Musically Speaking


Electioneering public musical concerts abound as Jubilee Orchestra and Trap Setters Band presidential candidates try to out dance each other.

Both the Trap Setters Band also known as Nasa Concerto and Jubilee Orchestra on Sunday held public concerts attracting thousands of dancers in Nakuru and Kakamega. The huge crowds were attracted to the open-air concerts by the fact that a majority of them are jobless and the events were staged on a Sunday.

In a country swarming with all time high unemployment many youths find some of those public concerts valuable source of not only entertainment but rich platforms for financial empowerment by politicians and dancers who have yet to discover that large crowds offer great opportunity for pick pockets and bag snatchers.

Last Thursday June 1, gave Jubilee Orchestra band master Kamwana, who doubles as the lead composer, the opportunity to stage an open air concert in Nyeri for a 1963 musical recital known as Madaraka that is played annually in the category of zilizopendwa.

Also in attendance was the Trap Setters Band leader, who had been invited for what turned out to display only. There were moments when Rao found the Madaraka extravaganza so boring he allowed his eyes to take some rest in a manner that could have suggested he was suffering from a bite of Mt Kenya Tsetse fly notorious for spreading sleeping sickness.

But Rao was in good company of the revamped Kenya Police Band CEO Johnstone Kavuludi who made sure no Tsetse flies disrupted his siesta. Some media reports later said the Trap Setters Band leader should have been allowed to sing at least one of his Vitenda wili lyrics but he himself said he had fulfilled his patriotic duty by attending the concert at government invitation.

However, it became clear on Saturday that Mt Kenya Tsetse Flies had nothing a role in closing Rao’s eyes at Nyeri. During a Trap Setters Band concert at Bukhungu stadium, in Kakamega, Rao found his eyes closing uncontrollably amidist thunderous performance by of one of his two Pentagon Mlembe Band members Madvd singing a new hit he called Parastatal looting.

According to Madvd, unnamed Jubilee Orchestra musicians are demanding cash, former Kanu Baba Na Mama Choir master’s Nyayo-style to fund countrywide public concerts. Madvd was a member of the Baba Na Mama choir for so long he thinks all bands are funded by parastatals, as was the case in their days. He said the broke Mumias Sugar Symphony is a victim once again.

At Bukhungu stadium the other Mlembe Band vocalist Weta took the opportunity to sing his favourite SerikaIi ya Kabila Mbili lyric. According to Weta, all entertainment problems facing Mlembe Band were brought by Jubilee Orchestra because of its ethnic composition. Weta appears to have discovered a Jubilee Orchestra musical secret very few Kenyans know. He appears to have broken into Jubilee Orchestra central recording studios dubbed Cabinet and discovered all its band members are from two ethnic groups.

Weta discovery has been a closely guarded musical secret by Kamwana staffing his recording studios Kiuks and Kales and calling if the face of Kenya. According to Weta the Kiuks and Kales include names like Raychelle Omamo, who lives in a secret location known as Gatundu Refugee Camp along with fellow non-Kenyans Eugene Wamalwa, Judy Wakhungu, Amina Mohamed, Adan Mohammed, Najib Balala, Hassan Arero, Jacob Kaimenyi, Cleopa Mailu, Joseph Nkaissery, Fred Matiangi and Dan Kazungu.

Weta is very happy he has unmasked the dozen Kiuks and Kales who should be replaced with real dancers when Trap Setters Band takes over the Kenyan music industry. Indeed, dancing is one of the qualifications to be important in their band.

Already Rao has allocated true Kenyans of no ethnicity who he calls New Pentagon Band key positions in future – of course the true Kenyans whose turn to dance and eat has come are; Weta and Madvd from Mlembe Nation of No Ethnicity Choir, Kamba Band (Kamba meaning Kenyans Are Mainly Blind Animals) master Stevo, Jicho Pevu, who joined them recently and Rao himself who is of no ethnic colour. That is the new band playing what it is popularizing as New Face of Kenya Leadership DVD.

But Weta and his fellow musicians in the Trap Setters Band are now being accused by the Jubilee Orchestra of piracy and copyright infringement by pirating its Free Secondary Education musical it planned to release in January. Trap Setters Band leader Rao says they will release their CD also labeled Free Secondary Education come September. Stevo disclosed in Machakos that Trap Setters Band will hold a Supplementary Budget Concert to release the Free Secondary Education CD.