Raila plans to use United Nations, American and British support to oust Uhuru



By Blamuel Njururi, Kenya Confidential Editor-in-Chief – Nairobi, Sunday May 21, 2017

We will secure some (British) OXFAM funds camouflaged as food relief programs to supplement your campaign kitty

Kenya Confidential can reveal today that among foreign assistance sought by ODM/NASA to oust President Uhuru Kenyatta will be American, British and United Nations cash disguised as food aid and channeled through Cord Counties.

According to a May 12th 2017 letter from Washington-based Vanguard Africa its Executive Director Jeffrey Smith and two senior advisors have assured Raila that, “we will secure some (British) OXFAM funds camouflaged as food relief programs to supplement your campaign kitty.”

The Americans have further advised Raila to seek United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisations diversionary funds to fund his campaign telling him; “Since yours is a devolved system, try and see if you can also attract some interest from FAO (UN) into devolved units (Counties) to fund several proxy relief programs.

Smith and his co-conspirators against President Uhuru however are unsure United States direct support saying, “As you are aware, USAID might be cut out of question following President Trump’s policy changes with regard to foreign policy.”

Vanguard Africa letter is the first solid proof that the NASA leaders are out to use foreign support, including cash, famine and brains for regime change come August. Raila is further advised; “We have received your request and would like to assure you that there is no need to panic. According to an OXFAM report the severity of famine is being felt across East Africa. Therefore, the recent importation of maize to Kenya should be temporary setback to our strategy.”

The Vanguard Africa letter dated May 12, 2017 further reveals how Kenyan media will be used as pawns in his bid telling Raila, “We advice, however, that you keep the pressure on President Kenyatta and the attention of your media on the famine in Kenya. Create doubts in his (Uhuru) capacity to address the problem and continue reassuring the public you will solve the food crisis once you take office. Blame President Kenyatta for his failure to resolve this crisis sooner and pile attention on water shortages and sugar etc.”

This explains the outladish clamour by ODM and NASA sympathizers spreading naked lies that Kenya government emptied National Cereals and Produce Board and transported maize to the ship docked in Mombasa, loaded it and claimed it had arrived with the cargo after a 4-day voyage from Mexico. Such claims are made to TV presenters who never ask politicians to show proof of such claims.

Finally Raila is urged to push for a state of emergency to create panic in the nation thus, “Take advantage of the food scarcity and push for a state of emergency to create panic in the nation before the rains and the grain reserves are filled and prices take a dive. You only have a limited time to make the people feel victimized by current administration. Make it count or count yourself out.”

That explains the political and media diversionary debate on the maize importation despite available information of duty free importation being allowed in April. Issues over importation include feigned media investigations revealing the importers  and descried as “unmasking” scandals – totally ignoring or underplaying official interventions information.

The Washington-based organisation last March arranged for the Raila to hold a round of talks with State Department officials and leaders of Think-Tanks with a focus on Africa. Vanguard Africa, co-founded by a top operative in US presidential campaigns, also offered to provide partisan political advice to Raila, according to an earlier letter to the ODM leader on file with the US Department of Justice.

“During our time together in Washington,” Vanguard Africa principals told Raila, “we hope to have a collaborative and open discussion about your campaign, current challenges and the real prospects for success.”

A key element of the talks, the group’s executives added, would focus on “uniting a centralised opposition (read NASA) campaign to maximise the opportunity for electoral success.”

“We feel that a cohesive opposition coalition (NASA purported to be Musalia Mudavadi brain child) provides you the best opportunity to both win at the polls and advance your legacy as a transcendent leader on the African continent,” the Vanguard team said in the letter.

The invitation to Raila was filed in accordance with a US law requiring disclosure of work done by lobbyists in the US on behalf of governments and political figures in other countries.

“Recently,” the letter noted, “Vanguard Africa supported the winning opposition coalition in the Gambia, ultimately headed by now-President Adama Barrow, and we feel that this model of success can be replicated in Kenya.”

