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Politics Made Easy

Politics made Easy: Cord in total discord

Raila war on Hassan

By Blamuel Njururi – Nairobi, July 1, 2016

Raila was trampling and ripping apart the same Constitution he claimed to be an architect of

Under normal circumstances a cord is used to secure things up into one unit for ease of transportation or storage.

That is the idea opposition zealot Raila Amolo Odinga alias RAO, alias Tinga alias Ogwambo had when he weaved together the political coalition known as Cord. He planned to use Cord for tethering his political support to transport him to State House in 2013.

As things turned out, the knot he tied was not what scouts know as a leaf knot or tight enough to pull him through a crowd of millions of Jubilee voters who were wildly pushing him back in preference to Uhuru, the son of the first Kenya president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. In March 2013 General Election the Jubilee crowd managed to squeeze Uhuru through State House gates marooning Rao at Upper Hill where he tried to get a push from an old pal in the Second Liberation with a title of President of the Supreme Court Willy Mutunga.

As the name would suggest Willy was not ready to add his weight to Cord and he let the Jubilee river sweep Uhuru to State House. Since then Rao declared his victory was stolen and still believes it was and those who think otherwise can go to hell. Recently at 69 Willy decided he had had enough of the song by 71-year-old Rao and called it quits at the Supreme Court.

Rao decided to redirect his vengeance on the fellow who pronounced Uhuru the winner in 2013 in the name of Hassan from the sand dunes of hitherto Northern Frontier District alias NFD. Rao probably consulted with oracles and found out that Hassan portends a bad omen come next elections in 2017 and should be smoked out of his hiding den in the name of Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission alias IEBC.

Oracles do not have Constitutions and therefore, Hassan’s Constitutional tenure of office did not matter to Rao and if it did, political expedience prevailed. He chose a method akin to his 2008 mass action and enlisted his supporters to evict Hassan out of IEBC offices along with eight other fellow commissioners who never raised objection to Uhuru’s victory announcement.

The idea of forcefully evicting IEBC commissioners from their offices was worse than the notorious lunch time and pubic barazas announcements that left many top civil servants jobless during dictator Daniel arap Moi 24-year terror regime. It cast a long shadow of doubt on the democratic credentials Rao has always presented to Kenyans and the world at large. Raila was trampling and ripping apart the same Constitution he claimed to be an architect of.

Men in Black at work

ODM Elections disrupted to block Luhya take over

Rao’s eviction order came soon after he had been given a platform by Royal Media Citizen Television to announce that he had knowledge about a secret pact between Uhuru and IEBC commissioners that they would be rewarded handsomely if they rigged Uhuru to victory next year. He never gave details.

The IEBC evictions, which were extended to areas where no commissioners could be found such as Kisumu, Kakamega, Kibera, among other isolated areas, also came on the heels of some outlandish claims by Rao’s co-principal and former vice president and foreign affairs minister lawyer Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka that an IEBC commissioner had flown to Korea to arrange rigging of 2017 election for Jubilee. Like his superior Kalonzo did not give any details or evidence to support his wild claims.

It is not fair to describe the Cord principals’ claims as gossip, because that is a preserve of the other gender, but it would be a reasonable advice to both to understand that gullible as Kenyans may be politically, they are not guided by gossip when elections come. They have always been driven by ethnicity and corruption with very little consideration to agenda on improvement of their quality of life.

That means Cord should be concentrating on ethnic numbers not idle gossip. Ethnic numbers can only be harvested when the co-principals agree on one principal to direct their ethnic populations’ votes. As it stands now Cord is tearing apart with ethnic co-principals set against each other not knowing who their presidential candidate is. Weta claims Luhya votes are his ignoring the anger he causes Rao while the ODM share the latter may claim is being scuttled by secretary general Ababu Namwamba.

Namwamba first tasted Roa’s political hypocrisy when his bid to be elected as ODM secretary general was thwarted by ODM General Service Unit (GSU) Men in Black at Kasarani. A patch up compromise placed him as secretary general under the hawkish eye of Rao loyalist John Bandi the Commander of the ODM Black Berets Squad in place of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who wanted to be chairman.

