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My Sunday Thought is about Rift Valley politician Koigi wa Wamwere who advances 10 reasons as to why he is against Deputy President William Ruto greed for another 10 years as President having already served a 10-years term of joint Uhuruto Presidency. His views are held by many other Kenyans and opposed by many – especially the Nandi Kalenjin and Kikuyu political charlatans.

He dismisses the nonsense that the Kikuyu voters owe the Kalenjin candidate any debt for having elected President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 and 2017 and dismisses Ruto as not a leader of integrity who cannot be relied upon eradicating CORRUPTION in Kenya and has never supported democratic rule.

Koigi Wamwere On Ruto’s Greed for Money and Power.

Though I’m Kikuyu, I won’t vote to give Ruto 20 years in power

Some people say every Kikuyu man and woman will spontaneously elect Ruto as the next president come year 2022.

But this is an open falsehood. Though I am a Kikuyu, I will not automatically vote for William Ruto or anyone else to be Kenya’s next president when next elections come.

But while Ruto wants every Kikuyu to vote for him because he or she is Kikuyu, just as he wants every Kalenjin to vote for him because he is Kalenjin, I will not deny William Ruto a vote because he is Kalenjin and not Kikuyu like me. Nor will I vote for anybody merely because they are Kikuyu. I will only deny Ruto a vote because he is not fit to be president of Kenya for the following ten reasons.

First, the next president of Kenya must be a president who is totally committed to the elimination of corruption and negative ethnicity. But from his history, William Ruto is not a leader of integrity and cannot be relied upon to develop Kenya by eradicating corruption.

Second, from my knowledge, Ruto is not a patriot or a nationalist capable of sacrificing his personal interests to save the country from any danger or tragedy like dictatorship. For me, the only reason Ruto pursues leadership is wealth and power. As a youth, Ruto therefore never did anything to save Kenya from one-party dictatorship.

Three, despite public pronouncement, Ruto never fought for democracy and will not protect democracy as a president because, philosophically, he does not believe in democracy. Instead he believes in dictatorship and therefore fights to protect dictatorship as he did when he was in the YK 92. How can I who has been a victim of dictatorship vote for Ruto who believes in tyranny?

Four, Ruto wants me to vote for him, not because he qualifies to be president who will protect my freedom and improve my life, but only because I am a Kikuyu and he is a Kalenjin and the two communities are in a political coalition, not for the good of the two communities but aggrandizement of their leaders and economic elites. This to me is no reason to vote for Ruto.

Five, Ruto would also want me to vote for him, not because he qualifies to be president, but because he voted for Uhuru as president and every Kikuyu therefore owes him a debt of gratitude for which he or she must pay or be shown the door out of Rift Valley.

President Uhuru and his deputy Ruto: Friends turned Foes over Corruption

Six, though Kikuyu, I don’t owe Ruto a debt. I could only have a debt of Ruto, if Ruto had ever voted for me or ever gave me anything and cannot be forced to vote for Ruto. Nor can I be forced to vote for Ruto because I live in Rift Valley which is an integral part of Kenya. As it is, Ruto and Uhuru have never voted for me. And nor have they done anything for me. Instead of Kikuyus owing Ruto a debt, it is Ruto who owes Kikuyus a debt.

Seven, had UhuRuto government transformed Kenya economically in the last 5 years Uhuru and Ruto have been in power, I could have an excuse to vote for Ruto. Right now when I look around, I see no transformation for which I can vote for Ruto. The only transformation I see is Ruto’s personal transformation and enrichment.

We have had so many strikes starting from Doctors to lecturers but he only think of how he will own everything in the country. He has never raised an issue to benefit an ordinary Kenyan as he move around the country to meet his own heart desires. Should I therefore vote for Ruto’s further personal transformation instead of trying someone who can transform Kenya?

Eight, for Kenyans to give William Ruto not just 10 years of vice-presidency but another 10 years of presidency, he and Uhuru need to have done so wonderfully that Kenya would have achieved half of Singapore’s development which we can expect him to complete if we give him 10 years of presidency. As it is, it would be suicidal and crazy if Kenyans were to give Ruto 20 years of power, almost same time Moi lasted in power.

Nine, not even Ruto’s background as a hustler should persuade the so-called hustler nation or poor people to vote for him. Ruto is no longer a hustler or poor person. If anything he is already a trillionaire or double trillionaire who like other rich people thrives on exploiting poor people.

Ten, even Ruto’s early campaign for presidency using government projects should not persuade any Kenyan to vote for him. And he is especially disqualified for presidency because he is blamed for rigging so many people in the last election to create a political network that will ensure he is voted for presidency come 2022.


Kikuyu, Kalenjin or any other ethnic group Kenyans should decide on who to vote for in 2022 all the way from the local MCA, MP, Senator, Governor and eventually  the President. Kenya needs paradigm shift from tribal politics by the rich for the rich protecting the interests of the rich. That calls for a  no nonsense leader focussed on the eradication of CORRUPTION, ETHNICITY and POVERTY. That leader is none of the politicians who have served in all past and present governments.

In 2022 Kenya needs to break away from the neo-colonistic governments that have thrived on ethnic hate, corruption and self-aggrandisement leadership. Such break cannot be driven by William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Mysyoka, Moses Mudavadi, Raila Odinga and many others who owe their wealth to Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki and UhuRuto governments. #2022TubadilisheKenya

Last word:

Only a FOOL votes for someone who bribes him or her or on the basis of ethnic and political party wave support. That is ignorance in a democracy.