Raila Major Blow


By Kenya Confidential Political Editor, Nairobi – June 27, 2018

We are officially terminating our support for Mr Odinga both logistically and financially, we urge you not to standby idly by and watch as a devastating crisis takes shape – Carson

Opposition leader Raila Amolo Odinga has received a major international blow in his quest for presidency in Kenya following withdrawal of American support “both logistically and financially”.

The United States Institute of Peace has written to American organisations supporting Raila warning them that the NASA candidate is fomenting ethnic cleansing in Kenya.

A letter by former US ambassador, Johnnie Carson, senior advisor United States Institute of Peace, he declares; “As the United States Institute of Peace we hereby notify all parties involved with the planning and funding of Mr Raila Odinga, who is running for election as Presidential candidate in the Kenya General Election scheduled for August 8, 2017 that we are officially terminating our support for Mr Odinga both logistically and financially”.

The letter specifically addressed to Vanguard Africa and Atlantic Council Calson minces no words in describing Raila’s evil plans saying;

  • Mr Odinga is fueling ethnic tension using land disputes among Kenyans to stir ethnic division that will lead to chaos. We have reviewed several campaign speeches made by Mr Odinga and we are convinced that tribal militias are being assembled with the purpose of ethnic cleansing.
  • Mr Odinga has likewise led spirited attacks on the electoral commission (IEBC) that are intended to cripple the credibility of the commission and bolster whatever claims by any party of impropriety and topple the country once again (like he did into 2008) into post poll chaos.

Carson, who met with Raila in US last March, tells the two organisations,”Your collective efforts to steer Mr Odinga off this path towards violence have borne no visible fruit and we are now forced to disassociate ourselves from Mr Odinga and his campaign. We urge you not to standby idly by and watch as a devastating crisis takes shape in the region.”

Tribal militias are being assembled with the purpose of ethnic cleansing

Vanguard Africa in a May 12th 2017 letter from Washington-based non governmental organisation, Executive Director Jeffrey Smith and two senior advisors assured Raila that, “we will secure some (British) OXFAM funds camouflaged as food relief programs to supplement your campaign kitty.”

The Americans further advised Raila to seek United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisations diversionary funds to fund his campaign telling him; “Since yours is a devolved system, try and see if you can also attract some interest from FAO (UN) into devolved units (Counties) to fund several proxy relief programs.

Now the former US envoy ends his letter by telling the two organisations that, “History will judge you by your next actions, we remain committed to peace.”

Earlier in the letter Carson observes that Raila has dared the Kenyan authorities to arrest him for his alarmist and divisive and “questionable remarks in a move that is sure to push the country closer to ethnic and political clashes long before the General Election can be held.”

Carson who in 2013 was leaning towards Raila presidency makes the assurance that; “We remain committed to working with our partners around the world to prevent violent crisis from erupting and resolving them when they do because we believe that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical and essential for US and global security.

Remarks made by Mr Odinga as quoted in an interview with The Times UK published on 12th July 2017 (typo error); (The Times Published the Raila statements in July 12th, 2017 edition) Kenya’s White ranches must be dismantled says opposition leader Raila Raila, can only be qualified as intended to incite an already tense land dispute into a full blown skirmishes against ranchers and foreign land owners residing in Kenya.

Previously Raila has caused massive flight of foreigners from Kenya plunging the country into economic misery in the abortive August 1, 1982 coup that saw many businessmen relocate to Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Some 1, 500 young Kenyans many of them in the Kenya Air Force lost their lives.

The post election violence in 2008 had a greater economic ruin for both foreign and local investors who lost billions of shillings in businesses and properties destroyed in the blood letting Mass Action called by Raila. Again another young 1,500 Kenyans lost their lives in ethnic cleansing driven by seemingly blood thirsty Raila. More than 650,000 families were displaced amounting to more than 3 million Kenyans whose re-settlement is still going and more than Ksh 50 billion has been spent that could have gone to building a prosperous Kenya and providing jobs for millions of young Kenyans.

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