Sunday Reading: Kenya is a Fools Paradise


By Blamuel Njururi

There is urgent need for serious research into Kenyan’s anatomical DNA because anthropologists are yet to give us accurate findings of the homo sapiens they found in Turkana gorges.

Turkana Boy, also called Nariokotome Boy, is the common name of Homo erectus fossil KNM-WT 15000, a nearly complete skeleton of a hominin youth who lived during the early Pleistocene. This specimen is the most complete early human skeleton ever found. It is believed to be between 1.5 and 1.6 million years old.

By character and behavior Kenyans are very similar to some four-legged herbivorous animals Kiamaiko market is famous for – Goats!

Kiamaiko Goat market
Some 2 million Kenyans who may be said to be gainfully unemployed are mainly people who devote their lives to farming in order to feed a gluttons population, that compares favourably with any known parasite and possibly share the same DNA.
Those parasites are to be found in what is known as the Civil Service and body politic. Those in the civil service, like all known parasites, feed on the resources of hard working farmers unashamedly priding themselves that they are in a predominantly agricultural economy. If they are given a chance to produce food themselves in various agricultural irrigation projects they eat  billions of shillings in seed money and frustrate the projects.
As the projects fail the goats in civil service line their goat skins with imports of food, especially the stable Maize, which is imported from “Brazil” in South Africa within days.
When the skies open and God’s wife drench the country with floods of her tears amid thundering blows in the clouds, torrents of angry water find superhighways on what Mother Nature created as forests but civil servants desirous for money gave to grabbers of Water Towers like Daniel Moi in Mau Forest.

After being entertained to Tree Planting dance and Tobiko Report, Kenyans will not demand that the government recovers all forest land grabbed by Moi era thieves some of whom were aided and defended by the same Keriako Tobiko now the Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary. A perfect case of appointing mortician to resurrect the dead.

They will hide in the shallow waters of Kiswahili adage that says Mavi ya kale hayanuki (old shit doesn’t stink) – truly so being in what US President Donald Trump considers to be among shithole countries – Read:

These days the parasitical public servants have become the masters and believe every single coin in public coffers should end up in their goat skins. They have found a partner in the 2010 Constitution that allows all and sundry to strike, except those armed because they can use their guns to extort.

The other class of deep blood-sucking parasites sits in political offices calling themselves MCAs, MPs, Senators, Governors and Presidents. Like all parasites they get into the body politic like unannounced worms only to reveal their true dark colours later.

They feast on public coffers cutting huge slices of salaries, allowances – even to report to their places of work – cars, houses – as if they were living in the bush before elections, then they transform into world tourists in what they call bench-marking.

Parliament sucking taxpayers blood

During nusu-mkate government Kenya with a population of 42 million people had a Cabinet as large as China with a population of 3 billion people. To politicians their excessive emoluments is Manna from taxpayers.

Hiding in dark alleys of legal jungle is the Judiciary whose parasites have a ravenous appetite. They award huge sums of money, some running into billions, to those who bribe them as if Kenya sits on an ever-flowing fountain of money.

When caught in the now infamous surgical reforms, all they get is a sack to go and enjoy their ill-gotten wealth and to continue offering crooks legal advice. They therefore do not care the financial damage they inflict upon Kenyan taxpayers.

God-given asset land has become judiciary monetary ducts to exploit Kenyan taxpayers – Read:
Simply put Kenya is a Fools Paradise