Ruto versus Corruption and the Church


By Kenya Confidential Political Editor, Nairobi, April 25, 2019

Deputy President William Ruto has done Kenya a great honour by openly confessing his position on corruption and literally writing himself off the list of 2022 presidential candidates as revealed by COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

Kenyans will VOTE for INTEGRITY, HONESTY & PATRIOTISM come 2022.

Ruto on his part is pushing Kenyans towards that destination showing high voltage contempt towards Church leaders who he has told he goes to Church to worship Jehovah NOT them. No Church leader had accused or insinuated that Ruto goes to worship them. Doing battle with Church leaders will do Ruto more harm than good.

A God that twists Christian’s tongues to curse and abuse or despise fellow creatures of God as Wachawi na Waganga, every time they address public rallies and never a moment of prayers for them, is a FAKE God. Before the God of mercy all human beings are the same – poor or rich, big or small and even those living with disabilities. They are all children of God.

The Holy Bible teaches modesty not arrogance when advising on the Kingdom of God. New International Version Mathew 7:21 quoting Jesus Christ expounds; “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the Will of my Father who is in Heaven.” Corruption by the rich is not the Will of God. Mathew 19:24 tells us, “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”

Ruto is also engaged in ethnic war front firing salvos at Luo community general and his politics-to-fail designer Raila Amolo Odinga. No one will save Ruto from his desire for self-destruction.

The Deputy President 2022 campaign template is a cut-and-paste Raila political disaster recipe that has seen the opposition doyen lose four consecutive presidential elections – and claim all of them were stolen.

Raila recipe stolen by Ruto

  • Premature Presidential Campaign:

Since Raila lost 1997 election as a member of the divided opposition that allowed Moi and Kanu to continue dictatorship win second term since multiparty politics was introduced in 1992, he would immediately launch campaign four years ahead of election date.  He did that in 1997, 2007, 2013 and 2017 after wasting his golden opportunity to succeed Kibaki who he had assisted throw Kanu out of power in 2003.

Raila launched Kibaki succession campaign when the Narc government lost 2005 Constitution Referendum to Orange group. Raila then formed Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to which he is a life party leader. He lost 2007 election and soon started his presidential campaign afterwards.

In 2013, the lost the Presidential election to International Criminal Court (ICC) suspect Uhuru Kenyatta with fellow suspect William Ruto as his running mate. He petitioned and his case was thrown out the Supreme Court under Willy Mutunga. He immediately embarked on Presidential campaign an7 by 2017 he was swimming in dream world claiming he had 10-millio-strong votes long before any vote was cast. He lost and went to Supreme Court where his wish was granted by Chief Justice David Maraga. When a re-run was announced he chickened out.

Enter Ruto: In 2018 soon after 2017 elections William Ruto cut a pasted Raila’s pre-mature Presidential campaign against advice by the man he intended to succeed Uhuru Kenyatta. Both Uhuru  and Kenyatta know very well that their victory in 2013 was fueled by nothing else by Jomo Kenyatta financial engine which the late father of the Nation was running full throttle.

Some Ruto ardent supporters like Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkommen is already telling of how Ruto will be elected with landslide three years before elections.

  • Politics of Hate and Class War:

Ruto joined Kenya politics al the height of Ethnic Hate Politics introduced by Dictator Daniel arap Moi for his survival. Soon after leaving the university he was recruited to Youth for Kanu in 1992 (YK’92) formed to sanitize the dictator with millions upon millions looted from public coffers.

1992 General Election initiated him into Politics of hate and “Class War through “US-Versus-Them” as YK’92 launched the Killing fields of Rift Valley. He graduated in Raila School of Ethnic hate after a thesis on 2007-2008 Genocide that claimed more than1,500 innocent lives in three months. The subject of the political degree was “42 against 1” – meaning 42 tribes of Kenya against one going the name Kikuyu diaspora in Rift Valley away from their ancestral home in the context of Gikuyu, Embu and Meru who migrated from around Mt Kenya in Central Kenya.

The tag placed on President Mwai Kibaki in 2007 was that he was corrupt running a government of thieves and the migrant Kikuyus were occupying Kalenjin land.

Today Ruto’s hate is openly directed at the Luo Community whose general attracts unprecedented venom from Ruto at every political rally as wachawi and waganga.

Why Ruto thinks he can succeed where Raila failed using the same recipe for disaster remains a mystery to many. Demonizing other Kenyans (Children of God) as Wachawi and Waganga by a Christian is as notorious as it is evil coming from the lips of anyone who claims to believe in God or Jehoval.

  • How Ruto made his first millions:

A few months to 1992 first multiparty elections since Kenya acquired her independence in 1963, President Daniel Torotich arap Moi formed Youth for Kanu (YK’92). It was an influential youthful group that was formed with the objective of railing support for the then President Moi in 1992 prior to the multiparty election and imminent Kanu defeat by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga-led Forum for Reforms and Development (FORD). 
Deputy President William Ruto and former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo are probably the most prominent members of the youth group to hold eminent national positions. Jirongo vied for Presidency in 2017 but lost terribly.

