Down the memory lane: Raila’s failed presidency and falsehood peddling


Down the memory lane

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, January 15, 2013

Kenyans have a miserably short memory of events – This story was first published in 2013

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential aspirant Raila Odinga last Sunday finally confessed that ODM planned to swear him in as president soon after President Mwai Kibaki was declared winner of the 2007 General Election.

Raila however, totally distorted the truth to paint himself as a pacifist while he played the role of the hidden executioner’s hand of innocent Kenyans – and the media swallowed the monstrous falsehood bait, hook and sinker. It is shocking how gullible the Kenyan media has become as a drycleaner machine to launder those suffering from guilt conscience.

Confessing before a clergy-for-hire breakfast, Raila revealed that his “allies” had identified a prominent Kenyan judge (disgraced former appeal judge Richard Otieno Kwach) to officiate at the parallel swearing-in after it emerged that the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya chairman, Samuel Kivuitu, was preparing to declare President Kibaki the winner of the election. He added that even after President Kibaki was hurriedly sworn-in some of his party’s senior members still insisted he should take his own oath of office.

Raila was quoted as telling the clergymen; “It reminded me of the temptation of Jesus where Satan showed him all the beauty of the land, declaring that he would give Jesus all, that if Jesus worshipped him. I thought we would have no country if we went that route. It was not worth it.” Yet it was the same man who held the Kenyan nation hostage in negotiations that culminated in constitutional changes to create his office of Prime Minister as an equal principal with his 21 cabinet posts – overburdening the same country of 40 million with a bloated cabinet of 42 ministries only second in number to China’s with a population of 1.3 billion people. Yet not all 42 communities in Kenya had a cabinet minister.

The sequence of the events that led to the callous 2007-2008 post election blood letting and indestructible evidence caught by media cameras, tell a very different story from Raila’s version that he put the country before his quest for the presidency. His advantage is that Kenyans have a miserably short memory of events even when their fellow citizens are killed in thousands like it happened during the Mau Mau struggle, 1982 attempted coup and 2008 post-election massacre.

Video clips of news items broadcast by media houses (,) capture Raila not conceding defeat and calling on his supporters to maintain peace, but a militant general ordering his troops to engage the rest of Kenyans in a 3-day “mass action”, which in all practical terms meant “mass destruction”.

In parliament Raila’s henchmen, including James Orengo added ammunition with claims that Kibaki had lost by over 500,000 votes and in the “eyes of Kenyans (he meant Luos)”, Raila was the president. Raila later rewarded Orengo with lands ministry, which has transformed him into a mega-millionaire. Ababu Namwamba was forced to swallow his words after he swore allegiance to Raila. He was rewarded with a cabinet post two months ago.

Raila must be held to account. He owes Kenyans a full explanation to the trail of death in which 1,500 innocent Kenyans lost their lives, billions of shillings worth of destruction of property and displacement of over 650,000 families – meaning over a million Kenyans. The scars of the deep political and economic wounds inflicted by Raila mass-action troops will remain unhealed for generations to come.

Soon after Kibaki was sworn in and police thwarted the plot, a close ODM boss side kick (name withheld) called someone and said bluntly; “You Kikuyus have stolen the elections, you will be slaughtered like chicken.” She meant it. The following day opened with mayhem in Kisumu and the burning of Kiambaa Church in Eldoret and full blown human slaughter in several parts of the country. A few days later she called ODM thugs to demand why the rail line in Kibera had not been uprooted yet they had been paid.

The reason that Raila was not sworn in as parallel president as ODM planned is as simple as a,b,c.

  1. State intelligence learned of the plot to swear in Raila on Saturday December 31, 2007 by Judge Kwach. It was an open secret. ODM had mobilized thousands of youths to flock at Uhuru Park from Kibera, Mathare, Kawangware and other slum settlements in Nairobi, to witness the ceremony then march to State House and evict Kibaki. The youths, many of them jobless, had nothing to lose even if they were killed by security forces.
  2. The intelligence and security agents advised that Kibaki be sworn in immediately on Friday December 30, 2007. He was sworn late in the evening around 6 pm as the sun set upon Raila’s mischievous plans.
  3. Security forces then sealed off Uhuru Park and made it impossible even for ordinary idlers to use it. Subsequently there were running battles in Kibera, Mathare, Dadora and other parts of Nairobi as ODM-instigated youths confronted the riot control police in a bid to force their way to Uhuru Park – some were killed. Neither Raila and his allies, nor the youths could access the swearing in venue so the ceremony could not materialize. QED. Raila could also not fly to Eldoret that was plan B swearing in venue. It was not Raila who declined to be sworn in, he was outsmarted by the security agents.

Furthermore, the security forces in effect blocked Raila’s treasonable action. As a result Raila called for “mass action to force the Kibaki government to submit to his demands to be a co-partner in the coalition government. Raila is not on record either in a press conference or in parliament as ever calling for calm or peace before, during or after the process that created his Office as Prime Minister.

