What Country is Kenya?


My Sunday Thought is about my Motherland Kenya which is hurtling towards disaster as a result of insatiable CORRUPTOCRATIC greed by those in authority. Greed that allows importation of killer commodities, clothe wear and electrical appliances.

1. Kenya is my homeland where the government imports condemned afflotoxin-laden Maize NOT even fit for cattle feed and is milled and sold for human consumption. That is calculated mass murder in a country where Ugali is a stable meal.

2. Kenya is a country where expired palm cooking oil condemned in Malaysia is imported and repackaged for Kenyans to cook with. Such oil is imported through the port of Mombasa whose outlaying thousands of hectares of coastal land has the capacity to produce millions of fresh cooking palm oil.

Imported 25,300 litres of expired Mitra Cooking Oil seized at a godown in Mombasa on June 14, 2020

3. Kenya is the country were sugar laced with mercury and other heavy metals is imported for use in homes, hotels and tourism picnics. All those expired and chemical-laced products are no doubt responsible for the high incidents of Cancer afflicting thousands of Kenyans today.

4. Kenya is a country where Supermarket chains are frequently caught repackaging expired consumer commodities like sugar, rice, unga into new packets to sell not to feed to cattle or pigs. The supermarkets also stock meat products injected with dangerous chemicals for embalming akin to a mixture of formaldehyde glutaraldehyde, methanol, humectants and wetting agents that belong to funeral homes and mortuaries not human homes. After making billions the owners bankrupt their businesses and run away with money leaving suppliers with empty pockets.

5. Kenya is a country where so-labelled unleadedl super petrol and diesel are adulterated with paraffin as a routine value-adding business practice. When the crooks are not mixing the fuels they are siphoning petroleum products directly from the Kenya Pipeline system in thousands of litres worth billions of shillings and nobody is punished.

Kenya Pipeline Fuel theft syndicate at Mlolongo

6. Ķenya is a country where billions of shillings allocated to revive sugar factories is hijacked to buy luxury vehicles, build palatial homes and finance elections so as to give way to importation of foreign sugar while farmers sugarcane rot away. That is dome by chief executives, who later seek and get elective positions as high as Governor of capital City Nairobi, in collusion with lawyers recognised by the Law Society of Kenya.

7. Kenya is a cursed country where the ruling class, be they politicians or civil servants, are in the business of trading with Government or happily plundering the National COFFERS – even to the extent of stealing and selling #Coronavirus donations and donated blood, intended to save lives of dying Kenyans – thanks to the Duncan Ndegwa Commission of 1971 that recommended civil servants could indulge in private business. A Report of civil servants, by civil servants for civil servants! – a key to grand corruption in Kenya. It should be repealed without delay!

8. Kenya is a global dumping ground for counterfeit and substandard merchandise churned out by Kariobangi industries of Nairobi, China, Korea and any other nations willing to exploit a market whose key is CORRUPTION. Kenya is also a net importer of used clothes popularly known as mitumba – including under garments comprising under pants, socks, petticoats, brassieres, used wigs, dentures and anything white people dispose of after use including electronic wares and vehicles- effectively blocking growth of domestic industries.

9. Kenya is a country that employs foreign labour to manufacture toothpicks, needles, pencils, tissue paper, picture frames in cottage factories of China when millions of educated labour force languish in poverty unemployed – a situation that provides a fertile ground for juvenile criminal gangs and easy prey for trigger-happy cops.

10. Kenya is a country where importation of EXPIRED MEDICINES would NOT be any wonder at all having imported rusty empty shipping containers disguised as mobile clinics to rot from the salty breezes of the coastal city of Mombasa – by a family chocking in immense wealth.

Kenya is a country where the words Honesty, Ethics, Principles, Integrity, and Accountability (HEPIA) MEAN NOTHING to Pubic Officers as well as a majority of ignorant Kenyans.

Ksh800m Afya House scandal mobile clinics

Kenya is a country ready for paradigm transformative governance by a new breed of untainted leadership – #2022TubadilisheKenya short of which I see nothing and nobody will stop a revolution to put an end to the insatiable CORRUPTOCRATIC greed destroying the country.

Last word;

Kenyans in 2022 must choose to remain shackled in self-inflicted economic chains or free themselves by voting for a transformative leadership. Recycling the same thieves who have impoverished them and their motherland in expectation of handouts will mean condemning their children and grandchildren to unbearable poverty, CORRUPTION and bad governance.

You elect garbage as your leaders and you get garbage as your government.

Kenya has enough resources to share equitably for her growing population but not enough to share with a handful of self-aggrandising gluttons whose purpose in life is to steal from fellow citizens. #2022TubadilisheKenya to bequeath your children and grand children a better Kenya.