Corruption versus Religion


Kenya Religious leaders join the war on corruption

By Blamuel Njururi – Editor-in-Chief Kenya Confidential, Nairobi – February 2, 2017

We recognize that corruption is an evil that continues to shatter the moral fabric of the Nation and it must be fought by all using means available including the Word of God

Kenya religious leaders have pledged to join the war on the country’s run away corruption in which the country is submerged. During a forum with the new Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC), retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukhala, the clergy declared corruption a socio-economic disaster.

The clergy explained their resolve on February 1, stating that;

The forum was primarily for us to engage EACC and provide prayers and counsell to the newly appointed commission Chairperson His Grace Arch Bishop retired Eliud Wabukhala as he steers the commission in the discharge of it’s mandate.

We understand and appreciate that the war against corruption requires multi facilitated strategies bringing together all players including government institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, media, religious sector and more importantly the general public. We recognize that corruption is an evil that continues to shatter the moral fabric of the Nation and it must be fought by all using means available including the Word of God.

To this extent the faith-based sector will work closely with EACC and other stake holders in tackling corruption and unethical conduct in Kenya with a view to nurturing a society where all people embrace integrity in their public and private endeavors. We note with concern that Kenyans continue to view the fight against corruption as the sole obligation of EACC.

This state of affairs must change and not only change but also come to an end. It is the individual responsibility of every citizen and residents of this great Nation to stand up and be counted on what they are doing to reverse the corruption trend. The Commission with only 600 employees cannot be expected to serve over 45 million Kenyans and win this war on it’s own.

The attacks against the commission and the politicization of war against corruption must stop too. We must reason together as leaders and Kenyans and deal with the problems without fear and favour. Based on the brief we have received on the EACC this morning, we are encouraged that despite the criticism directed to the commission and public apathy towards the fight against corruption, EACC is on the right path and should be supported by all of us.

We know that it is doing a wonderful job with significant achievement in the war on corruption. Therefore ladies and gentlemen, we came upon and call upon all of us as Kenyans to take up their responsibilities in supporting the war against corruption. We as the religious fraternity, today declare that we shall be fully behind this noble cause by playing our respective roles.

Today we have firmly resolved and committed that as leaders in the religious sector we shall continue to use our respective places of worship to condemn corruption and lead our faithfuls towards discovering God’s position and his direction on living a life full of fraternity and integrity.

Hindu business community: Key factor in war on corruption

We will also actively participate in changing the narratives from mere talks about corruption to taking both personal and collective responsibilities in preventing and combating it in all of our spheres of life. Corruption is a moral issue and the religious leaders are spirituous on morality we have committed to: –

  1. Support and partner with EACC in the fight against corruption.
  2. Use our resources and the pulpit to spread the message against corruption and unethical practices in our society.
  3. Rally Kenyans to have peaceful elections and to elect leaders of high integrity and    morality
  4. Enlist those seeking elective positions to commit to provide vicious leadership when they take up public service.
  5. Lobby the political leadership in this country to strengthen the legal policy and institutional instruments and capacity of EACC in the fight against corruption.
  6. Finally change the negative narratives and perceptions surrounding the fight against corruption in our country to ensure that each and every Kenyan plays their role in the fight against corruption.

We particularly call upon all leaders at all levels of our government to take personal responsibility for the corruption and unethical practices in their respective institutions.

To that regard, we do herby call upon all Kenyans to wake up to the realization that corruption continues to bedevil the country and it is significantly responsible for most of the challenges that the nation is grappling with today including terrorism, crime, diseases, hunger and the high cost of living.

A time has come when we should all say NO to corruption and stop all manners of hypocrisy and indifference and do something about the vice.

May God bless Kenya, may God bless all of us, may God bless everything in this great Nation of ours.”

Clergy: Leaders at all levels of our government must take personal responsibility for the corruption and unethical practices in their respective institutions

The statement was issued in the presence of the following:

Arch Bishop Jackson Ole Sepit, Anglican Church of Kenya, Pastor John Kitala, African Inland Church, Reverend Ambrose Nyang’au, Parklands Baptist Church, Bishop David Onginde Christ is the Answer Ministries, Nitin Malde chairman Hindu, Council of Kenya.

Sheikh Addan Wachu, chairman Inter Religious Council of Kenya secretary general Supkem, Miss Irene Njeri Wanyoike, Vice chairperson Commissioner National Cohesion and Integration, Bishop Arthur Gitonga Redeemed Gospel Church, Bishop David Kamau Catholic Church, Peter Kania PCEA Church.

Rev. Francis Kuria, executive director Inter Religious Council of Kenya, Bishop Dr. William Mabukha,Faith Community Fellowship, Alhaj Yusuf Murigu, National vice chairman National Muslim forum and Rev. Father Joseph Muite, secretary general AIC.Thank you God Bless all of you.

The latest development is the best opportunity for the EACC to crack on corruption in earnest and to plug any graft tendrils the secretariat may be enjoying today. Wabukhala was full of praise in his first television appearances about a secretariat he must take time to understand and one that takes years to investigate corruption cases that Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee appears to unearth in single sessions.

While he wades his way through the minefield of hard core criminal cartels the man of God will have to watch his steps and calculate the risk of being duped by men and women who have chosen evil over good. People whose selfishness drive their corrupt choices in life, people whose impunity and arrogance are propelled by proceeds of looting public coffers.

The religious leaders must also conduct an integrity audit amongst its membership given that Churches are heavily infested by wolves in sheep’s skins. A number of senior members of the clergy are knee deep in corruption and can hardly qualify as onward Christian soldiers walking unto war against corruption. Some are heavily laden with graft armour.

Both the EACC and the clergy will need courage and weaponry with which to scoop through thick layers multi-billion-shilling corruption industry financed by a third of Kenya’s national annual budget. That is an industry known to bribe top investigators, prosecutors and judges to defeat justice. Both the EACC and religious organisastions will have to think and act outside the proverbial box. They will require advocacy products that can constantly remind Kenyans about the social evil at homes, work places, corporate institutions and on highways.

The EACC will require tact to drive the clergy to convince their communities to fight corruption. This will call for the clergy touching raw nerves of business people and politicians many of who drive on the corruption super highways on high gear of convolution of tenders and procurement deals. The business communities have the key to eradication of mega corruption in Kenya. They need to be reminded that graft is evil as often as possible.

Needless to say both the EACC and religious leaders must not ignore the unholy forces represented by devil worshipers, cult believers in Free Masonry iluminati and other secret societies whose activities promote corruption. The forces of evil will not sit idly as their financial vintages are destroyed by the war on corruption but they should be confronted in the true sense of spirituous morality and patriotism.

The collaboration between the EACC and the clergy offers Kenya a fresh impetus that transcends ethnic, faith and political persuasions and one that can salvage Kenya from the shackles of a socio-economic disaster. A disaster that denies citizens of their motherland becoming the land of milk and honey where they live in peace, justice and liberty enjoying social harmony and economic prosperity.

A group of professional journalists with decades of experience in branding, messaging, design and public relations is keen to provide a wide variety of products appropriate for the task. The products will be commercialized to generate incomes for youth, women and religious groups as well as individuals establishments. The team anticipates production of the products will trigger growth for cottage and medium scale industries economically empowering thousands of Kenyans and earning export revenue.

The group has come up with an initiative dubbed Citizens Against Corruption which will operate in community-driven clusters all over the country. They will manufacture anti-corruption-branded merchandise that are in every day use such as domestic and household products, clothe wear among hundreds of innovative items for local and export markets.