Ruto’s Team Evil Plot to Wreak Havoc in Kenya


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Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – June 7, 2020.

Our covert wing will therefore PLAN and STAGE an ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION in one of the DP’s tours to the Mt. Kenya region

During Nyeri Agricultural Show in 1982 the Kenya Air Force Commander whispered to President Daniel arap Moi ears that he was pursuing information that some KAF elements were planning to take over the government.
In Kiswahili he told Moi “nafuatilia fununu ya vijana wanataka kuchukua Serikali”. Even before he finished his brief, Moi interrupted and asked him “wachukue Serikali wapeleke wapi?”
Come August 1, 1982 and hell broke loose as KAF renegades attempted coup wreaked havoc with the loss of 1,500 innocent LIVES and millions of shillings in economic losses.

The military had a difficult time convincing Moi to accompany them from his Kabarak home to Nairobi to oversee the restoration of order. He feared they wanted to execute him.
From then on Moi was no longer the passing cloud the Kiambu Mafia called him but a brutal dictator to whom human life had lost value.

Just before the 2007 December General Election the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) strategic team comprising Luo academia cream met at Hotel Boulevard in Nairobi and crafted a document that highlighted how 41 tribes of Kenya would deal a fatal blow to one tribe (Kikuyu) to win the election – Kenya Confidential exposed the heinous plot but President Mwai Kibaki, like Moi, ignored it.

The document was implemented to the letter in what would be the worst ETHNIC genocide in post election violence of 2007-2008.

Another 1,500 innocent Kenyans were butchered and billions of shillings in losses inflicted upon the fledgling national economy. Over 650,000 families (3.2 million) Innocent Kenyans were rendered homeless and many still are today.

Those who brutalised, raped and butchered fellow Kenyans were NEVER punished – giving another strategic team, planning for 2022 General Election, the courage to choreograph Season Three Political Chaos in which it says will be “to make the country ungovernable”. Thousands of Kenyans would be victims and the economy destroyed considerably.

Be your own judge. Read the document by the Ruto 2022 Campaign Strategy Team and conclude what the author(s) are planning for Kenya and her people towards 2022.

This confidential circular may help understand the recent and ongoing political developments and why President Uhuru Kenyatta is breathing fire and brimstone.

You may also understand why the President did not want debate on his actions during the Parliamentary Group at State House by Members of Parliament, some of whom have exhibited open disrespect not only to his person but the institution of the Presidency.

He asked them, “Why do you go all over abusing me and hauling all manner of insults at me, for once, if you do not respect me why then can’t you respect the institution of the presidency?”

The President told the lawmakers that he was privileged with daily briefs about the insults they make in their native languages across the country.

“Some of you have gone as far as saying that I don’t know what I am doing and that they are the ones (Ruto and his allies) who have done all the development projects in the country,” Uhuru disclosed.

Now read the Ruto 2022 Campaign Strategy Team evil plot.


Ref No: ODP/PS/04/2020


All Concerned Persons 




The objective of this strategy is to provide a roadmap by which His Excellency Deputy President William Ruto can regain momentum and win the 2022 presidential election. 


His Excellency the Deputy President launched his campaign for 2022 immediately after the 2017 elections. The plan was to use the next five years to campaign vigorously so that he would have a decisive head start over other presidential candidates. The plan also entailed a deliberate separation with Uhuru Kenyatta for strategic reasons. The DP’s campaign was to be focused on the Rift Valley & Mt. Kenya regions with a view to consolidating the Jubilee Party’s strongholds in 2017.

For a period of 2 years, the DP has campaigned well in both regions, holding many harambees in churches, attending funerals, sponsoring girl poets, buying Uber cabs for single mothers, sponsoring Kikuyu & Kalenjin musicians to compose campaign songs, facilitating MPs and MCAs to organize rallies in their regions and attending numerous TV and Radio shows and interviews, in addition to influencing key journalists for positive coverage.

His Excellency has also put together the most formidable army of digital strategists headed by Dennis Itumbi, the digital genius who once claimed to have hacked the impregnable ICC. To separate William Ruto from the failures of the UhuRuto government and in order to present William Ruto as the logical solution to the problems facing the country, this team has sustained a campaign against the government on social media while delinking His Excellency from the campaign. 

Since the handshake of March 9, 2018, and the formation of the rudderless BBI, however, matters took a different turn, and our opponents appeared to have sensed that our campaign was more formidable than had been initially envisaged. The rapprochement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga gave Uhuru’s government an unexpected lease of life, and scuttled our initial leverage over Uhuru Kenyatta due to our overwhelming strength in parliament. It is for this reason that we decided to focus our attention on the BBI and adopted a strategy of supporting the initiative by opposing it.

