Letter Used by Ruto to Accuse Cabinet Secretaries of Plotting to Kill him is Fake


By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – June 30, 2019

William Ruto, the Deputy President of Kenya has been planning his political suicide since the day he allowed a shadowy group of greedy politicians, popularly known as Tangatanga, all of them after his MONEY, to be his 2022 premature campaigners.

Instead of establishing a Council of Elders to guide him through the landmines the Kenya political terrain is, Ruto has political amateurs, younger than him without any institutional memory, political analysis capacity or futuristic projections now effortlessly bound to do him in – and they have done it.

The gods fighting Corruption in Kenya last March denied Ruto the services of four American elections strategists he had hired for millions of dollars when they crashed in his helicopter killing the four and his pilot on Central Island National Park in Lake Turkana. It is said God works in mysterious ways.

The US embassy in Nairobi issued a statement after the crash, identifying the Americans as Anders Asher Jesiah Burke, Brandon Howe Stapper, David Mark Baker, and Kyle John Forti.

Forti, who was 29 at the time of his death, was a prolific publist figure in the Colorado Republican politics. He was the co-founder and partner of a political consulting company called D/CO.

Stapper was running several companies that deal with branding and signage while Baker was part-owner of a brewery and other businesses in Colorado. Burke, a political consultant, had recently bought land near Lake Turkana and was in the process of turning it into a helicopter tour experience for entrepreneurs.

In politics, anyone who appears to be generous with money grows popular overnight. That is what Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is all about. That is how former President Daniel arap Moi survived by buying his popularity throughout his 24-year reign. That is how Ruto operates.

Ruto knows better than anybody else how Youth for Kanu in 1992 (YK”92) mobilised support for Dictator Moi to sail through the first and second multi-party elections in 1992 and 1997. He knows how the elections were rigged in favour of Moi with money playing the primary role – not the ballot. The YK’92 effectively extended Moi’s tyrannical kleptocracy by a decade – thanks to Corruption.

However, times have changed and even if in 2017 Ruto managed to infiltrate Jubilee Party nominations to plant his 2022 campaigners, he made a suicidal blunder to kick off the premature presidential campaign soon after 2017 polls.

He failed to read the National and international MOOD on CORRUPTION and started a hide and seek game with President Uhuru Kenyatta about whom he says he works cordially on everything else except CORRUPTION.

Corruption may have been fashionable during the Moi era, partially during the Kibaki regime and UhuRuto first five years, BUT that changed irreversibly for Jubilee government the moment Uhuru declared WAR on CORRUPTION.

However much Ruto may love CORRUPTION to the extent of declaring publicly that he DOES NOT BELIEVE repeat, he DOES NOT BELIEVE, that CORRUPTION can STOP a Leader from delivering in Kenya, he rubbed his boss Uhuru and millions of Kenyans, the wrong way.

CORRUPTION is NO LONGER fashionable in Kenya and Globally. No civilized country will work with a President who does not believe CORRUPTION is EVIL – Kenya is not a country of a Lesser God.

The Jubilee Party 2022 Presidential Candidate will be nominated on the basis of INTEGRITY, HONESTY and PATRIOTISM. None of those qualities is to be found on someone who believes CORRUPTION cannot stop a leader from delivering development and prosperity in Kenya.

Millions of Kenyan VOTERS have come to learn that CORRUPTION is the root cause of their country’s backwardness having been overtaken by the Far East Economic Tiger some of which she was lending money at independence. Kenyans today know our country’s economic and social evils rest squarely on CORRUPTION.

Only enemies of their own Motherland can elect a man who does not care about the destruction Corruption has inflicted upon their country as a president. Indeed, Kenya would be the first country in the world to vote for a presidential candidate on an agenda of promoting CORRUPTION.

Ruto, therefore, disqualified himself as a Jubilee candidate for 2022 Presidency the moment he said he believes there is nothing wrong with CORRUPTION and leadership. He also eroded the warm relationship that had developed between him and Uhuru. One does not warm a relationship by publicly disagreeing with one’s friend or boss’s pet projects.

