Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Invest in World’s New Energy Source

Invest in World’s New Energy Source: Part 1 By Kenya Confidential Investments Editor – Washington DC June 22, 2016 The World’s New Energy dubbed "The New...

Kenya at Crossroads between Good and Evil

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief – Nairobi, Sunday July 15, 2017 This Sundy I wish to repeat a story I told as a Sunday...

The Unstoppable, Unbeatable iPhone

Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have joined forces to create a groundbreaking device that will bring about... The Death of the iPhone Wired magazine says it will "change...

Express Recipes: How to make Creamy Papaya Raita

The model is talking about booking her latest gig, modeling WordPress underwear in the brand latest Perfectly Fit campaign, which was shot by Lachian...

Banking and Finance 2020 Review: Co-operative Bank Surges Ahead

Co-operative Bank Best Lender Three Years Running By Boy Matumbai, Nairobi - December 20, 2020 Co-operative Bank landed a bagful of continental and global Banking and...

Editorial Commentary

Lawyers are Cashing in on Vulnerable Corrupt Personalities. After years of clandestinely collaborating with CORRUPT top politicians, top civil servants and top businessmen ...

President Uhuru orders Attorney General to draft Public Officers Code of Conduct Law

By Kenya Confidential Legal Affairs Editor, Nairobi – January 28, 2019 President Kenyatta furious with Judiciary that favours the high and mighty crooks under...

Sunday Sermon 24 : How God saved Kenya from chaos

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi February 18, 2018 God is said to work in mysterious ways and on the eve of Raila Amolo...

Corruption in Kenya: Stop Talking, Take Action – US Ambassador

By Robert F. Godec US Ambassador – Nairobi, November 26, 2016 The United States stands with Kenya in the fight against corruption, but the scourge...
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Ruto agents arrested with killer Aflatoxin maize in Congo

By Kenya Confidential Economic Intelligence Desk, Nairobi - March 28, 2021 Police in Southern city of Kikwit, Bandundu province of Congo have arrested two Kenyans...

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Corruption trial against Amos Kimunya to proceed full hearing

Kimunya: Tilting towards jail By Kenya Confidential Legal Affairs Editor, Nairobi – September 29, 2016 Kimunya, accused of abuse of office and land fraud, wanted the...

Sunday Sermon 17: Deliberate Subversion of Truth

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi, October 8, 2017 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light...

International Conspiracy to Topple Kenya Government?

By Kenya Confidential Political Editor, Nairobi - October 15, 2017 Raila wants Safaricom blocked from transmitting election results because it turned down a partnership with...

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