Shameless Looting from dying Kenyans


By Kenya Confidential Corruption Investigations Desk, Nairobi – July 8, 2020

A man fired by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 18th December 2019 as Chairman of Kenya Planters Cooperative Union (KPCU) after DCI implicated his board of corruption is under Ksh 4 billion investigation. 

Willbroad Gatei Gachoka (alias William Gatei Muiruri) was fired after the KPCU’s Ksh 5 Billion assets fizzled in 3 years of his Board’s tenure. Many coffee farmers have been impoverished to a point of dying after long delays in payments of their produce and theft by organised criminal cartels.

Some 60 days later on 22nd January 2020, he registered Kilig Limited together with a Chinese National Zhu Jinping of P.O. Box 36814-00200 Nairobi. The postal address used for the company was that of Gachoka, namely P.O. Box 6077-00200, Nairobi. The two directors were equal shareholders each with 1 ordinary share in the company. 

On 16th June 2020, Gachoka used a new company under the name of Kiliq Limited to subcontract a company by the name Entec Technology Company Ltd of P.O. Box 37925-00100 Nairobi whose sole purpose was to loot the Kenya Medical Services Agency (KEMSA).

The Chinese company was to deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs} kits to KEMSA from China at the price of USD. 28,535,000 which at then prevailing Dollar to shilling exchange rate of Ksh. 105.2 translated to Ksh. 3 Billion.

Kiliq Limited having brokered the tender from KEMSA at Ksh. 4 Billion, it means Gachoka and his proxies were planning to cost the Kenyan tax payers a whooping Ksh. 1 Billion for merely being middle men in the deal. This is even above the 10% kickback that Chinese tender brokers are famed to receive being 25%.

That is how overnight billionaires are emerging in Kenya in all Chinese provided services including the lucrative infrastructure roads and SGR railway project. Kenyans procure tenders then sell the tender documents to Chinese companies.

As per the commercial contract between Kiliq Limited and Entec Technology, the latter was required to deliver the PPE sets in two-batches with first installment of 200,000 kits expected on 28th June 2020 and the second installment of 239,000 sets due on 10th July 2020. The law requires directly procured goods to be delivered within a month.

To underscore the passive role of Gachoka and his proxies in the deal, the Kiliq was to enter Escrow Account Management Agreement (EAMA) with Entec Technology which allowed the latter to be prioritized by the bank once payments were received from KEMSA after delivery of the goods.

Entec Technology provides the account details where its payments was to be forwarded by Kiliq Limited once it received the money from KEMSA in the escrow account. The account USD and KSH Account is held at Stanbic Bank, Westgate Branch. The persons behind Entec Technology need to be unmasked by EACC.

Things did not go according to plan and by mid July 2020 when KEMSA was supposed to be making payments for the delivered PPEs to the escrow account, the matter was a Scandal. KEMSA was on the spot after a special audit unearthed procurement and financial irregularities that put at risk over Ksh100 billion of donor funds.

The Senate Health Committee has since written to KEMSA stating that it had “taken note of numerous concerns raised by county governments and health workers’ unions regarding the quality and cost of goods supplied by KEMSA in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).” Many Kenyans in medical profession are afraid of dying, like some colleagues, because of poor protective gear.

Details of fraudulent intents and cover up on the part of  Willbroad Gatei Gachoka and his proxies have since emerged raising many unanswered question. For instance, a search done on 3rd August 2020 reveals the sole director of Kiliq Limited as Ivy Minyow Onyango, a 30-year old Advocate admitted to the bar last year.

Kenyans are waiting with baited interest for the Senate Health Committee to grill the KEMSA bosses to shed the light on the scandal which has captured the imagination of the nation. Kenyans are waiting to see if Gachoka and Ivy Minyow Onyango will reveal the real mastermind of the KEMSA scandal.

In an Internal Memo KEMSA Procurement Director Charles Juma accuses his CEO Dr Jonah Manjari of issuing commitment letters for supply of Covid-19 items amounting to Ksh7.6 billion against an approved budget of Ksh4.6 billion.

Medical personnel dying for lack of protective gear while thieves enrich themselves

Juma alleges that KEMSA abused direct procurement in procuring kits from Kiliq to avoid competition. According to him, given the emergency of Covid-19, the agency should only have bought enough PPE kits to meet the short-term needs and embarked on a proper procurement process to ensure Kenyans get value for money.

The questions many Kenyans are asking is why Gachoka and his Chinese business partner Zhu Jinping suddenly decided to offload their shares and directorship in Kiliq Limited to a little-known town girl. It appears there was conspiracy to direct the attention of Kenyans away from the real culprits to a wild goose chase.

In the rush to change the shareholding and directorship of Kiliq Limited and cover his tracks however, Willbroad Gatei Gachoka left his personal Safaricom number as the contact of the company. He wiill be hard-pressed to explain what his Mpesa number is doing being the registered contact of a company owned by a total stranger.

Gachoka (alias William Gatei Muiruri) is son of Philip Muiruri Gachoka, brother of the ever inebriated Tony Gachoka and right hand man of David Murathe who is no stranger to controversy. Murathe has in recent years transformed into a billionaire thanks to the Chinese contracts brokerage – yet he has the guts to attack Deputy President William Ruto as corrupt – he has no moral basis as the other side of the same coin.

On the KPCU Plunder Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, who was in charge of Co-operatives, accused Gachoka and his leadership of KPCU of stripping KPCU’s assets and only catering for their own allowances at the expense of farmers. Tellingly, KPCU, which Ksh. 5 Billion asets in 2014 when Gachoka took over was under receivership when he left in December 2019.

The investigations into KPCU looting are dragging to allow those investigating to negotiate kickbacks to be shared with the notorious Kenya judiciary officials. The delay in prompt investigations allows for destruction of evidence in documents and computers records which the thieves pay for handsomely – making nonsense of President Uhuru Kenyatta War on Corruption.

The well-heeled Kenyan brokers inflate projects costs then sell the tenders to willing Chinese firms who load whatever the pay as kick-backs to the project cost. That is why Kenyan infrastructure projects are many times above similar projects in the world – including those of neighbouring Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Last Word:

President Uhuru Kenyatta MUST be serious in his War on Corruption in visible and determined manner is he wants Kenyans to believe in his word. Corruption is not his burden alone and nobody is indispensable – whether in the cabinet, government or “close political friend”.

He can’t purport to be fighting Corruption when he is surrounded by people who are ready, willing and prepared to steal from dying Kenyans whenever opportunity strikes.

He can’t always be asking the same people who are engaged in Corruption “mnataka nifanye nini jameni”. It is not in their interest.

The fact that he sent Cabinet Secretaries home who were later found not to be guilty of Corruption does not mean Cabinet Secretaries in his government are not corrupt. Many are and are stealing in billions not millions.

The people he once told “simu zote simefungwa” decided he is not the only way and opened other channels that they can buy with looted cash to protect their corruption.

It’s time to wake up and crack the whip on corruption personally. There is no appointee in his Government or ruling party Jubilee he can tell to resign who would stand in his way – constitutional office to not.


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