Surprisingly, it was Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya (ODM-Kenya) now Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM), leader Kalonzo Musyoka, who called for peace immediately Kibaki was sworn in and pre-planned chaos erupted. Kalonzo must weigh deeply in his conscience now if Raila is the man he wants to be deputy president to. The vice president is however furious with Kibaki and the Kikuyu for what he considers a betrayal after saving them from prolonged Raila assault by joining the president to save the country.

Indeed, it is Kalonzo who saved Kenya by joining Kibaki and not the war mongering ODM. The vice president may provide the exit valve after March 4 elections by forcing Raila to concede defeat should he lose the presidential race – a move he would otherwise not willingly make. The reason Raila could not willingly agree to defeat is born out in his ODM-CORD diehard lieutenants who are the same people he says wanted him sworn in.

The greatest problem is that Kenyan voters have been committing the same old ethnic mistakes at the polls during general elections and then scapegoating others on the one hand, and on the other, sugarcoating the worst in all of us, how can they expect different results after 2013 given the current ethnic fluidity?

Raila Odinga the son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Jomo Kenyatta are the not the solution to Kenya’s political problems and the expected better future. The two families have and will always be the real causes and continuity of Kenya’s myriad of endemic problems. Oginga parted Kenyatta’s company over grabbed land issues. Raila is now preparing for war with Uhuru over what he calls “stolen land to be returned in Jubilee year” whether either of them wins the election or not

Kenyans have the best chance of breaking from the past political yokes and moving forward in a whole new direction without the much hipped leadership by dead wood billionaires and status quo tribal lords. These people have always eaten together behind the scenes and are drunk with a mind set search for power at all costs. Are they spending billions of shillings in your interest, Kenya’s or theirs? When will you make, steal or inherit your first one million shillings?

Politicians like Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo, among others, will not be Kenya’s solutions or offer an escape route from its hitherto man-eat-man dark history, after March 2013 General Election. If the greed demonstrated by the 10th Parliament, of which they were all members, for huge salaries, millions in retirement yet they want to continue on the job, diplomatic passports, and state funerals, Kenya is doomed.

Raila appears incapable of controlling his strong impulse for State House to the extent of employing force as his weapon. Uhuru has a problem keeping his word with fellow politicians as demonstrated in the Jubilee presidential ticket divorce with United Democratic Forum (UDF) party presidential aspirant Musalia Mudavadi. Ruto lies without any persuasion at all. He once said he had never met former dictator Daniel Moi until he was elected to parliament yet he was a regular Christian choir entertainer to Moi years earlier. He cheated the public during a Churchill Live show with his wife and children in attendance. Kalonzo holds the title of water melon on national issues including the constitution and International Criminal Court (ICC) cases.

The election of anyone of them to State House will be nothing more than having the same common reckless matatu driver dangerously cruising in a 50 year-old bus on the same old unpaved pot-holed route, while carrying majority of the same old stocks and shares for the same old political shareholders for another ten years – headed for darkness and doom.

The election of Raila or Uhuru will surely drive Kenya towards the wilderness of political stagnation, gross economic inequality, perverted ethnicity, social injustice, self-inflicted master-servant syndrome, regionalism, ever growing neo-colonialism, and the current national pass time – systemic corruption. Raila will be bogged down by his usual endless Moi-style unproductive politics while Uhuru will be battling with ICC and international trade boycott. They will pave the way for a violent revolution in Kenya sooner than later.

The majority of Kenyan voters have a choice to change the course of their lives and that of their country, or worse, condemn themselves to continue a life of business-as-usual under the domination of the sons, orphans and henchmen of past political dynasties, powerful wealthy ruthless businessmen and the conglomerates that sponsor the power-hungry characters.

As the General Election draws near Kenyans must individually decide if they want a leader whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent Kenyans, crimes against humanity suspect or a peace crusader. The choice is yours! Miguna Miguna’s two books Peeling off the Mask and the latest Kidneys for the King could be a guide.

By the way…

The real Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento, age 71) has helped build several new football stadia in various part of Brazil, including one in his late father’s ancestral home area, where the modern football and athletic stadium is named in his memory.

So, how comes Raila aka Pele aka Agwambo (age 67) of Kenya’s politically undeveloped football landscape has not yet managed to spent a tiny portion or fraction of his massive wealth on building a single football stadium in his fatherland or Luoland?

Pele of Kenya’s politics stop using the football analogies when in reality it has no practical implications or tangibles for the country, let alone for his own Gor football lovers who live beside the lake. He should cease misusing football in his con politics.

He is now promising pastoralist communities his government will build slaughter houses for their cattle yet he has never initiated any canning factory for fish harvested free by his community in Lake Victoria as Prime Minister or even minister under Moi and Kibaki.