At one of our meetings mid last year, we decided to disregard the good aspects of the document and focus instead on the structure of the executive, which is an emotive issue in Kenya. We came up with the mantra that BBI was a scheme to expand and divide up to seats for top politicians.

In response, attacks on William Ruto became more brazen. Our campaign upped the ante as a result, and was doing very well until the current crisis precipitated by the coronavirus ensued, giving our detractors much-needed reprieve. 

However, they are still very determined to use state resources to stop us. A shadowy coterie of unelected old guards fronted by the likes of Francis Atwoli, Raila Odinga, David Murathe and Maina Kamanda has focused their combined firepower on His Excellency the Deputy President. 

It is in light of the recent developments, where cabals of power are determined to frustrate the Deputy President’s presidential bid, that we have formulated this strategy. It provides an outline on how to strengthen the DP’s 2022 presidential bid amidst prevailing and anticipated constraints.

This plan should be read and understood together with the ‘Masada Complex’, which you all know is a plan to instigate orchestrated mass protests by DP’s fanatics as a last-ditch separation from the Jubilee government. 


1. A Restatement of Our Objective:

Our collective goal is to ensure that His Excellency William Ruto is installed as the Fifth President of the Republic of Kenya. We all recognize that this is not going to be easy but we have the resolve, energy, passion and all necessary resources to win. To ensure a successful campaign, howeverour entire campaign must note the following salient points: 

  1. a)  The DP’s chief political opponents are H.E. The President and Former PM Raila Odinga. The president is asleep, detached, and clueless (don’t be fooled by his new bright shirts). Raila will use his closeness to the president to edge out the DP (in a replay of his tricks during the Moi succession) and frustrate his 2022 campaign. Raila will work with tycoons and sycophants around the president. 
  2. b)  Our campaign should therefore rightly project the DP as the victim of political machinations. Presenting the DP as a victim will endear him to the voters in the run up to 2022 and mobilize the populace to take his corner politically. It is therefore imperative that as a political party, we take advantage of this opening by depicting the DP as a victim of intra-Jubilee wrangles whose purpose is to illegally eject him from the party. 
  3. c)  During the entire coronavirus crisis, the DP should also be made to look like a victim who is being deliberately left out of important crisis meetings and is not being consulted by the President. This will pay credence to (b), above. 
  4. d)  The DP should also be made to look like a victim who is being linked to corruption scandals such as the Ruai Sewege land, the Maize scandal, Arror and Kimwarer Dam scandals, the Kenya Airports Authority land, and the Fake Military Firearms scandal involving his friend Richard Echesa and the subsequent murder of a policeman attached to his office. 
  1. e)  The coronavirus crisis, while serious, did not warrant a lockdown. As you may have noted, the lockdown has slowed down our momentum and especially our onslaught on the BBI, and given the President a new lease of life. They manufactured this crisis for this purpose. The deaths being reported are from existing diseases such as Diabetes, pre- existing respiratory conditions, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, Malaria, and high blood pressure, but these are being scored as COVID-19 deaths. 
  2. f)  We should work hard to call for the removal of the lockdown by showing that government has no plan for curbing the spread of the virus. Every member of this campaign must take the line that this is a fake crisis whose purpose is to create an opportunity for thieves to steal money from government coffers. 

2. Playing the Victim:

The Victim Card is a vital cog in our messaging and should be extended to the MPs and other leaders allied to us, particularly those from the Mt. Kenya region. As already stated, this campaign will be won in the Mt. Kenya region. If we cannot win Mt. Kenya voters for the DP, we might as well forget the presidency and all the promises the DP has made to us.

We must therefore keep highlighting how pro-Ruto allies, especially MPs such as MOSES KURIA, NDINDI NYORO, KIMANI ICHUNG’WA, ALICE WAHOME, SUSAN KIHIKA, and MITHIKA LINTURI, are frustrated and persecuted by the government and Raila Odinga and denied their freedom of expression and assembly.

Leaders such as MWANGI KIUNJURI, FERDINARD WAITITU, MIKE SONKO and RICHARD ECHESA should also be portrayed as victims of the state and their corruption cases downplayed using all means possible as such cases do not help our campaign. Governor Sonko in particular should be supported as he has a good chance of regaining control of resources at the County of Nairobi. 

