The Unstoppable, Unbeatable iPhone


Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have joined forces to create
a groundbreaking device that will bring about…

The Death of the iPhone

Wired magazine says it will “change the way we interact with the world,” and this tiny, $7 tech company is the one thing connecting them all together

Dear Kenya Confidential Reader,

At a market cap of $750 billion, Apple Inc. recently became the single most valuable company in history.

It has $34 billion in cash, sells $224 billion in products each year, and is raking in an incredible $50 billion on the bottom line.

Simply put, the brainchild of Steve Jobs has become an absolute powerhouse in the world of tech. Wired magazine even once referred to the company’s flagship product as “The Unstoppable, Unbeatable iPhone.”

But in just three minutes I’m going to show you a video clip that will completely change the way you see Apple Inc. and its flagship product.

What I’m about to show you has Tim Cook and company shaking in their boots, because the $7 tech firm behind it is guaranteed to challenge the dominance of what’s currently the largest and most powerful corporation in the world.

More importantly, though, this video clip could have profound implications on your personal and financial future. It showcases a new product that will drastically change the way you and I interact with the world, and it could even make you a fair amount of cash in the process.

But before I show you that clip I’m going to start off by making a rather bold prediction.

And I have to warn you: what I’m going to say might sound a bit crazy at first, but after reading this presentation, and learning everything that I know, I think you’ll understand.

And if you don’t, that’s okay… I know not everyone will be able to see the forest for the trees, but for those who do, this could completely change your view of the future.

More importantly, though, it could pad your bank account for years to come, if you choose to take the advice I’ll have for you at the end of this presentation.

So here it is. My bold prediction, you can even mark it on your calendar if you please:

By 2021, less than five years from today… that iPhone sitting in your pocket, or maybe you have an Android like me… is going to become completely obsolete.

But I don’t just mean your particular phone or my particular phone. I mean smartphones altogether.

In the very near future, consumers all around the world will look back at today’s smartphones the same way we look at floppy disks and flip-phones today.

Again, I know that right now, it probably sounds like that could never happen…. but let me explain exactly how I’ve arrived at this stunning conclusion.

How One Device Changed My View of the World

Now, some of you may already know who I am, some of you may not.

My name is Jason Stutman, and I get paid to learn about the technology industry and hunt down innovative, disruptive companies that are changing the rules of the game.

I absolutely love my job. I get to do some really cool stuff, and see some really cool things.

From surgical robots, to miniature drones, to the next generation of 3D printers I’ve been fortunate enough to test countless different kinds of technologies well before they even hit the market.

But there’s one kind of technology that I’ve been privy to testing out that absolutely blows my mind every time I use it and completely changes the way that I think about the future of consumer electronics.


This technology, I believe, will make these amazing pocket-sized computers that we’ve become so accustomed to over the last decade a thing of the past.

There are no special effects and no trickery — this technology exists today, and watch this, it’s about to turn the entire technology industry on its head.

Be part of the global revolution and make money.