The two have since developed a very cold relationship – worsened by Ruto’s reference to Uhuru as part of Kenya’s political dynasties ripe to be replaced by what he calls the “Hustler Nation”.

The “Hustler Nation” is Ruto’s template to win millions of Kenyans struggling through life jobless with promises of jobs and business opportunities that, according to him, political dynasties have denied them. With all his millions and billions he does not consider himself a product of the dynasties that he blames yet he is a Moi political and financial creature.

As if that is not painful enough, Ruto has now told Uhuru that his Kikuyu Cabinet Secretaries and Top Civil Servants have been holding secret meetings and plotting to KILL him. In other words, telling Uhuru “your intelligence is so inefficient it cannot find out when your fellow Kikuyus want to kill a Deputy President”.

Indeed, the letter Ruto took issue with also directly implicates the President in the assassination plot. The closing paragraph reads; “As a diligent and loyal civil servant, I write to you to request to be exempted from these meetings. I do so because the PS (Karanja Kibicho) said he has express instructions from you to have us take part and implement decisions arrived at.”

The claim that the PS said he “has express instructions from you (President Uhuru)” to have us take part and implement decisions arrived at implicitly means that the President had authorized any action (decision) that the alleged meeting(s) would agree upon – including killing Ruto “like Saitoti.”

No wonder Ruto called a DCI cop, not the director who would have found the letter to be – FAKE. Government stationery Letter Heads Coat of Arms sits over the Republic of Kenya as a caption of the Coat of Arms. Republic of Kenya is NEVER on top of the Coat of Arms.

The letter, in secondary school English, is dated 30th May 2019 and talks of a meeting held on Tuesday 28th May 2019. The letter refers to the President as “Sir” instead of “Your Excellency”. Although the purported Cabinet Secretary who wrote it tried to obliterate the date of the meeting, the month of May had two Tuesdays beginning with figure 2, which is partially clear followed by a lower part of figure 8 – one Tuesday was 21 May 2018. Figure 1 would not have shown on the blotted area in Blue ink.

If Ruto and Uhuru relationship was cordial – as it should be between a President and his Deputy – he would have had no difficulty in approaching Uhuru and telling about the letter. He would then broach the allegation of some of “their” Cabinet Secretaries and civil servants threatening his life.

The two could then have brainstormed over the matter and probably come to the conclusion that it was serious enough to warrant action by both the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) or not. For Ruto to have decided to call a DCI police office, not even the Director himself, stinks of mischief by a man who has lost faith in Uhuru, his intelligence service and criminal investigations boss.

That offers several scenarios to explain Ruto’s action three of them as follows. He could have hatched the Assassination Plot himself and got someone to purport to write a letter to Uhuru to test the President’s reaction and in the process wreaks havoc within the Cabinet, the Civil Service and security agencies as well as the country as a whole. The Deputy President would then sit back and watch what immediate action Uhuru would take – a matter of Ruto versus Kikuyu CSs and Civil servants.

That is why Ruto has yet to make a statement to the police about his call to George Sang about the “plot to kill him”. A statement or not, he can be tried for giving false information to an officer in public service which is an offence should his report be found to have been fake.

The other scenario could be that Ruto was set up by someone or a group or what is generally known as “system” that came up with his assassination “plot”. They had a fake letter done then the bait was thrown to him that he swallowed bait, hook and sinker.

He could then have been told of Kikuyus are meeting at La Mada Hotel (or is it ile Murder) with the sole purpose of plotting to KILL him. Whoever may have told him must have been handsomely rewarded for “saving” his life, when in reality he or she had sunk him into a political abyss hard to recover from. A cud- de-sac he will be a loser during Jubilee consideration for 2022 presidential candidate.

Ruto is headed to nowhere as long as he surrounds himself with POLITICAL Belly Dancers in form of Aisha Jumwa, Alice Wahome, Susan Kihika Kimani among others.

Neither is he making any headway with POLITICAL Tangatanga nymphs like the Ichungwas, Murkomens and Sudis of this world, who have invaded the political theatre that belongs to Elders Council that would offer MATURE counsel to him.

