Ruthless Plunder of Africa by the West


Africa Needs New Leadership to Redeem the Continent

By Kenya Confidential Economic Intelligence Desk, Nairobi, February 6, 2021

Colonial Rapacity and Political Corruption are the Roots of African Underdevelopment and Misery. 

Although Africa is well endowed with natural resources, it is a continent in distress. European colonial rapacity left the continent in disarray and deplorable shape upon independence.

Independence appears to have simply resulted in rapacious exchange of roles. Now Africans suffer and die needlessly due to the brazen and reckless CORRUPTION. looting and hoarding of the public treasuries by greedy and unconscionably corrupt public officials.

Corruption has compounded the injustice of the colonial legacy, severely impoverished the average African, left infrastructures in ruins, and robbed the populace of the benefits of their national resources. 

  • Sowing the seeds of social and economic misery by colonial powers sank deep in African countries under colonial rule. 
  • Independence from Colonial Rule brought in New Leadership and the Continued Betrayal of a Continent. 
  • The Effects of political CORRUPTION on African social and economic life. Are felt by the born and unborn.
  • The Role of the Western World in Fostering Political Corruption in Africa has been monumental. 
  • NEW leadership to Address Political Corruption in Africa must be explored and elected.
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