Kenya Deputy President William Ruto at Crossroads


By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – August 3, 2019

Uhuru cannot allow another massacre of the Central Kenya diaspora in the Rift Valley slaughterhouse. Indeed, he was before The Hague facing charges of sponsoring Mungiki adherents to launch retaliatory attacks in the Rift Valley

Cunning Deputy President William Ruto is desperate to salvage his political future in a nosedive projection following his June mischievous blunder over his fake assassination implicating 32 Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Parastatal CEOs from vote-rich Central Kenya.

Ruto humiliated himself immensely when he attempted to malign Uhuru’s Central Kenya technocrats as murderers after him in a very poorly thought out and executed assassination plot even nursery school kids could see through. He dug himself into a pit of underserving disposal in a civilized society. Now he finds himself at unfamiliar political crossroads.

However, in a well-choreographed display of brinkmanship, he is trying to salvage whatever is left of his political image via the death of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso. Speaking at her requiem mass, he referred to the opposition doyen Raila Odinga as “Brother” sending shockwaves through dump-founded #Rutocrats and Tanga Tanga squad.

Some 24 hours later Ruto dug deep into the back of his hardcore allies when he publicly declared support for President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila handshake which many of them have been blaming for the chaos killing Jubilee Party. Unknown to some of them Ruto may have realised that the closer you get to fire the hotter it gets and can burn. Uhuru is iron-hot power centre that can burn anyone in Kenya.

The Saul-turned-Paul Ruto has now gone further to declare his support for Uhuru’s Big Four agenda, which his closest allies have been dismissing as non-starter failures and the handshake. Without Raila, handshake and Big For Agenda on Ruto allies’ political menu, many of them including Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa will find themselves irrelevant to Ruto, who has decided to work with Raila and Uhuru.

His orphaned #Rutocrats and #Tangatanga generals Kipchumba Murkommen and Aden Duale initially beat a sudden retreat blaming unnamed politicians and “politics” for the chaos rocking Jubilee Party. Now they have to search harder to find their pathway towards the new enigmatic political dispensation. They were previously blaming Raila for which they were paid. Their weekly stipend from Ruto coffers will soon run dry.

Murkommen and Ichungwa orphaned by Ruto-Raila renewed partnership

Ruto must have realised he had driven himself into a cul-de-sac and the only way out was through Raila avenue which he has been blocking for close to two years in his self-inflicted political miscalculation. 

For the first time in many events, Ruto was unable to hijack the Loboso mass towards his “Hustler Nation” dream world but not without sneaking in a claim that Joyce had to “hustle” her way to positions she landed purely on her extraordinary academic and professional acumen – not the hustler-entitlement mentality he lives in.

Ruto and Raila: Friends or foes

Raila did not make any reference to the new-found Ruto brotherhood and will give him as much time as necessary to wander in the political wilderness he has submerged himself in. Ogwambo as popularly known by his followers, Raila, is not an easy man to flatter. He knows who to trust, when and how to deal with those who betray him. He does not forgive easily and takes revenge, if need be, to teach those who hurt him unforgettable lessons.

During the 2007 General Election, Ruto and Raila were the principal drivers of the country’s worst ethnic cleansing. Ruto was supporting Raila presidency in the hope that he would name him vice president – an office he would use to rid the Rift Valley of what was then known as “mandoandoa” meaning the Kikuyu diaspora. Failure to achieve victory led to post-election violence that claimed over 1,500 innocent lives and rendered close to three million Kenyans homeless – internal displaced persons (IDP).

When the International Criminal Court (ICC) came knocking for the perpetrators of the human carnage, it was directed to Uhuru, Francis Muthaura then head of Civil Service, and Major General Mohamed Ali, Police Commissioner as suspect of Party of National Unity (PNU) headed by President Mwai Kibaki with Ruto and Henry Kosgey as part of Raila’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and radio announcer Joshua arap Sang.

Uhuru and Ruto during ICC case

The ICC would later set all the so-called “Ocampo Six” to lack of evidence. The ICC experience brought Ruto and Uhuru together during the 2013 General Election. Ruto had developed high peak hatred towards Raila for sacrificing him to the ICC and Uhuru wanted a partner who could deliver sizeable number of voters, which Ruto had shown he could when he joined Raila in 2007 contest against Kibaki. The gamble paid of and the pair won 2013 election. They were re-elected in 2017 General Election.

