Mr President Reject the Ksh 100,000 MPs Pension


Members of Parliament can’t determine salaries or pensions. That is Salaries and Remunerations Commission’s Responsibility.

The Joint Forum of Religious Organisations (JFRO) has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta not sign the Bill on the pension for the past members of Parliament.

The organisation argues, It is illegal and immoral for the current Members of Parliament to award their fellow former Members of Parliament shillings 100,000 monthly pension unjustifiably and which they do not deserve. Where did the MPs take the money which they used to award themselves when they were in Parliament?

If the past MPs are poor, as argued in Parliament when the bill was passed hurriedly, they have only joined other poor Kenyans who are the majority in the country, including retired Civil Servants who get very little pension after serving the country selflessly for decades.

Clearly, the sitting Members of Parliament are acting in self-interest conflict because they are looking at their time of retirement from Parliament which could be as soon as after the next general election iñ 2022. 

Morally it is unacceptable that they should decide on the MPs’ pension. Members of Parliament in Kenya regard their emoluments as Manna from Taxpayers. Indeed, Parliament these days is more of a Corruption Supermarket than august Legislative House.

According to the 2010 Constitution, Members of Parliament are in the category of State Officers. Matters of remuneration for State Officers are the responsibility of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) ARTICLE 230 – a Constitutional body like the Parliament itself. 

The SRC Act states; “salary and remuneration” includes the ordinary, basic or minimum wage or pay and any additional emoluments and benefits whatsoever payable, directly or indirectly, whether in cash or in kind, by an employer to an employee and arising out of the employment of that employee;”

Among SRC Guiding Principles are; (1) In addition to the principles set under Article 230(5) of the Constitution, the Commission shall also be guided by the principle of equal remuneration to persons for work of equal value. 

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), the Commission shall take into account the recommendations of previous commissions established to inquire into the matter of remuneration in the public service. 

What work of equal value are former MPs performing today to deserve Ksh 100,000 pension?  What recommendations have been made by which commission into the matter of renumeration by retired politicians that came up with the figure of Ksh 100,000.

In the performance of its functions, the Commission;

  • may inform itself in such manner as it thinks fit; 
  • may receive written or oral statements from any person, governmental or non-governmental agency; and 
  • shall not be bound by the strict rules of evidence. 

Parliament did not even see it fit to consult with SRC over its greedy salvation for public funds.

Kenyans were clever in creating SRC in the current Constitution. They wanted to stop the MP’s craze of determining their own remuneration at will, every so often. Unfortunately, the MPs have the misplaced notion that among the Laws they make include salaries and allowances driven by self-aggrandisement.

Paying pension to the MPs, former or current, is a careless misuse of public money.The Government and SRC have a responsibility to tame the MPs’ or any other public servant’s greed in their positions. Let our national resources be used equitably and profitably without any class of Kenyans thinking they are special – especially when they are as corrupt, immoral, dishonest, selfish and self-centred as Parliamentarians.

Don’t we have eyes to see the mass poverty in the country? If the Government has any money, it should improve the remuneration of our healthcare workers who are sacrificing so much to save our lives. Not greedy politicians whose mission in life is to loot public coffers.

Mr President DO NOT ASCENT to the Bill.

May God bless our Motherland and protect her from politicians greed.

Last Word:

Members of Parliament in Kenya should stop regarding themselves as a breed of special citizens. A majority of them bribe their way to Parliament and spend their time looting public coffers in hefty salaries end endless allowances.

That some of them live a miserable life after they are voted out is nothing but delivery of Devine Justice as pay back for their dishonesty, corruption, greed and lack of principles in life.