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Lawyers are Cashing in on Vulnerable Corrupt Personalities.
After years of clandestinely collaborating with CORRUPT top politicians, top civil servants and top businessmen with surreptitiously veiled court defences, Kenya lawyers in Parliament, doubling up as legislators and public money watchdogs, have cast away the mask and are openly scavenging for a share of corruption loot from those plundering public coffers.
Top notch lawyer James Orengo is leading a pack of fellow greedy hordes of lawyers to cash on the multi-billion-shilling Corruption industry in a rat race that is elbowing other lawyers no longer ambulance chasers. High profile CORRUPTION cases of late attract lawyers in drones – pointing towards professional rot.
They have literally become police vehicles chasers running after cars in which corruption suspects are whisked away – they have become Corruption Suspect Chasers (CSC).
Their defence arguments are as skewed as yokes of slaverly come true. Listen to Senior Counsel Orengo defending a CORRUPTION suspect, Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director, Daniel Manduku, and attacking the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) as if Corruption is NOT a criminal offence and Director of Public Prosecutions as if Corrupt individuals should not be prosecuted.
Orengo, wearing the robes of Senior Counsel, claims that the DPP and DCI had assumed the authority and mandate of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) as conferred on it by the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act 2003 by purporting to investigate corruption-related and economic crimes.

Orengo is fully aware that EACC has no prosecution powers. He is privy to the existence of a multi-agency investigative team comprising EACC. DCI, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) who liaise with ODPP in all CORRUPTION cases for investigations and prosecution. The team’s mandate is to net CORRUPT individuals in Government ministries, parastatal organisations, of which KPA is, and the private sector players.

Orengo advances the fallacy that the two agencies (DCI and ODPP) are in breach of the national values and principles of governance for failing to adhere to the rule of law and to be accountable and transparent in the investigations and intended prosecution of Manduku – DCI in breach of National values not his CORRUPTION suspect client Manduku or Orengo himself over conflict of interest? – preposterous!!!
Orengo, leader of Minority in Senate that oversights government bodies, further tells the court that DPP, DCI and Inspector General of Police (IG) have subjected Manduku to administrative action that is unfair, inefficient and unlawful through non-disclosure of all relevant facts and denying Manduku the right to present his case – outside courts?
“The DPP and DCI have mounted a scurrilous media campaign against Manduku, publicizing the investigations against him and the recommendations to charge him thus denying him the right to be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved,” says Orengo without any iota of shame.
1. Where is Kenya as a country – in Mars or Jupiter?
2. How has the United Staes of America President Donald Trump impeachment case been conducted? 
3. In a private Congress office? 
4. In a remote secret ranch in Kansas or in full glare of the Media?
5. Is it any wonder that land speculators and grabbers used to pay Orengo a visit in his office or rural home, as Lands Minister, and walk out with Title Deeds?
Come off it Orengo STOP promulgating CORRUPTION as Kenya’s legal tender that pays greedy lawyers. 
That is NOT repeat NOT what the Young Turks of 1980s Saba Saba and in Parliament were fighting for!!
You have failed Kenyans and your Motherland by chasing the proceeds of ill-gotten wealth! Blood Money!

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