Sunday Reading: No One is Born Corrupt, One Chooses



By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – May 13, 2018

When CORRUPT public figures are reported investigations take ages because they are turned into cash cows by investigating offices demanding protection fees not to charge them

Kenyans blame the Kenya government for CORRUPTION that manifests in all aspects of life. Many criticizing the government are politicians, University professors and all nature of critics who should be fully aware that the corporate body known as Government is incapable of being corrupt. Identifiable individuals within corporate bodies are the ones who are corrupt and they don’t steal on behalf of the government but for themselves in pursuit of self-aggrandizement.

When government critics are confronted to reveal how the government is corrupt, they shift the blame to the President as lacking political will and enforcement agencies, which they say are not free to deal with Corruption. But enforcement agencies like the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, the Police, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the Police and any other, are also corporate bodies incapable of being corrupt. The fact is that even Enforcement Agencies are infiltrated by the worst virus of CORRUPTION that specifically afflicts individuals.

I insist on individuals because institutions are incapable of being corrupt as corporate bodies. It is those running them that engage in corruption.

Over the years the years EACC has suffered massive turnover because most are recruited from the Police Force whose reputation in matters CORRUPTION every Kenyan knows. When Corruption cases are reported to some officers, they approach the CORRUPT and strike a deal and investigations are conducted in a shoddy manner that can never end in conviction.

The same applies to immigration officers if you report illegal migrants taking Kenyans youths jobs.The same applies to KRA staff when they are informed of millions worth of Tax evision. Same applies in almost all government institutions that should catch CORRUPT crooks. Blanket blame cannot be on Government and the argument that agencies are NOT INDEPENDENT does not hold any waters. Senior officers in there are NOT RESPONSIBLE people. The President is not in any procurement or tender awarding room when such individuals inflate purchase figures.

The President however, should not behave as if he lives in a tinted sound-proof glass house where he is isolated from noticing how the people he appoints to top offices change their lifestyles and baloon up in a few months after appointment. He should not behave as if he wears blinkers that prevent him from seeing the damage corruption inflicts upon all aspects of Kenyan lives. He is not in State House and Office of the President with eyes that can’t see or ears that can’t hear.

Many years ago Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta sent his then vice President Daniel Moi and then Attorney General Charles Njonjo to Britain with a mandate to negotiate the purchase of three locomotive engines for Kenya Railways after collapse of East African Community in 1977. The two conspired to buy two instead of three engines and share what was left.

When the dual arrived back, Kenyatta, who had been alerted by by the intelligence, summoned Njonjo and bluntly asked him, “Njonjo wonia Rumbwa kuiya kuiya mbeca cia muingi  ni ukamuiganiria? (Njonjo, you are showing “Rumbwa” – Kikuyu euphemism for Kalenjin – to steal public funds will you ever satisfy him?). Kenyatta ordered the two to refund the cash but little did the old man know the two would loot public coffers for decades.

All Kenya politicians live a double life, that of the pretentious people “devoting” their lives to serve Kenyans when they are people devoting their lives to looting of public coffers of the same poor Kenyans

Prosecutors charged with evidence to nail corrupt individuals are also bribed to ensure CORRUPTION cases drag for years and eventually lack evidence. Some years ago, the Nakuru State Counsel used to collect his bribes from an Asian tailor in town where those offering bribes were directed to deposit the money camouflaged as weeding attires. He was eventually caught but he bought his freedom and was later appointed the Town Clerk of the capital city of Nairobi. The man turned into an alcoholic and died sooner than he hoped.

In Nairobi a leading public prosecutor who later became a Chief Justice used to pick his money from a barber along Mama Ngina Street after it was delivered by those paying for favours. The barber would then hire a taxi to meet the prosecutor and deliver the money along Airport road where the learned friend would be waiting for him. He would be rewarded handsomely. The man left the office of Chief Justice in disgrace.

He was not alone at the High Court to leave office in disgrace. Many followed in what would be surgical reforms and vetting. They included a long-serving judge who used to collect his bribes at a beer club run by his lover at Huruma estate. At one time he asked an accused man to pay Ksh 10,000 for each of 5 charges he was facing. The man could only raise Ksh 40,000 and was acquitted on four counts but jailed for one year on the 5th count.

When CORRUPT public figures are reported investigations take ages because they are turned into cash cows by investigating offices demanding protection fees not to charge them. By the time they are charged they are handed over to prosecutors and lawyers to milk them further with magistrate and judges salivating over their cut.

