Maraga unfounded fears


Commentary by Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief
It is very disappointing when a Chief Justice of a country becomes a scare crow.
The congregation of Judicial Service Commission with other Administration of Justice organs does NOT reduce, alter or add any Constitutional status it enjoys nor Maraga’s as it’s Chairman.
Why are Kenyans so self-centred?

David Maraga’s STATEMENT ON EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 1 OF 2020 is uncalled for and only serves to expose his alarmist fears while seeking undue attention.
Judiciary’s direct link to the Executive arm of Government administratively, is the Office of the Attorney General – not the Chief Justice office. That is what the Executive Order has streamlined.
The Executive CANNOT control or order the Judiciary around by incorporating the Judicial Service Commission on the round table of Administration of Justice organs to synchronise and serve the interests of Kenyans BETTER.
Maraga thinks like some Senators that independence of three arms of Government means working at cross purposes.

JSC CANNOT remain a club of legal professionals who consider themselves a special class whose BEST trade mark is chronic CORRUPTION.
The only fear that could be driving Maraga’s letter can be the possibility of EACC BLOCKING the appointment of CORRUPT judicial officers before they join the criminal CARTELS ravaging the delivery of Justice in Kenya.