Ruto fights back after he was forced to sign “Standing Resignation”

Kenya Confidential War on Corruption Editor,  Nairobi – April 1, 2019
Uhuru’s War on Corruption has been counter-attacked by Rutocrats demanding to know if he did not know he was corrupt when they teamed up in 2013 after Hague tribulations

It is said even walls have ears and the padded sound-proof walls in Deputy President William Ruto in Harambee Annex, along Harambee Avenue, are reverberating with echoes of the lunch-time raid by President Uhuru Kenyatta on his office last week.

Very reliable sources have told Kenya Confidential that Ruto was confronted with a “Standing Resignation” letter that could see him out of Harambee Annex any time. Furthermore, he was shown documented evidence of how he has been coercing Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries and Parastatal heads to endorse tenders and contracts running into billions of shillings that cannot be accounted for – now subject of corruption investigations.

Ruto has paid back with the same coin by going to President Uhuru’s Kiambu backyard and held a demonstration meeting with his original URP banners held by Kabete people to show him he is not taking it lying down. The Deputy President has lined up the politicians he rigged in Jubilee nominations in 2017 like Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu and parliamentary flag bearer Kimani Ichung’wa as his Central Kenya generals in the war against his boss.

Unlike former President Daniel arap Moi when he was confronted with derailment of presidential succession by the Change Constitution group of politicians blocking his automatic succession of President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Ruto has literally challenged the young Kenyatta to retreat in his War of Corruption, the Handshake between him and Raila Odinga and the Building Bridges initiative if he wants peace in the country now and before the 2022 succession election.

Ruto’s Central Kenya general Governor Waititu was the first governor to lead a delegation on Members of Kiambu County Assembly to plead loyalty to Ruto at his residence last year where it is believed he was adequately armed to mobilize Kiambu voters behind the vice president four years to the Presidential election or earlier should circumstances demand. More such loyalty visits by delegations led by Governors are expected now that Ruto needs grassroots support than ever before.

During the URP demonstration hired Kiambu youths had banners reading Ruto will be their Presidential choice in 2022. Waititu himself was donning a tie to appease his boss – a rare piece of attire alien to him in many presidential functions. Ruto also took the opportunity to attack the Media for speculating on his meeting with the president.

During the Kiambu demonstration Inchungwa told the President point blank that he was pretending to be building bridges when he was destroying others – meaning he Uhuru was destroying Ruto’s bridges towards State House in 2022. This was the first such affront to the president in his Kiambu backyard and a confirmation that Ruto had declared war on the incumbent. The double-speak on uniting Kenyans when at the same time castigating unity with Raila and his supporters rained from Ruto like crocdile tears.

Ruto was irritated to the bone marrow when the head of Civil Service Henry Kinyua was invited by the president during the dress down at Harambee Annex to read out the Riot Act and a chronology of cases in which Deputy President had coerced senior public officers to intervene in tender and contract awards since he became Deputy President. He was also given the number of telephone calls he made to Cabinet Secretaries to bend their minds and decisions to favour some firms.

The head of civil service was reading from a folder prepared for the meeting and Ruto calmly nodded after every charge was read out. He was expected he would hold his troops for a future battle but appears to have decided to fire the first salvo in a direct attack on the presidential palace. Uhuru’s War on Corruption has been counter-attacked by Rutocrats demanding to know if he did not know he was corrupt when they teamed up in 2013 after Hague tribulations

Kenyans are waiting with baited anxiety to see the President’s reaction when he addresses the joint Parliamentary sitting of the National Assembly and Senate this week on the State of the Nation Address. The President is expected to name Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries who should exit the door for possible prosecution for Corruption unlike five years ago when he requested some to stand down for investigations.