Vanguard Africa, which describes itself as a pro-democracy advocacy group, is allegedly seeking to promote free, fair and nonviolent elections in regard to Kenya, Smith choosing to ignore Raila’s initiated bloodbaths in 1982 abortive coup and 2008 mass action, justified his sinister design on Kenya.

He immediately betrayed himself by adding, “It (Vaguard Africa) aims to help achieve that goal by highlighting the importance to the United States of the August presidential poll in Kenya. “We’re raising these issues in Washington at a time when Africa figures very low on the foreign policy radar.”

Smith, whose Vanguard advisors include Kenyan anti-corruption John Githongo, added that his NGO “is open” to conducting political strategy sessions with ODM and the National Super Alliance (NASA) Smith has also known Githongo for several years.

The NGO currently does not have full time representatives on the ground in Kenya, but would consider “doing substantive work there,” Smith added.

Asked whether Vanguard Africa might also support President Uhuru Kenyatta, Smith said, “My personal opinion is that he is not the type of leader we want to be involved with.” As probable points of disqualification, he pointed to Uhuru’s indictment by the International Criminal Court and allegations of pervasive government corruption.

Vanguard Africa, reportedly became involved with Raila through an introduction by Eddy Gicheru Oketch, a Senate candidate in Migori County and founder of Ongoza, an NGO that assists young entrepreneurs.

Vanguard Africa co-founder Joe Trippi, who took part in meetings with Railga, has worked since 1980 for a series of US Democratic Party presidential candidates. Trippi served as a campaign consultant in 2008 for Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change. The subsequent election led to formation of a unity government in Zimbabwe, with Tsvangirai serving as Prime Minister from 2009 to 2013.

Calson: Hell-bent on removing Uhuru after failing to stop him in 2013

Vanguard offered political advice and public relations expertise to opposition figures in the run-up to last year’s presidential election in Gambia. The group was involved in efforts to forge a unified opposition to long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh. He was ultimately defeated by Adama Barrow, who had emerged as the leading opposition candidate.

Smith noted that his organisation had also supported Fadumo Dayib, the first woman to run for president of Somalia. Ms Dayib dropped out of the race, however, due to her stated concern that the voting would be rigged.

During Raila’s March 13-16 visit to Washington, Vanguard Africa arranged for him to meet with Peter Barlerin, deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Africa bureau. Raila also conferred with Randy Berry, a State Department official focused on human rights protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender individuals.

The ODM chief held talks as well with former US Ambassador to Kenya Johnnie Carson, of choices have consequences notoriety, and with J Peter Pham, head of the Africa unit at the Atlantic Council think tank and then candidate for the State Department’s top Africa post in the Trump administration.

The US government recent freeze on assistance to the health services in Kenya is timely additional ammunition for Raila to fire against Uhuru and drive potential voters against him. Vanguard Africa letter shows there is more where that came from and woe unto Uhuru if it is released in rapid succession. The West is not and has not been in favour of Uhuru’s switch to China for so-called development assistance and they have reason to pay him with the same coin. Indeed the US envoy Robert F Godec made hiss governtent’s announcement at the opposition stronghold headquarters of Lake Victoria Kisumu City.

Citing concerns over reports of corruption in the Health Ministry, the US said that it would freeze its Ksh.2.1 billion contribution to the health kitty. It may not be long before some other Western governments tighten their aid purse strings.

“We took this step because of ongoing concern about reports of corruption and weak accounting procedures at the Ministry. The action is intended to ensure that health spending reaches those in need, and to protect US taxpayer money,” read a circular sent to newsrooms by US embassy.

US ambassador Godec aiding regime change in Kenya

Rival Presidential candidate Raila happily seized the opportunity to accuse the president’s relatives of being involved in the Ministry of Health multi-billion-shilling scandal he said Uhuru government was trying desperately to sweep under the carpet. The US move appears to have been calculated to give Raila a shield to protect himself against nepotism accusations after revelations that he had fronted his elder brother Oburu Raila for a seat in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Oburu has since rescinded his ambition and withdrawn his application and announced his intention to quit active politics.