3. Capturing Mt. Kenya: 

Mt. Kenya remains the single most decisive demographic in our strategic plan and the DP must continue wooing the region and unleashing his charm offensive. Having succeeded in alienating the President with the Mt. Kenya Region, we should now consolidate our position in the Mt. Kenya region by: 

  1. a)  Developing and disseminating highly targeted messaging that will portray the DP as the best suited person to defend Kikuyu interests. We must present the DP as a Kikuyu, and point out that his diminutive features are evidence of Kikuyu genes. It would be nice to give him a Kikuyu name but I am told that KihuRUTO, which is suitable, has pandemic connotations. 
  2. b)  The Kikuyu of the Rift Valley should be wooed continuously using our foot soldiers such as KIMANI NGUNJIRI and SUSAN KIHIKA, while the past should not be mentioned at all. Let us focus on the future and deliver a futuristic message. Let us show the people around Mt. Kenya that a Ruto presidency will be very good for the Mt. Kenya region and its peoples, including those in the diaspora. Let us make it clear that to guarantee peace in the Rift Valley, Mt. Kenya voters must vote for Ruto. 
  3. c) Our message should be that the BBI does not address the price of coffee, tea, rice, miraa, milk and maize, and suggest that the price of these commodities will be protected by rigid price controls in a Ruto government. 
  1. d)  Every presidential speech must be pre-empted as irrelevant if it does not provide an immediate solution to the problems in the agricultural sector, the challenges faced by hawkers, importers and traders (particularly in light of the ongoing war on corruption which is adversely affecting such businessmen), the problem of youth unemployment, and any other contingent problem. 
  2. e)  We must also increase allies in the region. Although we have the most vocal and articulate politicians in the region, we should recruit more MCAs, MPs, Women Reps, Senators, and Governors to facilitate our political operations in the region. 
  3. f)  We must also insist on the building a “Messiah complex” around DP and link that messaging with churches. We must utilize our connections with Mt. Kenya pastors many of whom the DP has supported in the past. They should be advised to project the DP as the “Savior of Kenya and Mt. Kenya” who will “deliver” Kenyans out of poverty. 
  4. g)  However, the above message of a “Kikuyu-centric” William Ruto presidency should not be articulated at rallies or political meetings in other regions of the country, especially Nairobi, Coast Region, Western Region, and Eastern Region, as it is not suitable for such regions. We shall craft an appropriate plan for those regions once we have exhausted the re-alignment of our strongholds.

4. The Role of Religion: 

The Kenyan population is 80% Christian. Most of these Christians are to be found in the Mt. Kenya region, which is the most “Westernized” region of Kenya. Recognizing this, the DP has invested heavily in presenting himself as a God-fearing and committed Christian. In this, his early conversion into Christianity has stood him in good stead. The DP became a born-again Christian in the 1980s and preached throughout that period and through his university education.

Professing the Christian faith benefitted him in several ways. One, he became a very good public speaker, in both Kiswahili and English. Two, religion gave him a convincing public identity of piousness that is difficult to assail even in the face of contrary evidence. Indeed the DP looks like a Pentecostal Televangelist head of a mega church – and that is a major asset in the politics of this country.

The DP’s religious credentials must continue to be emphasized in this campaign. Our candidate must be presented as a God-loving, God-fearing and people-loving, in contrast to the drunkenness and carousing of Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, David Murathe, Musalia Mudavadi and Francis Atwoli.

Members of the campaign are forbidden to ever mention that the DP enjoys a glass or two of sacramental wine from Israel, as that would contradict his public image of pure, gracious piety. The team must continue to court Mt. Kenya Christians in order to compliment and consolidate the DP’s widely acknowledged efforts in facilitating Mt. Kenya pastors.

The DP’s association with known, soaking-wet, drunkards such as Moses Kuria should be completely ignored. If the question ever comes up, the stock response should be that the DP is praying and fasting for MK to see the light. If the DP slims further because of exercising, that should be presented as evidence of the penance he is paying for Moses Kuria’s alcoholism.

The team is free to play the clip of the DP crying in church but the reason for the break down should NEVER be disclosed. Generally, religion should be used to entice Christians to the Ruto camp by presenting him as one of them. More pictures of the DP with Akorino, Legio Maria followers, Owour adherents, Nigerian pastors, Catholic priests, Pastors, Jehovah Witness, Christ the Scientist, the Mormons and anybody else who might represent Christianity must be released for general consumption.

Whenever possible, the DP should also be presented as a Muslim through the release of more pictures of him in a Kanzu and a fez, or sharing a meal with Muslims. The future first lady, Rachel, is a genuine Christian and we expect the team to leverage on that reputation and to ignore rumours of disgruntlement in the marriage.