The formidable group that was under the leadership of Jirongo included flamboyant youth then like Gerald Boimett, Sam Nyamweya, Sammy Leshore, Kigen, Rono among others. They all ended up overnight as millionaires and billionaires. 
The group literary bathed in money in 1992 and made life unbearable for a majority of Kenyans by pushing inflation highest ever since independence. The lobby group largely provided the architects behind the ethnic violence directed at Kikuyu residents in the Southern and Central parts of the Rift Valley Province. 

Central Bank uphill task:
The Central Bank had an uphill task of mopping up excess liquidity from the paper money – most of it bearing similar serial numbers. The late Clement Gachanja as Kanu chairman bought a used Mercedes Benz car for Ksh 300,000 from an Indian whose money was rejected by the bank he deposited in.
When the Indian raised the issue with Gachanja the Kanu chairman told him to go to hell. Gachanja however, raised the issue of the money with Moi and the fact that it had been rejected by a bank. Moi told him he gave the money to buy voters not cars.
The Youth for Kanu vigorously campaigned for Dictator Moi, whose leadership, a majority of Kenyans were tired of. But, ‘the professor of politics’ as he was referred by his rivals, was not ready to relinquish the instruments of power. Therefore, the greedy group of youths came in handy to his political dragnet and indeed delivered his expectations for re-election.
YK’92 was the razor blade that cut the cords of political and propriety poverty of Kenya’s electoral system converting paupers into millionaires overnight. Loaded with millions they never paid interest on or refunded, Jirongo and his team went around the country donning brown leather jackets and throwing out wads of Ksh500 notes into any crowd that shouted Kanu. 

Jirongo note:

The Ksh500 note was then baptised ‘Jirongo’. It financed what was called “land clashes” but was evil ethnic cleansing against Kikuyus in the Rift Valley. There is NO guarantee Ruto will NOT revisit the Rift Valley killing fields if he ever became president – God forbid.
Indeed, his voice was never heard during Mau Forest skirmishes last year as innocent Kenyans died. His political General Kipchumba Murkomen featured prominently distributing iron sheets to fellow Kalenjin to rebuild shacks after eviction by Jubilee Government. He even challenged Uhuru to allow the forest invasion given their financial godfather Moi grows tea there – drying Mara River and killing global Wilderbeast migration spectacle.
Back to YK’92. When the Election results were announced in 1992, Dictator Moi thrashed a divided opposition hands down. The divided opposition still handed Moi another 5 years in 1997 to crown ten years into multiparty politics and Kanu could have continued to rule Kenya had Raila Odinga not broken it’s backbone and joined Mwai Kibaki to vanquish the ruling party in 2003.
Of late Vice President Ruto has been criticising Raila for breaking up Moi’s Kanu and Kibaki’s Narc but fails to tell Kenyans that he followed Raila to join Kibaki and formed the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) that beat Kanu.

Satanic bloodbath in Kenya’s history

Among others who rode on Raila’s back from Kanu included former vice president George Saitoti, former Kanu Secretary General Joseph Kamotho, Kalonzo Musyoka and Najib Balala. 
When Raila fell out with Kibaki after the 2005 Constitution Referendum Ruto again joined him to form the Orange Democratic Movement as Rift Valley member of ODM Pentagon.
The duo would in 2007-2008 unleash the worst, indeed, satanic bloodbath in Kenya’s history in which more than 1,500 innocent Kenyans were brutally murdered and over 3 million displaced from what they knew as home. 
Thousands have never gone back to their farms or resettled – even with Raila having been Prime Minister and Ruto as Deputy President today. Not even with the recently invented 2013 Uhuru and Ruto alleged “handshake”. 
Both Ruto and Raila are guilty of 2007-2008 GENOCIDE and Kanu and Narc parties hopping. The Deputy President should STOP shifting blame to Raila in his holier-than-thou pretense while actively reviving his URP party.
With YK’92 as Ruto’s financial springboard that was grounded on Corruption cash, he now cannot see how Corruption can stop a leader from delivering his “agenda”. It did not stop Moi. YK’92 slush funds made him an overnight millionaire and he sees nothing wrong in that.
A political foster son of Moi, Ruto has funded a team of politicians modeled on the YK’92 campaign, led by Murkomen, to propel him to power in 2022 but unlike his financial godfather Moi, he betrayed himself when he started his presidential campaign FOUR years ahead of elections.
Moi floated YK’92 less than six months to the elections and disbanded it four months after elections – simple, precise election strategy.

But Ruto’s biggest problem will be his position on Corruption and ethnic antagonism. The War on Corruption is taking its own life guided by the Almighty God and will be  a cyclone that will drown many politicians before 2022 General Election – especially with the support of the Church leaders advice and speaking in one voice.

More and more Kenyans are supporting the battle to rescue their Motherland from the choking jaws of Corruption that has denied her the opportunity to be the land and honey the independence struggle in 1950s promised.


Was the struggle for independence wasted blood like that of abortive coup in 1982 and 2007/2008 bloodbath? Will Kenyans ever learn to Love, Treasure, Cherish and Respect their Motherland?