Anti-Corruption Evangelism Miracles


By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief – Nairobi, February 15, 2017

Since January 1, 2017 when Citizens Against Corruption Twitter handle @MwanaMzalendo (Patriotic Kenyan) launched Anti-Corruption Evangelism, we have reason to believe that modern day miracles are unfolding before our eyes.

The following 5 Covenants will help to understand the philosophy driving Citizens Against Corruption;

Citizens Against Corruption Resolution for year 2017

Anti-Corruption Evangelism Agenda is to get Kenyans Inspired Against Corruption


Citizens Against Corruption Covenants

Citizens Against Corruption Kenya members commit ourselves to the following 5 Covenants to give us a sense of Nationalistic Patriotism in pursuance of Economic Prosperity, Social Security and National Peace.

  1. We believe a bribe is money or a favour given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a trusted position. A bribe blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous – it is Evil.
  1. We believe Kenya citizens must develop a strong sense of individual and National Values that uphold Human Dignity above all other pursuits to rid our country of the tag  “man eat man society” where money is NOT worshiped and looters of public coffers idolized or rewarded with political offices.
  1. We believe in combating corruption in all its forms and in promoting meritocracy. We also believes in strengthening Anti-Corruption Statutes and institutions such that the corrupt acts of State officials and Private Sector are severely punished and stolen assets recovered so that corruption is eliminated.
  1. We believe in accountability and transparency for those holding public and private offices because no such officer is indispensable. Corrupt persons have no sense of the value of human lives or that of hard-earned money is.
  1. Citizens Against Corruption affirm;
  • Our believe in basic principles of Public Thrift, Probity and Self-reliance of our country.
  • We are opposed to abuse of power in the acquisition of individual wealth.
  • We deplore corruption, organized crime and criminal cartels.
  • We believe in maintenance of public safety, ethics and moral decency or National Peace, Economic Prosperity and Social Harmony.

On Sabath Day December 31, 2016 we shared this message; “@MwanaMzalendo Make 2017 a CORRUPTION FREE PINK year – Pink is the TRANSPARENCY and LOVE color”

Happy New Year Card wishing our followers a Pink 2017, Pink being the international colour for Transparancy and Love.

On Sunday January 1, 2017 we shared the following message for formally inform our followers of our launch of Anti-Corruption Evangeliam; “Beginning January 1, 2017 Citizens Against Corruption Twitte

r “CitizensAgainst Graft” @MwanaMzalendo will FOCUS on Anti-Corruption Evangelism”

As Kenyans celebrated the New Year we sent out loud Anti-Corruption advisories that have turned out to be prophetic Dooms Day for dozens of police officers, politicians at grassroots level of Members of County Authorities (MCAs) and drugs barons plus their dealers and distributors.

A cristal clear message to all and sundry that Corruption is a pre-medicated self-inflicted crime.

Before any corruption any gift, bribe or promise is made either the giver or the taker proposes the transacation. That makes the deal consentual, intimidatory or extortionary.

  • Consetual exchange means each of the party is agreeable to the deal after pre-meditation and commitment to a self-inflicted crime.
  • When one party intimidates or demands the other to part with cash, asset or a favour or even a promise not to report the illegal transaction, as would be the case in authority be it a law enforcement agent like police officer, a csub-chief, a Chief the blame tilts more towards the enfocement officer. It is however possible for the victim to beg for time within which the demand can be reported to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission and arrest arranged to nab the corrupt preditor.
  • Exceptions to that rule include demands made to motorists on highways by Traffic police officers, bars when arrested after hours where victims are denied cash bail or police bond to force the pay up.
  • Extortion is common when arresting or investigative officers are pursuing criminals who wish to excape from the law and judicial officers who wish to bend the law. All those involved in escaping from the law or those bending it are equally guilty of corruption, which in their case is premeditated and self-inflicted.

They myth that professions or job careers caught in corruption are a reflection of the Kenyan society is self-effacing hypocricy incripted by corruption-prone individuals in positions they can fight corruption if they were honest to their call of duty. Two immediate example are Police and government spokespersons.

Kenya has more cigarette smokers than corrupt individuals and there has never been a time when smoking has been described as a reflection of the Kenyan Society. The same goes for promiscuous CEOs, Pastors and politicians who suffer their fate alone when caught without dragging their tribes or Kenyan society into their criminal anti-social habits.

Always remember Corruption is a Pre-determined and Self-inflicted crime and when caught everyone should carry his or her cross to jail. It’s a moral and value issue not ethnic.

Follow @MwanaMzaleno for Anti Corruption Evangelism inspiration and contribute your ideas on Corruption. Change does not come through empty, emotional and bitter political outbursts. Change demands action and commitment towards achieving it.

I have a BIG God that can do BIG miracles to END corruption

The third image on January 1, 2017 had the most prophetic message boldly proclaiming I have a BIG God that can do BIG miracles to END corruption.