Former Inspector Generals of Police David Kimaiyo and former Director of National Intelligence Service (NIS), Joseph Boinet are a fountain of elderly counsel that would serve Ruto’s cause on a better political pavement than Murkomen although he beat Kimaiyo in the Senatorial polls. The Kalenjin Community has a rich reservoir of former military, civil service, police, religious social engineers and business people who would add value as a political treasure trove than the get-rich-quick political quarks surrounding Ruto.

That is the same tragedy President Uhuru finds himself in having abandoned elders counsel channels in favour of his elite former classmates and POLITICAL busybodies making hay while the sun shines clouded by so-called Kieleweke. This madness of Tangatanga and Kieleweke should be proscribed immediately along with their meetings in Churches or even Heaven for that matter.

The Kenya Nation needs a fresh beginning. She has NEVER been in such shambolic turmoil that in some countries would warrant the Deputy President resignation or suspension of the Constitution, declaration of a State of Emergency and formation of Caretaker government before a fresh General Election perhaps in 2024 under an amended Constitution. The only salvation for Kenya with her endemic corruption and dirty politics is a disciplined military.

The invitation of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is intended to provide a report by “independent” investigators. Previous investigations by FBI and the British Scotland Yard of political murders in Kenya yielded zero. Among them was the murder of American missionary Father John Kaiser by FBI and the murder of foreign minister Robert Ouko by Scotland Yard, whose killers were never revealed in both cases.

TheFBI released a report that concluded that Father Kaiser had killed himself but the Kenya Episcopal Conference rejected it. Similarly, Kenya government pathologist claimed in a report that Ouko had shot himself dead in his Koru home then carried a jerrycan with petrol and set himself on fire at Got Alila, six kilometres away. Kenyans were convinced there were cover-ups.

The current Deputy President case is not a murder puzzle but has the potential of serious political and ethnic implications that will haunt Ruto for the rest of his life.

The final scenario is that of inaction to let the country drift along because Kenyans behave like African Slaves shipped back to Africa from America after Slave Trade was abolished, to found their own country called Liberia – an environment engulfed by Liberty.

SHOCKINGLY thousands drowned trying to swim back across the Atlantic Ocean or catch up with the ships.

Today, every MATURE Kenyan knows or SHOULD know that this country has stagnated in development and Prosperity and we live worse off than colonialists left us in 1963 because of endemic CORRUPTION.

The same MATURE Kenyans read every day about billions of shillings being LOOTED from Public Coffers that can build a better country for them and future generations – including their children (those who are NOT barren in their heads).

The same MATURE Kenyans for the FIRST time in the history of their country have a sitting President who has sworn in the name of God that he WILL fight CORRUPTION to the bitter end.  A President has assured Kenyans he WILL not spare his own brother, sister or closest POLITICAL ally because if they are engaging in CORRUPTION they are enemies of Kenya.

Now, instead of the same MATURE Kenyans supporting that President, they are drowning in POLITICAL folly supporting a man who openly tells them he does NOT believe CORRUPTION can STOP him from delivering – God knows what. In simple terms, they are swimming back to CORRUPTION against Uhuru’s tide in an effort to drown their country in CORRUPTION retarding their Motherland development and prosperity further.

How more suicidal can the same MATURE Kenyans be? Are they really MATURE, or FOOLISH if they cannot fathom the destructive path of CORRUPTION since independence? The CORRUPT RICH and their children can always find a home in foreign countries. Where will the majority poor go other than live as REFUGEES in their Motherland?

Foote note:

How to weed out CORRUPTION in the Public Sector
In future public appointments must discuss CORRUPTION to assess applicants’ understanding of the social menace. Even those seeking elective offices must be subjected to CORRUPTION knowledge test.
All applicants MUST henceforth be required to submit a minimum of 200-word statement explaining the following;
1. Their understanding of the Word CORRUPTION,
2. Who is involved and how it affects Kenya Citizens,
3. How it affects National Development and Prosperity,
4. How it can be stopped, and,
5. What benefits would accrue if CORRUPTION is stopped?
Those who cannot express their knowledge of CORRUPTION should be disqualified at the application point.
Those who get their short essays written for them can be detected during the interviews by being asked to expound and give practical examples on their written answers.