Political utterances by the DP in the past should be expunged if they contradict his public image of a staunch Christian. Intellectual property rights on the famous picture of William Ruto and Rachel with a Bible walking along a back road as a young couple have been fully waived and the team is encouraged to use it for illustration of the DP’s early acceptance of Christian faith. 

5. Beyond Mt Kenya: 

It is hereby recognized that capturing Mt. Kenya votes is vital but is not enough in isolation. We must think beyond Mt. Kenya and cover all the bases. 

  1. a)  Our KEY TARGET, even as we hope to overcome the coronavirus, is to woo the current IEBC ICT director, Mr. JAMES MUHATI to join us, or to resign from his current position, and later bring him on board by June 2020, in order to bolster our ICT team. He will work hand-in-hand with former energy CS DAVIS CHIRCHIR and DENNIS ITUMBI to lead a team of dedicated ICT professionals being put together for a formidable, relevant mission. 
  2. b)  Another aspect of our beyond Mt. Kenya Strategy relates to the war on Corruption. This war is without doubt an anti-hustler war. It has affected every hustler adversely and it is specifically meant to frustrate the supporters of Dr. William Ruto. It affected importers who were importing sub-standard goods such as phones and impure sugar, which had a ready market locally. The government enforced regulations at the port and the Inland Container Depot (ICD), detaining containers and goods for long periods of time, occasioning hefty demurrage charges to hustler traders. They also escalated import duty and, significantly, they arrested friendly KRA people and appointed an uncouth plainclothes policeman with smelly armpits as the Director-General of KRA. They also removed our supporters from the treasury and other strategic offices in blatant and unconstitutional discrimination. Finally, they appointed a rogue DCI Director, an incorruptible Director of Public Prosecutions who is a member of the dynasty, and a virulently anti-corruption fanatic at the EACC. They then arm-twisted Chief Justice Maraga to form an anti-corruption court. These developments are all anti- William Ruto, period. Their overall impact has been to reduce the amount of resources coming to our campaign. Fortunately, the Lord has been kind to us and we have raised enough resources since 2013. All members of our campaign should redouble their effort in the fully knowledge that a Ruto presidency shall introduce a business-friendly environment for all hustlers and appoint capable officers to replace the unfriendly incumbents. Before then, however, we are asking that our campaigners politicize this war as much as possible by making such claims as: “This war is targeting people from one region,” “This so-called war is anti-business”, “Uhuru has ruined the economy with this stupid war,” “This war is bad for Kikuyus, Asians and Somalis,” “Uhuru is bad for business,” etc. 

6. Campaign Ideology: 

A campaign without a common ideology is bound to fail. To ensure success, all members of this campaign, and all supporters of William Ruto, must acknowledge that our foremost ideology is the Hustler Ideology. The following key tenets of the ideology should be borne in mind by all members of the campaign team: 

  1. a)  A Hustler is someone who is aspiring and fighting hard to make something out of themselves using all means necessary. 
  2. b)  The best example of a hustler is His Excellency Dr. William Ruto who came from a humble background and has crawled his way to the top. 
  3. c)  The hustler ideology must be contrasted with the ideology of Dynasties. Our campaign must continue to call out the Dynasties in this country. 
  4. d)  The major Dynasties in this country comprise of the Kenyatta family, the Odinga Family, the Moi Family, the Biwott Family, the Ndegwa Family, the Mudavadi Family, and the Kalonzo Family, the Nassir Family, the Nyachae Family, to mention but a few. Anyone whose father had a name during the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki governments is member of the dynasty. During the campaigns, our team should refrain from mentioning June Ruto, Nick Ruto, Stephanie Ruto, and even Abby Ruto. Those on our side who are members of dynasties such Susan Kihika, Rigathi Gachagua, etc., should also not be mentioned. 
  5. e)  Hustlers are good. Dynasties are bad. That is the message we should keep repeating. 
  6. f)  Hustlers allow you to make money anyway you can, without restrictions whatsoever, while dynasties want to keep the wealth for themselves. All hustlers will be free from encumbrances and regulations in a Ruto presidency. 
  7. g)  To portray the image of unity and consolidated resolve, all supporters must treat Dr. William Ruto as the answer to Kenya’s problems and as the much-awaited “political messiah”. Although we are involved in a campaign not a religion, there is a lot we can learn from the Mightiest Prophet, Dr. David Owour, whose supporters follow him without asking questions and are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for him. 

