President Uhuru reads the Riot Act to Kikuyu Politicians to stop bending backwards for money


By Kenya Confidential State House Correspondent, Nairobi – June 18, 2019

Uhuru speech to Akurinu the was a high pitch advisory to Kenyans in general but directed at Kikuyu politicians displaying unfathomable greed for premature 2022 Presidential election campaign money being dished out by Deputy President Ruto.

On Sunday, 16 June 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed a gathering of Akūrinū faithful at the Kasarani Indoor Arena, in Nairobi. He made the address in Gīkūyū language. It should be noted that the Akūrinū are predominantly Kikuyus and usually preach in Gīkūyū. 

It was natural for the President, who is a Kikuyu, to address the Akorino in Gīkūyū, since he was addressing those gathered in that auditorium almost all of them Kikuyus.

Present, seated and listening through the entire coded 10-minute vernacular address was Deputy President William Ruto, a Kelenjin, does not generally understand Gīkūyū language along with several MPs and security detail that had accompanied both the President and the DP. The two arrived separately at the venue, with the President being the first one to arrive.

Here below is a loose translation of what the President said. 

Reproduced as translated

“Now I will speak in our language (Gīkūyū). Let them do what they want. They are always insulting me. But there is nowhere they can take us.

As I have told you all, you (the Akūrinū) are the bedrock/foundation of this nation. Your prayers from 1922 are the ones that have sustained this nation. Because your prayers are unselfish, loving the nation and loving your neighbour.

You of all people know that you eat your own sweat. Even if they gossip or accuse you. I have not seen a mūkūrinū (kīremba) taken to court charged over theft of anyone’s property. 

Because as individuals you believe in feeding yourselves off your own sweat. What God gives you, you give thanks. So you, of all people, know the value of peace. So that’s where everyone is staying they are able to eat their own sweat in Truth & Justice or Fairness (kīhoto).

I have told you I am not interested in power or stealing resources. Because that is not how I have been brought up or raised. I am interested in unity of the nation and everyone wherever they are making a living. 

Whoever farms in Lamu, or trades in livestock for sale in Isiolo, those who come from Namanga to sell food, or you are in Kisumu buying fish, or whatever it is that you are doing, you can visit anywhere and go back home in peace, even as a woman with kids, with whatever you sought without any problems. 

That is my joy and my vision (wendi wakwa). My people, can you hear me? Mmesikia..? 

Today I have said and spoken in our language. And I will go round Mt. Kenya region and tell these “thieves” we have elected whom we call wanasiasa (politicians)… Let them not think that I am their “kīhīī” (sidenote: Kīhīī = Uncircumcised Kikuyu male).

Let them not think I am a their “kīhīī”. They will not stop me from the path/road that I have chosen for myself. Where I want to take our people, the destiny I have for them. 
Have you heard me, my people?

Ati they stay here going round and round (inaudible). They did not give me the votes. I am the one that sought votes for them. You are the ones that voted for me and put me in the position I am in. I will stand by that fact/principle until I finish the work (the term) you gave me. Have you heard me? 

Let those dirty lot (gīko) stop bothering me.

I want peace. I will seek peace for our people anywhere it can be found. Ensuring that another 50 years from now there will be nobody being bothered anywhere they are in the country… Doing business, cultivating your land or any other things you want. Educate children, go to hospitals and get medicine. Those are the things I want. 

Because they see me quiet. Have you heard .. Tumesikizana. It is just that I said I do not want politics or politicking. Can you hear me? Can you hear me? 

Let them not think ni kunitisha wananitisha (they will not threaten me). I will remove them even from those places they go to… You just wait and see. Can you hear me?

If you say you are a Mheshimiwa go back to the grassroots. Build schools, bring electricity to the people who elected you, stop going round saying how you will become big. You will go nowhere without these people. Have you heard me? Have you heard me?

Stop attacking me every day making noise because your name appeared in the newspaper. That is why I stopped paying attention to newspapers or Facebook. 

Let us work. Let our kids learn, get electricity, build schools, go to hospitals for oversight, build police stations. Let us build them so that our people are not scared of walking at night, get street lights at shopping centers so our women can sell their produce at 3 am in the morning. 

Those are the things that we need, not running your mouth taking us in circles. 

Sorry I have spoken while angry. But today I have an opportunity. And I have spoken in the house of God because I know what I have said that is what God would like me to say. Let us work for our people. Tuache hii mambo ya kuzunguka kutisha watu kila saa (we must stop loitering around the country threatening citizens all the time).

Are we in agreement, my people? You have said we work. We grow the economy and the country? You have said we unite the people? Jehovah bless you and the country. Our God first every time. 

[As the President was going to sit, DP Ruto passed over a Title Deed…]

I’m being told by our Deputy President, last year you asked for a place to build a training centre to train your church ministers. So they can preach while educated formally. 

Today he has given me the Title deed (hands it over). That is a piece of land. Go to work so that next year we can build. When we meet we can meet next in your school. Is that not so? Be blessed and God keep you safe.

And lastly, everyone from everywhere you came from Mombasa, Kisumu, Narok, Mūrang’a, or even those from Nairobi (Gīchuka), everywhere wherever you go, say hi to those you meet. Go tell them the Son of Jomo is still standing strong, defending this country and there is nothing to worry about. 

Be blessed. Thank you. Asanteni sana ni hayo tu (that’s all). I leave you in peace. “Nī gīa kūu” (a kikuyu slang – the shoe fits in that leg).

The speech, substantially innocent, has aroused anger, fanned by media clips, from Ruto tangatanga supporters who, correctly, thought they were Uhuru’s targets because they are chasing deputy president’s money in unprecedented and ravenous greed.


Most Kikuyu politicians have forsaken their Motherland at the altar of Corruption money totally oblivious of the Freedom Struggle sacrifices for the Kenyan Nation.

Patriotism has lost meaning to most of them and others from other communities have no concern about the country’s future and well-being of tomorrow’s generation.