How Government and Private Sector Players can Engage Citizens in War on Corruption


By Blamuel Njururi, Citizens Against Corruption Kenya CEO, Nairobi – June 8, 2019

All those bodies concerned about Corruption should effectively engage ordinary Citizens in the War on Corruption and awareness  to enhance healthy and better business outcomes

There is a lot of hype and clamour among many organisations involved in the War Against CORRUPTION which CANNOT show how they are engaging the common folk in the War. Ordinary citizens are an important component in the war on graft.

High level Conferences, Workshops and Seminars are being held in luxurious venues at colossal sums of money that cannot show tangible effects on CORRUPTION reduction or AWARENESS dynamics upon the general public – the major victims of the social-economic scourge.

All those bodies concerned about Corruption should effectively engage ordinary Citizens in the War on Corruption and awareness  to enhance healthy and better business outcomes.

The Ministries of Transport, Interior and Finance and ALL their Agencies so far have nothing to show in Public Education to Combat CORRUPTION.

 1.Transport industry:

Transport is one of the industries with the highest CORRUPTION turn over beginning with Traffic Police on Kenyan roads yet there is no visible Public Education by organisations in that sector – be they Government or Private Sector. It is said Prevention is better than cure.

Public Transport and Commercial vehicles are favourite targets for Corruption and willing partners on highways for Traffic Police. Highway Corruption is a multi-billion-shilling industry as police vetting showed with some officers unable to account for millions in their bank accounts.

Matatu organisations leadership with Matatu Welfare Association Dickson Mbugua and Matatu Owners Association (MOA) Simon Kimtai as lead drivers should seriously adopt public education as important along with dealing with corrupt cops. Once the prime CORRUPTION movers engage in Public Education other Government and Private sector players will have no difficulty joining forces.

Bodies like Insurance firms, Matatu owners’ multiple bodies, Driving Schools and Motorists Associations also should join the War on Corruption with awareness at minimal coast. So should all Auto industry players – vehicle manufacturers, dealers and petroleum products firms. Matatu organisations should engage Graffiti artists to include colourful anti CORRUPTION messages in images on vehicles.

At some stage it will be necessary for Government and private sector Chief Executives to brand their offices Pink the international message for transparency to send very clear message to visitors

a). The Ministries of Transport, Interior and Finance and ALL their Agencies have so far nothing to show in Public Education to Combat CORRUPTION. 

Transport Ministry should have a road map clearly requiring NTSA, KPA, KAA to erect CORRUPTION awareness boards on roads and ports to create awareness among road and ports users as well as Traffic Police and Motorists and ports staff – The archaic sign that reads “This is Corruption free zone”when CORRUPTION is the legal Tender inside their offices – so should all other Ministries.

Branding Revenue, Accounts and Tender boardrooms Pink as a corporate policy would be Corruption repellant with those in such boardrooms afraid to cut deals as freely as they do today. Additional precaution would be Wall clocks with CCTV Cameras

b). National Treasury which is the biggest CORRUPTION victim should have Anti-CORRUPTION awareness boards and posters around and inside KRA offices.
c). Interior Ministry’s Police, the biggest publicly visible culprit by EACC reports, should have anti-CORRUPTION awareness images in Police stations and ALL administration offices where Wananchi go every day for services.


The WAR on CORRUPTION must be visible to be relevant – essentially away from Courts where people end up after CORRUPTION has taken place. People are not taken to the cemetery unless they are dead but there are hospitals to go to whenever diseases threaten their lives. 

Similarly, people do not have to be taken to court or jailed when advisories can help them avoid going to courts and jails . That is why War on Corruption should have a visible preventive COMPONENT – a symbol.

A simple Anti CORRUPTION symbol can be agreed upon as a common image on boards, posters and for illustrations on fliers, graffiti on Matatus among other many platforms. 

The Corruption Awareness image comprise Capital letter C (FIRST letter of corruption) cut of burning fire that CORRUPTION is as it burns reputations with a clear warning SOP CORRUPTION, It’s EVIL. A stop sign of an open hand displays National Colours.

Anti CORRUPTION Symbol application:

Click on the arrow to open the message.

Before long millions of Government and Private Sector staff and ordinary citizens would be aware of the symbol the same way they are familiar with STOP Road Signs on Road junctions and other signs along highways or CROSSES on Churches and hospitals.

That is how big companies like Coca-Cola internationally and Safaricom here in Kenya have achieved great sales in marketing their products. 

The reason is simple academically. All human beings recognize and associate everything they hear or see with symbols as passed on to them by parents or guardians and in schools or other institutions of learning. In simple terms, visual messages, names and objects are stored as images by the brain. Voice overs are added to explain the message.

That is the basis of the alphabet as the source of language of communication in written form by which images of letters communicate images recognizable by the brain when one reads them.

Children are first taught alphabetical signs, known as letters and figures, then taught words and sums of figures made up of those letters and figures.
In business they say “To be relevant, you MUST be visible”. Your message must be visibly illustrated to your product consumers to attract them as relevant items to them – whatever their uses.

That is Food for Thought for Hon Fred Matiang’i, Cabinet Secretaries chair, Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai, Finance Cabinet secretary Henry Rotich top among those who Kenyans expect to be on the frontline behind General Uhuru Kenyatta Army fighting CORRUPTION since his Deputy Dr William Rutu has said he does not believe corruption can stop a leader from delivering in Kenya. His place in the war on corruption can be taken by a man of God Archbishop (Rtd) Eliud Webukhala, the chair of Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC).

The single-track mindset of expecting the anti-CORRUPTION agencies and Courts to fight CORRUPTION is ESCAPIST, DEFEATIST and RETROGRESSIVE!

3. Who Drives Corruption?

CORRUPTION is driven by public officers – the technocrats – in their knowledge of Budgets, Tenders in collaboration with CORRUPT tenderpreneurs with whom they Connive and introduce politicians and business people to the boardroom tables of looting public coffers. Unfortunately they are permanent and pensionable in their jobs and are inherited by regimes after every election. Recent clean up in Lifestyle Audit revealed massive rot. Read –

Once members of Public are aware that they can participate in protecting their taxes by combating CORRUPTION from roads to government offices the War will be advanced a great deal.

4. Public Education is imperative as part of Public Participation
There is NO SHAME in creating AWARENESS about CORRUPTION but there is a lot of SHAME associated with CORRUPTION appearance in Courts – both for individuals and corporates whose images are tarnished by the social scourge.

Both Public and Private Sector should engage in Public Education within their establishments by displaying Anti-Corruption symbols strategically on: 

  1. Outdoor boards,
  2. Interior boards along corridors,
  3. Outdoor posters on notice boards, and,
  4. Indoor posters on notice boards, lifts and other strategic locations.
  5. Stickers for vehicles – government, private sector and individuals
  6. Stickers or stamps for consumer products like popular bottled water, milk products and canned foods like the KEBS or KRA stamps.
  7. Similarly, products for use on visual platforms for electronic platforms would be available for internet on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsup etc and Telephony, Radio and Television as well as Cinema theatres and Outdoor film shows.

The article link below explains a great deal how Citizens can participate in the War on Corruption and make Money:


No one is born Corrupt, you choose