Youngest World Leader Sounds Global Alarm Posed by George Soros Open Society Foundation


By Kenya Confidential International Political Editor, October 28, 2017

The world’s youngest leader, newly-elected Sebastian Kurz, has banned George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and given him 28 days to cease and desist operations in Austria or face legal action for “attempting to undermine the democracy of the nation.”

31-year-old Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s youngest ever leader, has told colleagues that action must be taken immediately, after news broke that George Soros has donated $18 billion of his $24 billion dollar fortune to his Open Society Foundation.

The situation has become critical,” Kurz said. “Soros is throwing everything he has behind his push for global control. Misinformation and media manipulation has already increased exponentially overnight. We have no room for complacency.

The youngest world president sharply contrasts with the world’s oldest but newest rebel resistance leader Raila Amolo Odinga, who has flung his motherland’s door wide open for Soros regime change adventures.

Kurz, a self-described truther who says he was “red pilled” by the 9/11 film Loose Change, claims that he understands the Soros agenda, and “there is no way in hell this country will be his fifth victim.”

It is understood the Austrian chancellor is referring to the number of national economies Soros has crashed in order to gain enormous personal profit and political influence.

Asked why he was banning George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Kurz said, “Because it’s 2017.

The news that Soros has released 75% of his vast fortune to push his political and social agenda has caused shockwaves around the world, with many democratically elected leaders expressing fear that the sheer weight of his billions, used to buy politicians and journalists, will be difficult to fight against.

The recent trip to Britain by former NASA presidential candidate Raila Amolo Odinga, now heading unregistered National Resistance Movement (NRM), was ostensibly to meet his foreign masters with whom he is fomenting a chaos in Kenya to report the status of the planned coup and take instructions of what to do next. It now emerges that he was directed to change NASA’s name to National Resistance Movement to qualify for funding from Soros fortune.

In May 2007, Soros’ Quantum Fund announced the appointment of Malloch Brown as vice-president. In September 2007, The Observer reported that he had resigned this position on becoming a government minister in the UK. Also in May 2007, Malloch Brown was named vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, two other important Soros organisations, which have been funding Raila’s daughter political activities.

  1. Malloch is the person that gives money to the NGOs that Fund the Judiciary and the Evil Society .
  2. Malloch owns the company that lost to OT Morpho in the bid to run the IEBC electronic transmission of the elections.
  3. Raila kicked out Hassan team from IEBC after they refused to play ball with Malloch’s company Smartmatic.
  4. After the Commissioners were kicked out, they approached Chiloba- who was then running the IEBC Chiloba refused to play ball and declined the offer to kick out OT Morpho and replace them with Smartmatic. He thereby set himself up for Raila seasonal electoral anger.

Who is George Soros?

The man known as George Soros is perhaps the most feared billionaire world over during election period – even in the mighty United States of America. He is obsessed with regime change and the upheavals during a general election are the best time for him.

Kenya is not the only country that has raised concern over the Hungarian-born billionaire who moved to New York City in 1956 and whose global political networks are mainly funded through his philanthropy organisation, the Open Society. The fear of George Soros has been with us for some time, now. It won’t go away soon.

When the IEBC advertised for delivery of voter identification devices, a company known as Smartmatic International tendered to supply the gadgets. Since its chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown sits at the Global Board of the George Soros-funded Open Society, there has always been speculation that George Soros had an interest in the company.


In Kenya, the Open Society funds Gladwell Otieno’s Africa Centre for Open Governance (Africog) and its affiliate, Kenyans for Peace Truth and Justice, which is a coalition of various NGOs which convened in the aftermath of 2007 presidential election debacle and which argue that “there can be no peace without truth and justice”.

Africog was in 2013 enjoined to Raila petition against Uhuru election that was dismissed by Supreme Court under Willy Mutunga. On its website it proclaims: “Justice requires that we face the truth of our history, and of the 2007 election, to address the deep chasms and inequities in Kenyan society.”

Soros also funded the Ndung’u Wainaina-led International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPCC) which came into the limelight in 2012 when it sought to stop President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto from the 2013 general election due to their International Criminal Court trials.

Political meddling

In all the countries where he funds lobby groups, Soros, with a net-worth of $25.2 billion, hardly speaks about the political controversies that are created by his various non-governmental organisations, opting to let his money speak for him. In the US, Soros is being sued for £7.7 billion for political meddling ostensibly ‘motivated by malice’.

This suit is filed by Israeli firm BSG Resources in New York Federal Court which is alleging a variety of issues over his involvement with a mining contract in the West African country of Guinea.