If by any stretch of a New Year prayer @MwanaMzalendo put his faith in God, his proclamation was heard and affirmed in a matter of days. During the month of January close to 30 Traffic police officers were arrested and are facing Corruption charges. Many more will be nabbed sooner than later because the wind of change blowing through Kenya will sweep them to jail.

Our CitizensAgainstGraft@MwanaMzalendo message on January 1, 2017 had a very clear message about the high level of arrogance, impunity and don’t care attitude displayed by those enriched by Corruption. They think they are smarter than their colleagues who are not corrupt, their neighbours and their former school mates who chose the narrow righteous path.

We advised; #CCORRUPTION breeds ARROGANCE IMPUNITY & Don’t CARE Lifestyle BUT However Rich YOU may be, Put God FIRST you’ll NEED HIM during TRIBULATIONS.

The Traffic police officers, the drugs traffickers whose illegal trade is driven by Corruption and Trans Nzoia MCAs high notch arrogance, impunity and don’t care attitudes that had germinated out of easy come corruption cash must by now crying and gnashing their teeth wishing they had put God first before their greed. Their tribulations have just started and if they ever thought that God helps those who help themselves, they will learn the hard way that its not the corrupt and killers of the young generation with drugs that He helps.

CitizensAgainstGraft@MwanaMzalendo second message on January 1, 2017 amply advised; “In 2017 AVOID the pitfalls of short-cut financial solutions that may lead to CORRUPTION that will EXPLODE and SHAME YOU, ua family & Friends.”

National Television stations videos taken during the arrest of Traffic officers, including an inspector along Kenol-Murang’a road showed very ashamed individuals. They were captured while robbing motorists, majority of them and Boda Boda and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) of as little as Ksh 50 and Ksh 100 respectively – compared to their salaries these days.

Video clips of several other police officers nabbed while taking bribes showed characters desperately trying to cover the same faces they would menacingly frown when demanding bribes while at times armed with AK 47s like high seas pirates.

Our third message for the New Year was as plain and simple as would be understood even by a class four pupil in the remote plains of drought-ravaged Turkana – a victim of denial of essential social amenities like clean water and sanitation, stone classrooms and equipment because of a few Kenyans in positions of trust insatiable greed. Some of those selfish Kenyans now facing corruption charges would have done themselves a big favour if they sought consolation from the Almighty God when they were in need rather than fall victims of temptations of easy-come riches offered by Satan – the Devil.

On January 2, 2017 we relayed a simple honest message by Cabinet Secretary Fred Okengo Matiang’ who told Citizen TV Kenya@citizentvkenya January 2, 2017 that , “My ambition in life is to live for God #Events2016.

Indeed our other message on February 1, 2017 pointificated; “With God EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.- so WILL be the War on #CORRUPTION in Kenya – 

Matiang’ had just achieved a major feat of dismantling examination cheating driven by corruption cartels in Kenya’s primary and secondary schools. Examination cheating took root during the 24-year dictatorship under Daniel arap Moi when, according to political mischief, the horses were literally tied up to allow donkeys to catch up. Cartels organized blatant cheating through examinations for which corrupt school heads milked parents. Kenya Examination Council became a conduit of fake results in which failed students excelled in subjects they will never comprehend in life.

The net result was admission of students to universities who could not tell head or tail of the courses offered there and many graduated after cheating through exams. Indeed exam cheating at both public and private universities is now commercialized to the level of PHD. Kenya has a mature generation of cheats in life that are now sustaining corruption to the extent that they see no evil in the social cancer. Degrees for sale are as available and popular as fish and ships receipts.

It is worth noting that examination thrived when former education ministers like former vice president Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Professor Sam Ongeri, now seeking high political offices, saw no harm in the vice that morally corrupted a whole generation whose effects will manifest itself through many generations to come. See more of unfolding miracles at @MwanaMzalendo Twitter handle.

The month of February will go down as the Turning Point in the War on Corruption. We believe that there is a supernatural force blowing wind onto the War on Corruption sails in Kenya that will overcome the ominous organised criminal cartels that loot one third of the Annual National Budget.

On February 1, 2017, inter-denomination Religious leaders for the first time in the Country’s history, committed themselves to support Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) War on Corruption. They were guests of a Man of God Archbishop (Rtd) Eliud Wabukhala, the new EACC chairman.

That was a giant leap forward brought about by the Big God who can do Big miracles to End Corruption. The combined force of the people of God and the Law enforcers is a major weapon against Corruption – call it Sword of Damocles to slay the proverbial dragon. But the slaying will not the that easy. It is an uphill journey like the one by Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary carrying his cross. Mt Calvary is also called Golgotha from Late Latin Calvāria, translation of Greek kranion skull, translation of Aramaic gulgulta Golgotha.

