President Uhuru’s Bitter Truth


Editorial Opinion

By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – January 11, 2021

President Uhuru is Right. Kikuyu and Kalenjin Presidency is NOT their MONOPOLY.
MOST of the comments and opinions expressed about President Uhuru Kenyatta statement that Kenya Presidency is NOT a MONOPOLY of Kikuyu and Kalenjin stink of profound FOLLY and IGNORANCE of the damage the two TRIBES presidents governments have cost Kenya when they overloaded public appointments, tenders, contracts and anything government on their TRIBESpeople whose business was to LOOT PUBLIC COFFERS.

It is NOT, repeat NOT, the President himself as an individual but the quantum sum of ETHNIC appointments by officers under him and those who recommend appointees from their tribes. That is the disease that has bred multi-billion-shilling CORRUPTION and gross inefficiency in service delivery because civil servants feel a sense of entitlement or protection.

That is the DISEASE that has frustrated Kenya’s prosperity and NO one knows better than the President who has witnessed first hand frustration in his Fight against CORRUPTION and laxity in Public Service – including ghost employees getting billions in salaries.

That system of ethnic networks is, and has been suffocating Kenya’s development since 1971 when civil servants were allowed to do private business by the notorious “Ndegwa Commission”. Civil servants formed companies to do business with government through which they would inflate tenders and public projects to enrich themselves. The civil service contractual system is a step in the right direction.

There are ministries and parastatals today where office BUSINESS is conducted in mother tongue from Minister to office cleaners. County Governments have been infected by the disease and Governor’s fill their administration with members of their families and friends.

At one time during Moi era lorry loads from Rift Valley were ferrying people to take jobs in Nairobi – qualified or not. Central Bank of Kenya and Kenya Post and Telecommunications in 1980s had more drivers from one tribe than vehicles.

A Kalenjin driver employed at Financial Review was allocated a 5-acre piece of land along Airport Road as a proxy by a Kalenjin Commissioner of Lands Sammy Mwaita that was sold for Ksh 250 millions – he was given 50k. He drank himself to death.

The previous Kikuyu Commissioner of Lands Wilson Gachanja had allocated huge tracts of Forestry research land to Kuria Kanyingi and other Kikuyus cronies of Moi to keep his job. The land commissioners allocated themselves or their companies forest land, government houses and agricultural research lands.

The Kalenjins were doing what Kikuyus had done during Jomo Kenyatta era. We are NOT yet a democracy anticipated in the constitution and our government system has very weak oversight institutions – some of them like Parliament, Senate and County Assemblies filled with very corrupt people.

In 2013 first Jubilee Government Uhuru filled his side of cabinet appointments with Kenyans from most communities. His deputy William Ruto filled his slot with Kalenjins. If Ruto could do that as a deputy, what if he was President? (God forbid) – even the local chief in Ichaweri, Gatundu, would be a Kalenjin to keep him informed of the activities of Kenyatta Dynasty.

The bulk may STOP at the President’s door steps BUT, unlike God, the President is NOT omnipresent all over Kenya. This vicious cycle of ethnic governments MUST STOP – no tribe should have a president succeeded by the same tribe. They have done that successfully in neighbouring Tanzania.

In Ruto Kenya has a Donald Trump in the making. He tweets profusely just like Trump before Social Media giant Twitter blocked his tweets indefinitely. Ruto is building a cult following in the name of “Hustler Nation” that has shown its ability to provoke death following two deaths at Kenol, in Muranga.

The Capital Hill attack by pro-Trump hooligans last week left no doubt in the whole world that even the biggest, oldest and most powerful democracy is at immense danger against victims of radicalisation the “Hustler nation” style. That danger, taking root in Kenya’s National Assembly, needs to be nipped in the bud.

Last word:

In 2013 Ruto appointed his ethnic team of Cabinet Secretaries and other top civil servants all from his community purposely to raise funds for his 2022 presidential bid. How would be his appointments as a President – God FORBID. Most of them bought the appointments for Ksh 5 million said to be a contribution to TNA campaign.

At the highest risk are Kikuyu, Luo, Kisii, Luhya and Kambas in the Rift Valley over a thousand of whom were killed during 2007-2008 post election violence in which Ruto was a dominant player. Ruto supporters had been radicalised to remove “mandoandoa” dark spots in their midst. Over a million Kikuyus were to be dead by March 31st 2008. However, international’s intervention saved them.

Many Kikuyus were settled there by Kihika Kimani the father of Susan Kihika, who considers Ruto as best president Kenya is waiting for – God forbid. Ruto‘s presidential campaign strategic team brands her as a dynasty daughter but advises she should not know. Kihika‘s body must be turning restless in his grave (RIP).