Football Kenya Federation Presidential Race Special Interview


By Kenya Confidential Sports Editor

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Presidential aspirant Sam Nyamweya has accused Nick Mwenda of ‘running down’ local football. In an interview he says time has come for change in the management of local football because Mwendwa has failed ‘astronomically’ and he will come out of retirement for that reason in a bid to rescue the soccer sport now in ICU without a ventilator.

Question: Figuratively you hang your football boots four years ago, why are you returning to the field?

Answer: I retired from football management when I opted not to participate in the last elections that ushered in Nick  Mwendwa, my former TMS Manager. who I believed will take it to the next level. Sadly, Mwendwa has failed astronomically. I am coming out of retirement courtesy of Nick Mwendwa who provoked me by prompting ten years ban on me from all football activities so as to mess up the football sport through reckless and irresponsible management.

Question: Are you trying to get even with Mwendwa over your ban?

Answer: Absolutely not. Together with football lovers who are ready to save our game from the current autocratic chaos and radar less leadership, we want to work together to save Kenyan football from the current free fall. We expect fresh elections for the FKF top posts will be done in 2020 if Coronavirus allows and breath live to the most popular sport globally.

Question: But technically Mwendwa is still the FKF President?

Answer: Legally, Mwendwa, is no longer the head of Football Kenya Federation (FKF). He is hanging on the proverbial straw of a river sweeping him away. His mandate expired on February 10 and was affirmed by the Sports Disputes Tribunal’s ruling on March 17. However, FIFA Chief Member Associations Officer VeronMosengo-Omba trashed the verdict, insisting he remains at the helm. 

Question: Can FIFA impose a leader is a country.

Answer: FIFA outlines a number of objectives in the organizational Statues, including growing football internationally, providing efforts to ensure football is accessible to everyone, and advocating for integrity and fair play.That is what we expect FIFA to do in Kenya – to stand for integrity and fair play. That is not what FKF has been under Mwenda management of late. 

Question: What is your relationship with FIFA?

Answer: We expect noninterference in FKF elections by FIFA. FIFA is responsible for the organization and promotion of football’s major international tournaments like the World cup. National bodies elections are not football tournaments.

Question: What is your reaction to FIFA senior officer and Mwendwa leadership?

Answer: Fifa’s decision to disregard the Sports Dispute Tribunal verdict in its recent ruling has left many questions unanswered, and local stakeholders are now calling upon the world football governing body to desist from creating anarchy within the local judicial systems.

I wish to categorically state that the involvement of FIFA’s chief Member Association officer Veron Masengo Omba in Kenya football affairs is questionable and that he should declare his interest. I stand in solidarity with other Kenyan football stakeholders in condemning the FKF leadership for their arrogance, ignorance of law, dictatorship and divisive leadership in matters football in Kenya under Mwendwa.

Question: What is Sports Dispute Tribunal role in KFK election disputes?

Answer: The Sports Dispute Tribunal is an institution established by law and is the only national sports dispute tribunal in Kenya. We are not convinced that FIFA or CAF, both registered and operating under the national laws of Switzerland and Egypt respectively, would dare defy the laws of those nations nor belittle their judicial system.” 

I welcome FIFAa proposal for a roundtable meeting with all the stakeholders’ involvement. However, such a meeting must be objective, without prejudice to the parties and without a predetermined outcome, rather it should allow for a meeting of the minds ad idem as it were.

Question: FKF and FIFA disputes aside, what agenda do you have for a new football administration under you?

Answer: Very simply put my administration will pursue what I have defined as keeping the eye on the ball in a Transparent, Professional and Accountable soccer management. We shall be Transparent in our football clubs management, Professional in the football game training and playing and will be Accountable in our Football financial management – TPA management.

Football is a multi-billion-shillings business that we must invest in way of tapping and promoting talents and popularity, which we must exploit with all our energies.

That is my agenda, my promise and my commitment to football clubs, football players and soccer fans in Kenya.

Last word:

Kenyans and especially footballers and their clubs must be focused on the ball and exploit the opportunities that soccer offers to their country. European clubs and national games do not run to their governments with bows in their hands to beg for money. So can Kenyan football industry stand on its feet and contribute to the national economy.

There is money in football – BIG MONEY.