Kenya’s Corruption industry is a multi-billion-shilling funded enterprise in which big money is ivolved to escape prosecution. When the notorious Goldenberg International corruption case went knocking on former vice president late George Saitoti’s door he paid Ksh 100 million for protection against prosecution through a law firm housed opposite the High Court. Samuel Gichuru financially influenced courts to block information contained in a report by former Limuru MP Nyanja that revealed how he was shipping stolen Kenya Power money to off-shore accounts. Now Gichuru is fighting extradition charges to face 56 corruption and money laundering charges in Jersey.

Saitoti never lived to enjoy the stolen loot he sought to protect with such a huge bribe. He crashed on a Sunday ostensibly going to contribute some of the stolen cash to a Church in Nyanza, which God refused. Gichuru is now ailing and cannot be said to be enjoying his loot either. A wife he grabbed from another man and paid him Ksh 20 million, is far off on a ranch he bought in South Africa where he can’t go because his passport is in court pending the extradition case.

However, times are changing the Wind of Change has swept Kenya’s war on Corruption driven drug traffickers swept billionaire Akasha Organisation two sons Ibrahim Akasha Abdalla Baktash Akasha Abdalla, and two foreigners Gulam Hussein, Vijaygiri Anandgiri Goswami ,(Indian national) extradited to the United States to face charges that could earn them life sentences. The Akashas were the engine on which drug trafficking drove for decades in Kenya and East Africa in general.

Should the Akasha sons spill the beans their information will shake the foundation and deep roots that hold the multi-billion-shilling drugs and ivory smuggling in Kenya. At his peak senior Akasha had all senior police officers posted to Mombasa and those in narcotics in his deep financial pockets. A former Commissioner of Police Edwin Nyasenda was living in one of his luxurious houses in Nyali as Provincial Criminal Investigations Officer (PCIO) despite having a government quarters. He was later bought a house at Doniholm by the drug baron. On being sacked as Police Commissioner Raila Odinga’s ODM retained him as their security consultant. He died soon after abandoning his ill-gotten wealth.

Akasha also controlled media airwaves and newspaper space dictating what would be said about him. He once assaulted newsmen at the High Court in Nairobi where one senior official he financed to enjoya world tour works. The man has since changed his name.

The latest working environment is the best opportunity for the EACC to crack on corruption in earnest and to plug any graft tendrils the secretariat may be enjoying today. Wabukhala was full of praise in his first television appearances about a secretariat he must take time to understand and one that takes years to investigate corruption cases that Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee appears to unearth in single sessions.

While he wades his way through the minefield of hard core criminal cartels the man of God will have to watch his steps and calculate the risk of being duped by men and women who have chosen evil over good. People whose selfishness drive their corrupt choices in life, people whose impunity and arrogance are propelled by proceeds of looting public coffers.

The religious leaders must also conduct an integrity audit amongst its membership given that Churches are heavily infested by wolves in sheep’s skins. A number of senior members of the clergy are knee deep in corruption and can hardly qualify as onward Christian soldiers walking unto war against corruption. Some are heavily laden with graft armour.

Both the EACC and the clergy will need courage and weaponry with which to scoop through thick layers multi-billion-shilling corruption industry financed by a third of Kenya’s national annual budget. That is an industry known to bribe top investigators, prosecutors and judges to defeat justice. Both the EACC and religious organisastions will have to think and act outside the proverbial box. They will require advocacy products that can constantly remind Kenyans about the social evil at homes, work places, corporate institutions and on highways.

The EACC will require tact to drive the clergy to convince their communities to fight corruption. This will call for the clergy touching raw nerves of business people and politicians many of who drive on the corruption super highways on high gear of convolution of tenders and procurement deals. The business communities have the key to eradication of mega corruption in Kenya. They need to be reminded that graft is evil as often as possible.

Needless to say both the EACC and religious leaders must not ignore the unholy forces represented by devil worshipers, cult believers in Free Masonry iluminati and other secret societies whose activities promote corruption. The forces of evil will not sit idly as their financial vintages are destroyed by the war on corruption but they should be confronted in the true sense of spirituous morality and patriotism.

The collaboration between the EACC and the clergy offers Kenya a fresh impetus that transcends ethnic, faith and political persuasions and one that can salvage Kenya from the shackles of a socio-economic disaster. A disaster that denies citizens of their motherland becoming the land of milk and honey where they live in peace, justice and liberty enjoying social harmony and economic prosperity.

A group of professional journalists, I lead, with decades of experience in branding, messaging, design and public relations is keen to provide a wide variety of products appropriate for the task. The products will be commercialized to generate incomes for youth, women and religious groups as well as individuals establishments. The team anticipates production of the products will trigger growth for cottage and medium scale industries economically empowering thousands of Kenyans and earning export revenue.

The group has come up with an initiative dubbed Citizens Against Corruption which will operate in community-driven clusters all over the country. They will manufacture anti-corruption-branded merchandise that are in every day use such as domestic and household products, clothe wear among hundreds of innovative items for local and export markets.