Sunday Reading: The Myth of William Ruto as a Hustler, his Godfather and Not Being a President’s son


By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – Sunday August 26, 2018

Vice President William Ruto appears to have borrowed the former Prime Minister and self-glorified people’s president Raila Amolo Odinga unfinished book on How to Lose Presidential Election.

The book contains a cut-and-paste guide on how to embark on premature Presidential election with the sole purpose of frustrating or sabotaging sitting government development projects with electoral irrelevances. It also has an elaborate chapter on how to introduce unknown Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)s for succession politics – now referred as deni.

Further, the book has an insider confession on how Raila interrupted President Kibaki’s plan to popularize him in Central Kenya, choosing instead to do it himself and fail in the process. Several other chapters deal with propaganda tactics that can be used to ensure that a sitting president feels his potential successor’s presence even by remote control. Some of the tactics may prove lethal when the Kikuyu votes are cast in 2022.

Many political gold-diggers have found a home using the tag “sisi tuko na wewe mpaka 2022” – we are with you up to 2022. One would be tempted to think those politicians carry central Kenya votes in their briefcases and will be showing the electorate where to mark on the ballot come 2022. Kenya is a democratic country that conducts its election on the basis of universal suffrage and a large number of Parliamentarians are thrown out every election. Many now dancing to Ruto and assuring him of their community votes will be voted out.

Putting the country on election mood will undermine President Uhuru’s Big 4 Agenda seriously. Ruto should come out openly and tell Kenyans whether his Presidential ambition will enhance Kenya’s development agenda. That answer is urgent especially when reports about some politicians’ personal assistants (PAs) have been caught with as huge sums of money as Ksh 500 million stashed under their beds. Such money should be aiding in Nation building not for the furtherance of political agendas after elections.

The final chapter is on how to transform the presumed President in waiting into a hero of envy with the backing of his community to the extent of being an enigmatic hero. That makes one to claim an enviable and puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation making his riches and meteoric rise in greed for power an enigma that gives rise to much corruption gossip and political speculation.

Ruto, like Raila, also appears to have lined up similar political sycophants that see all and sundry as blocking their future president at every corner of the road he is racing alone. He even has a Miguna Miguna in a lawyer Kipchumba Makommen complicating the deputy president’s self inflicted premature electoral heartaches every time he opens his mouth. Is Ruto an enigma in the making  determined efforts to succeed Raila?

William Ruto, Cyrus Jirongo, Jacob Juma all became multi-millionaires because of the hundreds of millions put at their disposal by a Financial Godfather known as Daniel arap Moi in Youth for Kanu in 1992 – YK’92.

Millions of interest-free, non-refundable largesse was at their disposal to use in any way to buy support for a desperate president shaken to the bone marrow by multiparty movement that threatened to UPROOT him from highest seat of power in Kenya.

Jirongo and Ruto by 1997 had accumulated millions upon millions to invest in business with no financial problem and to join politics. Juma invested his in commodity and other international businesses.

Ruto admits openly he was Jirongo’s spanner boy (kijana ya mkomo) in YK’92 – NOT Moi’s. A fact borne in his inability to visit Moi even to wish him good health – when some political Johney-come-lately like Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho does that with ease.

The Ksh 500 Kenya currency note was known as Jirongo and was pure paper money printed in Korea that wreaked havoc on Kenya economy with resultant massive mopping up by Central Bank.

It also gave a million shillings the nickname “meter- mita” because the money was not being counted by hand but measured in bundles or cartons with a tape measure to give NYAYO-compliant candidates – solid CORRUPTION.

YK’92 was the springboard that launched its leaders into billions of shillings worth of businesses and political fortunes. There is talk that similar meters may be in use to facilitate Tanga Tanga squads mobility and verbal contributions in meetings sround the country.

With the kind of money YK’92 commanded any of its leaders would be a fool not to be a billionaire within one year and live in exclusive Karen, Muthaiga etc. They invested heavily in real estate (including land grabbing).

Raila needed Ruto in 2007 to execute his “42 against 1” that led to the 2007-2008 bloodbath, and to access his MONEY for ODM campaign like he did with Jimmi Wanjigi, Juma and Johnstone Muthama last year.

Ruto’s argument that Kenyans whose fathers were not president is ministers is an direct insult to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Gideon Moi – the only sons of Presidents with presidential ambitions as well Raila, Musalia Mudavadi and Joe Nyagah, whose fathers were ministers. That argument has no basis whatsoever except a deliberate attempt to incite Kenyans about the haves and the have nots by someone who crossed the valley of poverty on the back of a president whose father, poor or rich, was not an issue for 24 years of his reign over Kenyans.

Mzee Kenyatta, Moi and Mwai Kibaki never had President’s or ministers for fathers. In fact no Kenyan cared who their fathers were when they voted them Presidents. The issue Presidents and their children becoming presidents has never been a campaign instrument and is not anywhere in Kenya’s electoral laws.

Neither was Mzee Kenyatta a factor when Uhuru and Ruto were voted to power in 2013 or last year and if he was, Ruto should be grateful to have been a beneficiary, not discourteous about it. That narrative of presidents and ministers as the only ones who can sire Presidents will backfire come 2022 if majority of voters ask if it is only Kikuyus and Kalenjins who can sire Presidents in Kenya. There is nothing Godly or ungodly or even Shetanic about Ruto ambition for Presidency!

The issue that should concern Kenya anxious to rid our Country cycle of electoral chaos every five months, is how to tame the Big 5 communities of Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luhya, Luo and Kamba whose politicians and followers are combatants during and after elections. It is time they stepped aside and gave leaders from the smaller tribes an opportunity in a system that has worked well for neighbouring Tanzania. Leadership must never be judged on tribal strength otherwise Kenya will suffer electoral violence perpetually.

Kenyans must disabuse themselves from self-serving politics at the expense of millions of helpless and jobless youths who expect politicians to focus on opportunities that can generate thousands of jobs. Millions of youths have no idea what the Big 4 agenda portends for them and that is what the principal assistant of the author of the noble initiatives should be telling them – not elusive expensive electricity (they have no welding machines or computers), health care and maternity (they are not generally sick or pregnant) or even good roads (they have no cars or money for fare to look for jobs).

As far as CORRUPTION is concerned, suffice to say that no Kenyan politician today had a grandfather of a millionaire and those with millionaire fathers are beneficiaries of Graft in Kenya since independence (Ndung’u & Kroll’s Reports) that President Uhuru wants to end henceforth. While rejecting Corruption Kenyans must also vehemently denounce any attempts by anyone to engage them in a rich-versus-poor political circus for his or her benefit.

The Deputy President should further tame his temper. The fracas that happened at a wedding of Emurua Dikirr Member of Parliament Joshua Ng’eno when Alfred Keter arrived and attracted tumultuous wild cheers was not necessary. He asked the MP what he was doing at the wedding and the MP retorted “Are you the one marrying?” – a very unnecessary public showdown before potential voters.