalition arrangement.

Today the same Ruto is opposed to the War on CORRUPTION saying he does NOT believe CORRUPTION can STOP a leader delivering in Kenya when even the most stupid Kenyans know billions of shilling worth of projects have stalled because of CORRUPTION – including Kimwarer and Arror dams in Elgeyo Marakwet.
Ruto is opposed to Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that seeks to United Kenyans because he believes in divide-and-rule politics. The solution today may be a repeat of Serena Hotel negotiations therapy that saw Ruto kicked out. He should not endanger harmony in Kenya with his Tangatanga rebels.

So as we head towards the 2022 polls, warlord Ruto’s lieutenants have started beating war drums and the question is how has the Ruto of “2008 PEV” changed from today’s Ruto – even after escaping ICC gallows and wearing a Christian mask?

The general conclusion is NOTHING has changed and his Kikuyu admirers like Kimani Inchung’wa, Susan Kihika, Nyoro Ndindi, Alice Wahome, Ngunjiri Kimani etc, are characters to watch as political charlatans for hire who can easily inflame central Kenya and Rift Valley with election violence.
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Blamuel Njururi