When the former Limuru MP George Nyanja compiled a Technical and Financial Audit on Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) and kenya Electricity Generating Company (Kengen) and revealed how the then Managing Director Samuel Gichuru was stealing millions upon millions of public funds, Gichuru went to Court and got the report expunged arguing Nyanja had no mandate to investigate the company.

The judge got enough money to finish and stock a super market in Donholm estate Nairobi. Gichuru today is fighting extradition to Jersey to face over 50 corruption and money laundering charges along with former finance and energy minister Chris Okemo. Their cash in off-shore accounts was impounded and close to a billion has been repatriated back to Kenya. They have been using the graft money to fight the extradition for four years.

Private sector is equally to blame for CORRUPTION. In his days as Kenya Breweries Managing Director millionaire Kenneth Matiba used to collect 10 per cent from Nathwani Petrol Station tyre dealers for trucks tyres sold to the Breweries. His agent would drive to Nathwani Service Station along Ronald Ngala street in a sleek Blue Mercedes Benz car with a Breweries cheque and walk out with a briefcase full of cash.

In Industrial Area, Cooper Motors Corporation (CMC) used to inflate the prices of vehicles bought by the government, especially Land Rovers mainly used by government ministries including the vital administration and security agencies, to benefit their long-serving top directors in the names of Charles Mugane Njonjo and Jeremiah Kiereini in offshore bank accounts to grow foreign countries economies. Why such privileged individuals, entrusted with national development, would SHAMELESSLY STEAL from Kenya citizens is unfathomable – yet they did and that is why Kenya could NOT develop as rapidly as the Asian Tigers, which were at par or below Kenya at independence in 1963.

That is how a country’s Attorney General and Minister for Constitutional Affairs ganged up with a Permanent Secretary for Defence and later the Head of Civil Service to sabotage National Security very much the same way some in Government continue to do today. The Kenyan Nation is paying dearly for retarded economic development and insecurity with millions of youths denied opportunity to get jobs as a result of individuals selfish greed.

A notoriously cruel Asian businessman, Diamond Lalji. who disinherited his brothers of their father’s inheritance of multi-billion-shilling businesses through forgery and bribes has never been prosecuted even with abundant evidence. At one time former Chief Justice Gicheru promised to consolidate several cases against him but never succeeded. He used to order judges after bribing them, to impose hefty fines against his brothers when they sought justice.

During the Moi era he was deported when he exported maize to Uganda at a time Kenyans were dying of prolonged drought. His brothers bribed his way back but he turned against them, ganged up with the late Nicholas Biwott and kicked them out of the companies their father bequeathed upon them. During the nusu mkate government the Office of the Prime minister single sourced him to mill and pack one kilo maize meal for starving Kenyans that vanished without trace.

That explains the sort of trial Preacher Ng’ang’a and his acquittal, the merry-go-round Kidero Ksh 200 million bribe to Justice Tunoi, the delayed extradition of Gichuru and Okemo among many others. Those flawed judicial processes have nothing to do with Enforcement Agencies freedom or independence. They have everything to do with GREED for money by individuals in the CORRUPTION chain within Judiciary.

Some of you have seen how anxious some judges are to give injunctions to stop Parliament from quizzing corruption suspects, injunctions to stop EACC request to freeze bank accounts with millions, and these days billions, of shillings looted from taxpayers, injunctions to stop chiefs from closing bars selling illicit drinks, injunctions in the name of prohibitory orders against anticipated arrests of crooks – even some caught on camera molesting anti-corruption advocates. That is how thick-corruption-layers are in judiciary.

Have you ever seen any judge declaring he will sit even at night to hear a CORRUPTION case the way Kenyans were entertained in Miguna Miguna saga? Have you ever heard a judge ordering the police or any minister to produce CORRUPT public coffers LOOTERS from NYS, NHIF, NSSF, KRA and many other public institutions the way Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’ and Inspector General Boinett were being ordered to produce Miguna or run to the airport to given him a passport? Instead judges allow the thieves to transfer money where it cannot be recovered. Kenyans are anxiously waiting for Miguna Part 2 on Many 16th.

The CORRUPT minds and practices by public officers in the Police, CID, EACC, Judiciary and Administration are TARGET AUDIENCE for Anti-CORRUPTION Awareness. Citizens concerned and those afraid that Kenya is headed to social TURMOIL should NOT SHY away from telling fellow Kenyans to STOP CORRUPTION – ZUIA UFISADI.

Finger-pointing from a distance will NOT save Kenya as a Nation and her present and future population from the disaster of social revolt. We stand condemned if we do NOTHING but WHINE over a problem we can confront individually and collectively.

Remember: No One is BORN CORRUPT, One CHOOSES.

Corruption money is CURSED money