Ruto’s Hustler Ideology of Hate implicates Museveni


By Kenya Confidential Political editor, Nairobi – May 20. 2020

Ruto Sponsoring anti-Uhuru and anti-government hashtags, which will be coordinated by Denis Itumbi with the support of his online army and will portray the president as a clueless and incorrigible alcoholic who has lost touch with reality and a political failure living on his father’s wealth

Deputy President William Ruto 2022 presidential election strategy is to be based on what is to be known as “Hustler Ideology”. According to his strategists, the hustler ideology must be contrasted with the ideology of Dynasties.

The Ruto strategists have not described what the ideology of dynasties is but says a Hustler is someone who is aspiring and fighting hard to make something out of themselves using all means necessary. Ruto is listed as “the best example of a hustler”.

In a confidential circular dubbed Ruto’s presidential road map, Dynaties are listed as the Kenyatta family, the Odinga Family, the Moi Family, the Biwott Family, the Ndegwa Family, the Mudavadi Family, and the Kalonzo Family, the Nassir Family, the Nyachae Family, to mention but a few. Anyone whose father had a name during the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki governments is member of the dynasty.

The circular further elaborates that anyone whose father had a name during former presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Danial Moi and Mwai Kibaki governments is a member of the dynasty. It however hastens to state that during the campaigns, “our team should refrain from mentioning June Ruto, Nick Ruto, Stephanie Ruto, and even Abby Ruto (the infant dynasty breed). Those on our side who are members of dynasties such Susan Kihika, Rigathi Gachagua, etc., should also not be mentioned”. 

Susan Kihika: Not to be mentioned as a dynasty product

The strategic report authored by former ICT Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir expounds on the campaign ideology hate message will be “Hustlers are good. Dynasties are bad.” Now read on… 

Campaign Ideology: 

A campaign without a common ideology is bound to fail. To ensure success, all members of this campaign, and all supporters of William Ruto, must acknowledge that our foremost ideology is the Hustler Ideology. The following key tenets of the ideology should be borne in mind by all members of the campaign team: 

Post-COVID-19 Plans: 

We value the lives of Kenyans, and we are hopeful that Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over so that we can embark on our political rallies across our country. We really hope the country is spared the worst of this scourge, if indeed it is a true pandemic.

Like good students of politics, however, we must be ready to capitalize on any carelessness by the government that will lead to COVID-19 running out of control. In such a scenario, we must be prepared to establish the “Ruto equals the People”, “Cloward-Piven” type Political Strategy that will precipitate into a crisis that would lead to a “call for change and fall of dynasties” after creating a narrative that dynasties have cumulatively destroyed Kenya.

The illegitimate handshake

The trap to usurp the illegitimate handshake will be set when our friendly MPs will come up with bills that propose “a guaranteed minimum return” for all citizens and “wananchi friendly bills to end poverty” which the government will obviously not support. The clamour for the changes in the parliamentary bills will be concerted and coordinated across Kenya. Massive political rallies will be then be held and will be aimed at: 

  1. a)  Smearing the proposed national unity government (HE The President and Raila Odinga) as the enemy of the people and the country and as the embodiment of the rule by dynasties. 
  2. b)  Driving the narrative that BBI and the handshake have destroyed Kenya. 
  3. c)  Giving BBI a bad name, vide, Beba Baba Ikulu, Big Billionaires Initiative, Baba Beba Ida, Brenda and Brian Initiative, etc. 
  4. d)  Propagating the view that the government failed in protecting the people during the pandemic and used the crisis to enrich members of shadowy cartels. 
  5. e)  Sponsoring anti-Uhuru and anti-government hashtags, which will be coordinated by Denis Itumbi with the support of his online army and will portray the president as a clueless and incorrigible alcoholic who has lost touch with reality and a political failure living on his father’s wealth. 
  6. f)  Increasing attacks on Raila’s character online. These will be achieved through negative memes and narratives that portray Raila as a sellout, as old, and as someone who claims a non-existent human rights record and personal sacrifice for democracy. There will also be staged protests tainting the BBI and portraying it as a failed idea. 

The Search for Sympathy Votes: 

We must create circumstances for the DP to gain sympathy votes as sympathy votes are always a sure bet. Our covert wing will therefore PLAN and STAGE an ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION in one of the DP’s tours to the Mt. Kenya region. Ideally, this should be done around Christmas so as to evoke parallels with the sacrificial death of Christ, which aligns well with the DP’s admired public faith. (The devil controlling the plotters minds confuses them about the joy of Jesus Christ birth in December Christmas and not death that happened in Easter.)

This feigned attempt on the DP’s life should ideally be orchestrated in a county led by one of the anti- Ruto governors such as FRANCIS KIMEMIA, KIRAITU MURUNGI or ANNE WAIGURU. Either the Kiharu (Ndindi Nyoro) or the Kikuyu MP (Kimani Ichung’wa) should leak the conspiracy in order to show that Mt Kenya people love Ruto, and other Mt. Kenya leaders allied to the DP will then protest loudly and lead a group of elders in denouncing our enemies.

International news coverage should be well coordinated and ambassadors of Western Countries encouraged to condemn the planned assassination. President Yoweri Museveni (explains the Ksh 10 billion gift) should protest against the instability creeping in in Kenya.

Ruto strategists dragging Museveni into their fight with Uhuru

The DP should then be “treated” by a team of Kikuyu surgeons,(on hire for artificial wounds?) further cementing his folklore amongst the community. Immediately upon recuperation, HE William S. Ruto will resign from the Deputy Presidency in protest. 

Resignation of the Deputy President

Please note that the Resignation of H.E WILLIAM RUTO is on the table as a viable strategy for ascending to the helm. We must ensure the environment is sufficiently poisoned so that his resignation can plunge this country into a political and constitutional crisis that will make this country ungovernable. Such conditions will make it possible for William Ruto to ascend to the presidency. 

Campaign Resources

This campaign is well-resourced. We have what it takes to deliver a William Ruto presidency to the people of Kenya in 2022. It is all systems go. To facilitate the campaign in the immediate term, Ksh. 5 billion has been availed by the William Ruto for 2022 Campaign Resources Mobilization Team.

Various campaign sub-teams can now access these funds after providing a justification in line with the campaign objective. Requests should be submitted to Farouk Kibet at the Annex. 

This strategy is a work in progress. 

You are all advised to give your operational input (Comms Team, kindly share your strategic communication brief as well), as this will be integrated into the detailed plan our consultants are finalizing to be rolled out in May 2020

Sincerely Yours, 

Davis Chirchir 

Head of Ruto 2022 Campaign Strategy Team 

Last word:

By invoking the name of Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Ruto strategists have betrayed Deputy President William Ruto Ksh 10 billion “gift” ostensibly for Makerere University and implicated the Ugandan leader in their heinous scheme for bloodshed in Kenya.