No sooner had the pair celebrated the 2017 election than Ruto embarked on premature 2022 presidential campaign to inherit Uhuru. The greed for power led Ruto to take on Raila in unprecedented vile at every public rally especially after Uhuru and Raila handshake in March last year. Uhuru repeatedly warned Ruto against his early campaign but all that fell on deaf ears as hate jabs against Raila escalated.

Ruto’s war on Raila attracted political vulture’s anxious to scavenge on the political carcass they believed the deputy president had slayed. For over a year, Ichungw’a, Murkommen and Duale have led an army of #Rutocrats, who have sustained a high voltage attacks on Raila and poured cold water on Uhuru’s Big Four, Handshake, Lifestyle Audit and the Fight Against Corruption. They painted Raila as the worst political-party-breaker that ever walked on the Kenyan soil who was tearing apart their Jubilee party and building bridges to destroy Ruto’s presidential ambitions. Now they will have to find another punching bag after Ruto robbed them of their political toy.

Many may wonder whether Ruto is trying to woo Raila as a partner for the 2022 Presidential race. That can only be if Raila is the presidential candidate and Ruto as his chief campaigner – not a running mate. A presidency of Raila and Ruto and the vice versa would be the end of Kenya as she is today. Whatever they may plan Central Kenya communities would find it impossible to back such presidency.

Moreover, the ghosts of 2007-2008 carnage and the deep scars they believe were inflicted by the two have yet to heal or get obliterated by passage of time. The Central Kenya communities would never be at ease with a presidency of people they still hold responsible for the most heinous crime against humanity that has never been punished. They would dread another wave of IDPs of the so-called Kikuyu diaspora.

Embers of political violence regularly burst into flames in parts of the Rift Valley especially areas within the Mau complex and Njoro at unpredictable frequency. The alleged handshake between Ruto and Uhuru in 2013, as well as the ten years for Uhuru presidency and ten for Ruto claim, makes no sense when violence flares up at the slightest political or social provocation – as recently demonstrated during Mau forest evictions.

Uhuru cannot allow another massacre of the Central Kenya diaspora in the Rift Valley slaughterhouse. Indeed, he was before The Hague facing charges of sponsoring Mungiki adherents to launch retaliatory attacks in the rift valley.

“He was the focal point between Mungiki and the Party of National Unity. He facilitated the role of the Mungiki,” said the ICC  Prosecutor  Luis  Moreno‐Ocampo. The  Prosecution  considered  that  Ruto  was  one  of  the  principal  planners  and  organisers  of  crimes  against  PNU  supporters.


“The post-election period of 2007‐2008  was one of the most violent periods  of the nation’s history,” said the Prosecutor. There were fears one million Kikuyus would have been killed by March 31, 2008.
The post-election attacks left more than  1,  500 people dead,  3,500  injured and up to  600,  000 forcibly displaced.  During  30 days of violence, there were hundreds of rapes, possibly more, and over 100,  000 properties were destroyed  in six of Kenya’s eight provinces.  

“These  were  not  just  crimes  against  innocent  Kenyans”,  said  Prosecutor  Moreno‐Ocampo.  “They were crimes against humanity as a whole.  By  breaking  the  cycle  of  impunity  for  massive  crimes,  victims  and  their  families  can  have  justice.  And  Kenyans  can  pave  the  way  to  peaceful  elections  in  2012.” 

Apart from Raila, the Ruto brigade has been opposing every move Uhuru has made to fight Corruption, unite Kenyans and create a united prosperous country. Ruto now says he will support President Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda, the handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative.

Fundamentally, Deputy President has eluded Uhuru’s war on Corruption, which a few months ago he told Kenyans and the world at large that he did not believe it could stop a leader from delivering. Uhuru believes Corruption is a national threat.

President Uhuru, in his silence, has given Ruto as much rope as possible to tie knots around his neck and commit his political suicide. Among the knots, Ruto tied around his neck that will be difficult to untie and will continue strangling him, is that of Corruption. There is no way Ruto can be welcome to the Handshake Club of Uhuru and Raila as long as he believes Corruption creates no problem to Kenya’s leadership.

Both Uhuru and Raila consider Corruption as the worst enemy to Kenya’s prosperity, unity and integrity issues today. A majority of Kenyans view Corruption as their nation’s biggest hindrance to good governance and transparency in the economic management of their motherland today. 

As long as Ruto believes Corruption “cannot stop a leader from delivering in Kenya” he can count himself and his allies as out of step with realities of Kenya today and unwelcome strangers to the handshake table.


Kenyans must be on the look out as the game of Politics having no permanent enemies or friends play out before their eyes.