Musically Speaking



Stevo is dancing to a lonely beat known as Jia Panda as he loses grip on what he always imaging was his inheritance from his mentor musician Mulu Mutisya

The drum beats heralding the National Electoral Music Festival planned for August 8th are getting louder by the day as clocks tick towards the fateful day.

The Trap Setters Band also known as Nasa Concerto and Jubilee Orchestra are in a Helter Skelter performance of public concerts attracting huge crowds of dancers.

Incidentally Helter Skelteris a song by the English Rock Band, The Beatles, that was released in 1968 on their self-titled double album, often known as “the White Album”. It comes as no surprise that the Jubilee Orchestra head composer and Trap Setters Band maestro are also pushing their self-titled double albums of We are transforming Kenya and We shall deliver Kenya, respectively in a helter skelter dancing style.

Trap Setters Band boss Rao launched a new DVD titled Ethiopian Maize and invited Jubilee Orchestra Kamwana to attend its launch in Addis Ababa from where he could fly back with a single titled Cheap ugali stuff instead looking for Mexican Samba music.

Helterskelter means dancing in a confused and careless way. That is the kind of public concert Trap Setters Band held in Machakos. The mainstream Media houses would like Kenyans to believe that Rao is an acrobat also and he entertained potential dancers in Machakos wearing three different caps and hats simultaneously.

KTN caught Rao in a white NASA cap as he did his jig in Machakos stadium, Citizen TV cameras photographed him in a Kanda Bongo Man hat on the same stage, while the Standard Digital cameraman/woman got Rao wearing an ODM cap at the same venue. How the Media houses captured Rao wearing three different head gears at the same venue just goes to show how much fake music they will be playing to Kenyan voters.

Caps and hats aside, the Machakos public concert was boycotted by seasoned Ukambani dancers including Senator Johnstone Muthama, Francis Nyenze and David Musila who are setting up their separate recording studios. Musila is calling his Independent. The three dancers have seriously destabilized Kamba dancers and are proving to be a headache to Kamba Band soloist popularly passing as Stevo or Water Melon in political studios.

Stevo is dancing to a lonely beat known as Jia Panda as he loses grip on what he always imagined was his inheritance from his mentor musician Mulu Mutisya. That Stevo is dancing on a very slippery floor is not in question. That Stevo will be the main reason that Rao will lose Kamba dancers support in a bid way in the National Concert on August 8th is also not in question.

The question is what will he do on losing in the final concert, he loses his bid to dance in the Senate where his colleagues Weta and Jicho Pevu are angling and his dear son loses choir attendance to East African concert.

There are reports Stevo once tried a romantic dangle in 1970s after a young lady refused to dance with him for life. It is not clear whether the idea of dangling with a rope around his neck if rejected again still lingers in his mind.

Jubilee Orchestra Band leader Kamwana has not been any consolation to Stevo. He went viral with a song Stevo has been humming to himself entitled Senate will be my new home. Kamwana says Stevo is not sure Rao is a real Joshua and like Weta and Jicho he too is seeking standby alternative. Stevo has vigorously denied composing any song to do with Senate but he has never acknowledged his other political name is Water Melon either.

Kamwana is also furious with Trap Setters Band musicians who he is accusing of pirating Jubilee Orchestra LPs and DVDs under the titles of SGR, Last mile electricity, Free secondary education among others. He says Trap Setters Band can only have recorded such hits in Dreamland Studios.