Musically Speaking 4


Musically speaking 4

Corruption has been and continues to be responsible for socioeconomic miseries that have impoverished millions of Kenyan dances and denied them essential musical necessities

National Electoral Festival on August 8th 2017 no doubt will be an event to remember for millions upon millions of political dancers.

Already the country is reverberating with drumbeats at peak fever. The Top Ten hit last week came from Trap Setters Band also known as Nasa Concerto maestro Rao titled Military Training Election Rigging.

Rao release of Military Training Election Rigging CD was not an original hit in itself. Trap Setters Band Mombasa County soloist, who calls himself Jubilee Orchestra bandmaster Kamwana’s Enemy No 1 Joho was loudly reciting the same song late last year.

No Kenyan dancer can understand why Rao, who is aspiring to be Military Band Commander in Chief, would involve them with political music, which they don’t play at any time. In fact rather than play any political music with civilian dancers, the Military Band usually takes over the entire national theatre for themselves.

Away from the Kenyan musical concerts, Rao has attracted anger from American non-governmental bands, which earlier in the year had promised they would influence his election to the top position as Kenya’s Best Political Dancer.

One Black American soul singer who in 2013 released an international hit labeled Choices have Consequences, Johnnie Carson the other declared United States Institute of Peace Dances was withdrawing their support for Raila public concerts logistical music or State House entrance fee.

Carson was the loudest vocalist against Jubilee Orchestra director Kamwana in 2013 with his international hit Choices have Consequences. He led western musical bands in a loud did that was intended to attract attention of European capital of the Hague.

As far as Carson was concerned Kamwana should have gone to dance to dance to International Criminal Concerto following its release of a DVD titles Ocambo Six. The DVD was composed by the International Criminal Concerto head drummer Moreno Ocambo to which 6 Kenyans were chosen for a contest to determine who would be awarded as long as two or three decades of Post Election Violin music dancing contract.

Unfortunately for International Criminal Concerto for Ocambo’s DVD was so unprofessionally recorded the International Criminal Concerto DJ known as Bensuda could not play it for long. The Kenyan dances were disqualified one after the other including Kamwana and his deputy Ruto alias arap Mashamba.

Of late both the Trap Setters Band and Jubilee Orchestra bandmasters and their vocalists have been entertaining Kenyan dancers to an old Long Play (LP) that reminds them of perpetual suffering since independence 54 years ago. The LP titled Corruption has exposed how insensitive both bands are when it comes to music that should only be played during funeral rites.

Corruption has been and continues to be responsible for socioeconomic miseries that have impoverished millions of Kenyan dances and denied them essential musical necessities. Due to Corruption millions of Kenyans have no recreational theatres in most urban areas nor operational theatres when sprain their backs dancing.

Many do not even have Unga for Ugali after day-long concerts while the political musicians drive back to 5-star studios to listen to piped music as they wet their throats with red wine and entertain their teeth T-bone steaks. None of the political musicians remember that Kenyan dancers eat until election time. To them Corruption is the ticket to power and the currency to retain their dominance over impoverished Kenyan dancers.

No wonder both bands are freely talking about billionaire Corruption Recording Studio director they are calling Jimmy, who they say has funded their public concerts. Trap Setters Band boss Rao has challenged Jubilee Orchestra bandmaster to arrest Jimmy, who he visited in Dubai on his way back from Holy dancing land of Israel not so long back.