7. Post-COVID-19 Plans: 

We value the lives of Kenyans, and we are hopeful that Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over so that we can embark on our political rallies across our country. We really hope the country is spared the worst of this scourge, if indeed it is a true pandemic. Like good students of politics, however, we must be ready to capitalize on any carelessness by the government that will lead to COVID-19 running out of control.

In such a scenario, we must be prepared to establish the “Ruto equals the People”, “Cloward-Piven” type Political Strategy that will precipitate into a crisis that would lead to a “call for change and fall of dynasties” after creating a narrative that dynasties have cumulatively destroyed Kenya.

The trap to usurp the illegitimate handshake will be set when our friendly MPs will come up with bills that propose “a guaranteed minimum return” for all citizens and “wananchi friendly bills to end poverty” which the government will obviously not support. The clamour for the changes in the parliamentary bills will be concerted and coordinated across Kenya. Massive political rallies will be then be held and will be aimed at: 

Illegitimate handshake?
  1. a)  Smearing the proposed national unity government (HE The President and Raila Odinga) as the enemy of the people and the country and as the embodiment of the rule by dynasties. 
  2. b)  Driving the narrative that BBI and the handshake have destroyed Kenya. 
  3. c)  Giving BBI a bad name, vide, Beba Baba Ikulu, Big Billionaires Initiative, Baba Beba Ida, Brenda and Brian Initiative, etc. 
  1. d)  Propagating the view that the government failed in protecting the people during the pandemic and used the crisis to enrich members of shadowy cartels. 
  1. e)  Sponsoring anti-Uhuru and anti-government hashtags, which will be coordinated by Denis Itumbi with the support of his online army and will portray the president as a clueless and incorrigible alcoholic who has lost touch with reality and a political failure living on his father’s wealth. 
  2. f)  Increasing attacks on Raila’s character online. These will be achieved through negative memes and narratives that portray Raila as a sellout, as old, and as someone who claims a non-existent human rights record and personal sacrifice for democracy. There will also be staged protests tainting the BBI and portraying it as a failed idea. 

8. The Search for Sympathy Votes: 

We must create circumstances for the DP to gain sympathy votes as sympathy votes are always a sure bet. Our covert wing will therefore PLAN and STAGE an ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION in one of the DP’s tours to the Mt. Kenya region. Ideally, this should be done around Christmas so as to evoke parallels with the sacrificial death of Christ, which aligns well with the DP’s admired public faith.

This feigned attempt on the DP’s life should ideally be orchestrated in a county led by one of the anti- Ruto governors such as FRANCIS KIMEMIA, KIRAITU MURUNGI or ANNE WAIGURU. Either the Kiharu or the Kikuyu MP should leak the conspiracy in order to show that Mt Kenya people love Ruto, and other Mt. Kenya leaders allied to the DP will then protest loudly and lead a group of elders in denouncing our enemies.

International news coverage should be well coordinated and ambassadors of Western Countries encouraged to condemn the planned assassination. President Yoweri Museveni should protest against the instability creeping in in Kenya. The DP should then be “treated” by a team of Kikuyu surgeons, further cementing his folklore amongst the community. Immediately upon recuperation, HE William S. Ruto will resign from the Deputy Presidency in protest.  

9. Resignation of the Deputy President: 

Please note that the Resignation of H.E WILLIAM RUTO is on the table as a viable strategy for ascending to the helm. We must ensure the environment is sufficiently poisoned so that his resignation can plunge this country into a political and constitutional crisis that will make this country ungovernable. Such conditions will make it possible for William Ruto to ascend to the presidency. 

10. Resources: 

This campaign is well-resourced. We have what it takes to deliver a William Ruto presidency to the people of Kenya in 2022. It is all systems go. To facilitate the campaign in the immediate term, Ksh. 5 billion has been availed by the William Ruto for 2022 Campaign Resources Mobilization Team. Various campaign sub-teams can now access these funds after providing a justification in line with the campaign objective. Requests should be submitted to Farouk Kibet at the Annex. 

11. This strategy is a work in progress. 

You are all advised to give your operational input (Comms Team, kindly share your strategic communication brief as well), as this will be integrated into the detailed plan our consultants are finalizing to be rolled out in May 2020

Sincerely Yours, 

Davis Chirchir 

Head of Ruto 2022 Campaign Strategy Team 

Emmanuel Talam, Denis Itumbi, David Mugonyi, Eric Ng’eno, James Kinyua, David Nzioka, Robert Bitok, John Ndolo.

Last word:

Deputy President Ruto declined to comment on the document a copy of which was sent to his Whatsup number. His clarification is welcome any time.