Musically Speaking: Maasai Land Incitement CD anger


August 8th 2017 National Electoral Festival drumbeats are at peak fever. The Top Ten hit last week came from Trap Setters Band also known as Nasa Concerto maestro Rao titled Maasai Land incitement.

Rao released Maasai Land incitement CD in Maasailand Public Concert in Kajiado West and got Jubilee Orchestra squirming and reverberating all over warning Kenyans not to buy the opposition music, which they said could incite ethnic tantrums that could be violent.

Jubilee Orchestra director Kamwana could not hold his fury over the Maasai Land incitement CD saying it could incite dancers from different communities because it advised against land selling. The leading Jubilee Orchestra soloist Duale called for the immediate arrest of Rao.

Jubilee Orchestra legal songwriter Tobiko directed the Kenya Police Band Criminal Choir to listen to the audiotapes that were recorded at Kajiado when Rao loudly sang Maasai Land Incitement tune. He intimated that Rao CD could be subject to a legal dance competition.

Jubilee Orchestra appeared to be concerned about Rao public concerts attracting thousands of dancers which could be used for mass hysteria and later lead to deaths like the ones Rao recorded in 2008 Mass Action Bloodbath DVD. The fears were heightened by the distribution of threatening pamphlets by anonymous songwriters distributed in Kajiado pointing towards Mass Action Bloodbath dancing hall.

Rao has maintained that people calling for his confinement away from public concerts are quoting him about things he did not sing. Being the Trap Setter Band director it would be suicidal for Jubilee Orchestra to imagine they can contain Mass Action fanatical dancers if Rao was restrained from performing Nasa Concerto public appearances before August 8th National Festival.

Dancing away from Maasai Land incitement top hit, Jubilee Orchestra surprised many Kenyan dancers when they started humming a tune to the effect that a foreign legal recording studio was in the process of releasing a new hit titled ICC Again. The ICC Again would mean Jubilee Orchestra band master Kamwana and his deputy Ruto arap Mashama, would be required to conduct repeat performances at The Hague if they fail to win the National Electoral Festival trophy on August 8th.

The two fought the last Presidential election with frequent performances at The Hague International Criminal Theatre where they denied any involvement with 2008 Mass Action Bloodbath DVD also baptised Post Election Violence (PEV). Kamwana and arap Mashamba are accusing Rao of conspiring The Hague to replay the blood cuddling performances.

All said and done both Trap Setters Band and Jubilee Orchestra seem to be keenly engaged in a new dance of Political Paranoia which is best performed on public podiums by the Trap Setters. The Trap Setters Band had a disappointing experience in Meru were some unidentified dancers pulled down a podium they were supposed to dance on.

One podium collapsed while Rao was reciting a song he called Shetani amujaribi Yesu to the amusement of many who argued that the podium fell because he was rebuking Satan.


The Meru incident forced the Trap Setters Band performers to hold public concerts on narrow streets where Rao could not acrobatically change his hats like a magician as presented by the mainstream media coverage of Machakos concert. Meru dancers also demonstrated that two brothers could support different bands without acrimony or family wars.

Jubilee Orchestra soloist in Senate studios Professor Kindiki has a brother Professor Kindiki promoting Trap Setters Band music in Tharaka Nithi where he hosted Rao and his band without any street blood-letting or stone archery so common in Nyanza street dances.

Interestingly, the media is also actively engaged in sideshows playing some music known as Fake News that landed one of East and Central Africa’s biggest media performer known as Nation Media Choir, songwriter for allegedly taking illegal fee to delete a Fake News music CD.