Kenya Government setting up its citizens for Mass Slaughter?


By Blamuel Njururi – Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi, Sunday May 28, 2017

Kenya Government has not publicly sought any confirmation or explanation from Smith and Vanguard Africa on the veracity and nature of his involvement or interventions in Kenya’s presidential election

The Kenya government appears determined to set its citizens up for post-election guillotine by ignoring obvious early warnings of the disaster ahead. In 2007 Kenya Confidential exposed ODM plot to wreak post-election mayhem but the Kibaki government ignored the report.

  1. Vanguard Africa Executive Director Jeffrey Smith and his two senior advisors express their engagement in writing and disclosed they will get funding from Oxfam “camouflaged as food relief programs” to supplement Raila Odinga campaign kitty.
  2. They further advice Raila to try and extract from funding from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) through the “devolved units” (County) system. Those would Cord and specifically ODM Governor’s Counties.
  3. During Presidential elections in Gambia on December 1, 2016, Smith set up a tallying centre in his house to collate polling results fed by Gambians and Western agents after which he declared long term opposition leader Adama Barrow winner before the Gambian Election Commission. Read:
  4. After a meeting in Washington arranged by Vanguard Africa Raila originally announced that Cord would conduct Smith-like vote tallying based on results of each polling stations. Later he said NASA would undertake the task.
  5. Doubtlessly Smith will set up his tallying centre to collate Kenya election results and be the first to tell the world his candidate has won even before the Chairman of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission does. By the time truth is established the streets of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa plus many towns will be flowing with blood as “foreigners” are hunted down in a political cleansing similar to 2008.
  6. Raila has publicly threatened that “there will be no elections” in Kenya if the Courts determine that the chairman of Electoral Commission is the final authority of Presidential votes as provided by the law. Saying there will be no elections is not the same as saying NASA will boycott the elections but warning that NASA will disrupt the process no matter the consequences in loss of lives, economic destruction and disruptions that could send another wave of foreign investors fleeing Kenya as they did during the failed coup in 1982 and 2008 post election violence.
  7. Raila’s running mate Kalonzo Musyoka has threatened mass demonstrations even before the election if the courts rule unfavourably to the NASA dictates. Kalonzo is a lawyer by profession who should understand the importance of the independence of Judiciary and not the law of the jungle he advocates driven by political greed for power.
  8. The statements by both Raila and Kalonzo are intended to intimidate judges, who should be the custodians of justice and Kenyan voters who should elect their leaders without fear of revolting repercussions.
  9. In military terms Raila and Kalonzo declarations are notices of reconnaissance dress rehearsals of how mass action shall be conducted and to test the government response in order to improvise counter maneuvers.

As days and nights cascade towards August 8th General election, uncertainty, fear and political temperatures are approaching peak high. On its part, the government is sitting pretty in that;

  • It has not publicly sought any confirmation or explanation from Smith and Vanguard Africa of the veracity and nature of his involvement or interventions in Kenya’s presidential election.
  • It has not sought any explanation from the British relief agency Oxfam whether it has been approached by Smith to provide Vanguard Africa with financial assistance, which will be camouflaged as “food relief programs” but diverted to supplement Raila Odinga campaign kitty.
  • It has not sought any information or confirmation from the United Nations Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) if it has been approached to provide funding to Raila campaign through the “devolved units” (County) system.
  • Indeed, there are no reports whether President Uhuru Kenyatta met any FAO official or sent any emissary to its headquarters to check the funding conspiracy while he was in Italy to attend the G8 Summit.
  • Quite obviously he never sought to know if US President Donald Trump has wind of Vanguard Africa activities relating to Kenya’s election as they shook hands. Let me caution Kenyans that Trump would not give a damn or lose any sleep over Kenya’s presidential election. Instead he is anxious know how many Kenyans have been deported back to the Dark Continent.
  • The net sum is Kenya citizens face the gloomy prospect of political upheaval as witnessed in 2008. Recent incidents of insecurity in Baringo and northern Kenya that seem to be out of government control stand out as evidence that Kenyans may be destined to avoidable appointment with human carnage as their government standby impotently.

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Away from the election issue but related is lack of visible action against the growing avalanche of Ethnic Hate on the social media that is at peak high level. The Twitter, Facebook and Whatsup have provided a super highway of opportunity to malicious individuals to advocate and express hate against their fellow citizens on account of their ethnic origins.

