Political Commentary: Kenyan leaders suffer from a serious disease called Myopic Hypocrisy


By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief, Nairobi – August 14, 2019

Kenyan leaders suffer from a serious Political disease called “Acute Myopic Hypocrisy”. Both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are NOT HONEST to each other or to Kenyans. They both cannot tell one another the TRUTH about CORRUPTION among other national maladies. 

When the President does NOT tell his deputy, on the face, that he is wrong to believe that CORRUPTION does not hinder a leader from delivering development projects, where does he leave confused citizens? What kind of mentorship is he giving his deputy and the entire cabinet?

Why can’t the President defend what he believes is a Threat to National Security and Prosperity – CORRUPTION – when his deputy makes him a laughing stock?

The reason is simple – Myopic Hypocrisy!

Taking a cue from their leader and his deputy, Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, all Politicians and Public Officers are NEVER transparent to each other and to fellow citizens! They don’t consider it their public duty to be honest or truthful to those who entrust them with offices of TRUST.

In the fertile environment of mistrust in public and political affairs, CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM and ETHNIC biases flourish in the Public Service breeding the often complained about favouritism and lethargic inefficiency the Public Service has become.

Politicians are quick to point fingers at the Constitution, ethnic hate, inequality and highly hyped inclusivity. How can a society whose hypocritic leaders and public officers do not trust each other respect a Constitution binding them together, share state resources equally or include each other as fellow citizens?

Victims of Acute Myopic Hypocrisy suffer a bloated sense of Self-importance, insatiable GREED for Self-aggrandizement and indulge in every available Corruption opportunity. They carry a Public image of Godly individuals to FOOL fellow citizens because they perceive their god as a protector of EVIL. 

Myopic Hypocrisy has also afflicted Church leaders who have abandoned noble calling of Evangelism and joined corruption bandwagon to worship MONEY!
The Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA), Pentecostal Church of East Africa (PCEA) and Commercial Churches are victims of the Social Malady.

Hypocrisy is not a word that often comes out of the clergy community because many of them suffer from dishonesty in their dealings with their flock. Many know they preach water and drink wine knowing very well the alcohol in Church is no different from any in other alcoholic brands. 

Lately in an increasingly materialistic world the clergy has embraced corruption as a way of life and do not think twice about misappropriating Church funds, selling off Church assets and even grabbing Church land – all for personal gain.

The Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit and Catholic head Cardinal John Njue have made their Churches position clear on Corruption and taking millions from corrupt politicians. Their message is simply – Keep your dirty money.

Kenyans are today a totally confused lot that does not know where their country is headed. They elect Members of County Assemblies, Members of Parliament, Senators, Governors and a joint presidency who, within no time, cast away all pretenses of greed and dedicate their lives to looting public coffers. 

They develop an insatiable appetite for public resources as if it will be part of their luggage when they die to take to their final destination – hell.

Kenya parliamentarians, who live in a poverty-stricken country, drive better vehicles than their counterparts in Germany, France, Britain and Japan where their top of the range vehicles are manufactured. Yet, they ask for more cash and allowances every parliamentary cycle. Politics has become the highest paying job in Kenya – not a servant leader occupation.

Parliamentarians get allowances to report to their work stations and become overnight globe-trotters along with MCAs Senators and Governors the moment they are elected – at taxpayers’ cost. 

Yet, hypocritically, they keep telling Kenyans – you voted for us to work for you.

Hypocrisy is akin to mistrust because hypocrites do not trust whoever they cheat and they themselves are not trustworthy. Hypocrites do not care about truth because to them truth has no meaning in life. 

Kenya politicians harbour no shame when they demonstrate their hypocrisy in public – including hugging and embracing each other and begging for forgiveness during events such as so-called National Prayer Day – only to engage on tirades of abuse and ridicule a few days later. 

The level of hypocritic relationship in Kenya’s political hierarchy played out recently within the heart of the Cabinet when none other than Deputy President Ruto claimed some Kikuyu Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Parastatal Chief Executive Officers (32 in number) were plotting to assassinate him. 

What could be a better demonstration to Kenya citizens that they have a government led by a gang of hypocrites?

Very often Kenyans are pawns in the game of hypocritical games politicians play within political parties. A party is sold as a national party to unite Kenyans yet when its secretary speaks to those considered as enemies of its leaders, they are threatened with expulsion or expelled. 

How does a party unite all Kenyans when leaders of some communities are considered to be enemies? What could be more hypocritical? 

It is time Kenyan leaders cast away their cloak and dagger of hypocrisy and embrace Self-Trust, Honesty, Truthfulness. Quite obviously Kenyan leaders have serious Trust Deficits which they generously infect their followers with.

Kenya is a nation of very Low Trust, Low Self-trust, Low Relationship Trust, Low Family Trust, Low Organizational Trust, Low Market-place Trust – hence endemic corruption plagues in a man-eat-man nation!


Pretenders are worse than murders!