As the war drums get louder only empty threats are emanating from the police and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission. Instead, its managers have found a window for workshops and purchase of expensively priced so-called monitoring equipment whose efficacy and acceptance in courts is yet to be witnessed. The commission also faces a major huddle from the sister arm of judiciary that appears to be manned by aliens from Mars – totally removed from the reality of dangers posed by Kenya’s ethnic hate blood letting. Ethnic hate war mongers charged before courts last year will take part in the elections as if they had been accused of reciting the Lord’s Prayer and did not pose any threat to social peace.

ODM Presidential candidate Raila Odinga declared that he will accept defeat if “beaten fairly” in the forthcoming elections. His statement was made during an interview by Citizen TV as he awaited scrutiny of is nomination papers by IEBC. However, in the same breath he claimed he has won twice and his victory stolen.

Raila has avoided endorsing any document committing himself to observe peace during and after elections and given wide berths to any forum fronting such a document for his signature. He was however, cornered by the IEBC to do observe peaceful conduct prior, during and after elections.

On behalf of Nasa, Raila said he hopes hate speech will not be used to muzzle people from campaigning. He called on IEBC to conduct a free, fair and transparent election.

During the launch of Raila’s flagship Nasa official launch, co-principal in the polygamous political marriage Moses Wetangula announced that a Nasa government will apply brakes on areas that have been “favoured” with development – he meant presidency – Central and Rift Valley – since independence so that others can catch up. He did not explain how the brakes would be applied and for how long, but the most effective way to apply such brakes is to generate turmoil that would disrupt socio-economic progress.

Such disruption can be best applied in chaotic mass action and ethnic cleansing promised by the Nasa leaders in their threats of “no elections” and organizing street demonstrations. When mass action is carried out and street demonstrations staged targeted areas will be adversely affected socially and economically if the experience of 2008 is anything to go by. More so when the foot soldiers are made to believe they are “10 million strong”.

The other sure way of applying brakes on Central Kenya and Rift Valley is one expounded by opposition sympathizer Professor Kagwanja of dismembering Kenya and making sure the two areas are landlocked even with their international airports of Nairobi and Eldoret. The potential of fragmenting in a manner favourable to Nasa in general and ODM in particular is thinly concealed in the recent shambolic ODM primaries in which specific governors were rigged in and shall be declared winners in the self-determined Nasa polls tally.

The importance of such Governors being “elected” on August 8th is that they would happily support and deliver their Counties to a government fragmenting Kenya Yugoslavia way.

Indeed, a video clip reportedly recorded in Sweden, where Nasa recent Kikuyu Community representative Koigi wa Wamwere spent years in exile advocates Kenya going the “Yugoslavia way” if elections are “stolen” the way Raila claims his victory have been in two previous elections.

The video clip by a self-confessed “Kenya Revolutionary Army (KRA)” Kikuyu should be investigated to establish if the claimed army has cells in the country and what revolution it has in mind. That Kenya is ripe for change against incorrigible corruption is not in doubt but change can emerge from Kenyans themselves if theyjoin the war on corruption, stop bribing public officers (especially police and administrators) and stop taking bribes from politicians.

Corruption is a global social holocaust that claims human lives daily. In Kenya corruption takes its toll in road carnage, judicial miscarriage, lack of public services commensurate to taxes, insecurity and in recent years terrorism. Kenyans are paying with their lives because of corruption and its high time they said no. The government comprises officers and politicians in jobs they have no feelings for other than the opportunities they offer for corruption.

What is Corruption?

Corruption is a preoccupation by people holding jobs they are have no feelings for as public service.
The first category of such people in public life include Presidents, Ministers, Politicians, Parastatal CEOs, Private sector executives and all cadres of civil servants. The same problem afflicts some faith-based organisations.
These square pegs in round holes are selfish individuals who believe they are entitled to public resources by virtue of the offices they occupy. They occupy offices not because they have any passion for what they do but because they offer opportunities for corruption.
They are overwhelmed by greed for self-aggrandizement many from poverty-ridden backgrounds. Some bequeath the social malady upon their children.
The private sector suffers the same fate with people who believe in criminal short-cuts to riches – usually called tenderpreneurs. Like in private sector companies and family businesses chief executives put money and profits before everything else.
Unfortunately in both public and private sectors corruption is driven by insatiable greed for wealth even at the expense of human lives. Corruption is a multi-billion-shillings industry funded through public coffers and by individuals who bribe public officers. It is a tragedy that the same people digging into their pockets and bank accounts later turn back to blame the Government as corrupt when they are the ones fueling the social evil.