Destroying Odinga Political Cult

One year ago today, on July 2, a blog under the name POLITICA carried breaking news saying; “ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba is expected tender his resignation letter on Monday afternoon as he quits ODM for Jubilee. Ababu is expected to lead a Western Kenya Exodus from CORD to Jubilee due to what they believe to be the betterment of their people’s lifestyle. According to the recent survey, Kakamega County commands the lion’s share of poverty.”

It added, “Sources close to Ababu have revealed that after a careful consideration, Ababu has discovered that ODM belongs to an individual (read Rao) and that only his opinion counts. When contacted by Politics.co.ke the Budalangi MP declined to comment on the same although his body language countenanced the same.

“One of his closest allies told us that after a painstaking meditation, Ababu has decided to join the ruling coalition since the people of Western Kenya stand to benefit more when in government than in opposition.”

Today Namwamba left no doubt that there was no love lost between him and Rao over ODM intolerance and he would no longer allow anyone or group of people to “breath into him” what to think, direct or determine his choice of friends. He told mourners in his home turf that he would soon show them the route to Canaan and they responded they would follow him mdu kwa mdu“.

In a man-eat-man society, Kenya has produced some of the most viciously selfish politicians, which played out during Rao’s first political marriage with Kalonzo alias Water Melon. During 2005 Constitution referendum the Orange symbol represented “NO” vote, which won under Rao – giving birth to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) as a political party. Rao and Kalonzo led a revolt within the ruling National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) under President Mwai Kibaki that saw the dissolution of the entire cabinet. Kalonzo had challenged Kibaki to sack them if he was circumcised. He did.

Soon after the two dissolved their marriage when Rao blocked Kalonzo’s efforts to be ODM 2007 flag bearer. Water Melon slipped away with their son ODM that he baptized ODM-Kenya as alimony. Rao was forced to buy ODM name from a lawyer who had registered it to paddle his way through uncertain political waters after contriving an ethnic facelift that comprised William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Najib Balala, Joseph Nyaga later joined by Charity Ngilu to replace Kalonzo.

ODM Big Five 2007

Both Rao with his ethnic line up and Kalonzo sought the presidency but were beaten by Kibaki in a new outfit Party of National Unity (PNU). Water Melon immediately joined Kibaki’s dinner table to be served as vice president while Rao disputed the election results through what he called Mass Action leading to the death of 1500 innocent Kenyans and destruction of billions of shillings in economic losses and a bonus of 650,000 internally displaced persons (IDPS) of all ethnic roots. To date IDPs continue to eat billions of shillings from public coffers while many affected businesses went under.

The bloodbath swept Rao to a new office of Prime Minister in Kibaki’s government with a life shelf of 5 years after which it was abolished. Rao still holds to the title Prime Minister. Come 2013 General Elections and Kalonzo went knocking on Rao’s ODM door with a new baby he called Wiper Democratic Party and found that Rao has acquired a new political wife Moses Wetangula alias Weta.

A politically Polygamous Rao embraced Kalonzo but never declared who would inherit him after 5 years which allegedly Kalonzo claims was endorsed in unpublicized MoU. He accommodated them in a new home he called CORD.

Cord co-principals

Five years are over and Rao has no memory of any MoU with Kalonzo, which had led to internal rupturing of Cord. Political implosion is like a pregnancy. It can only be hidden in its first few months. Rao gave a wide birth to self-proclamations of presidential ambition by Weta, whose Luhya numbers are more than Kalonzo’s Kamba and his doomed presidential ambitions. To Rao both, like IEBC’s Hassan, are bad omen in 2017. They are part of his use&dump theatrics – risky but eventually profitable to Rao.

Unknown to Raila and his co-principals however, the IEBC eviction idea, unconstitutional as it is, will cost Cord dearly. Rao has no means to block the floodgate Namwamba has triggered of mass exodus from ODM by the Baluhya community in and outside Western region. Kanu will also suffer collateral damage as a result of its secretary general Nick Salat flirting with Cord yet his party is a member of the Jubilee coalition.

Rao has himself instilled fear among many Kenyans now scared he would be an intolerable dictator who would abrogate the constitution any time to suit his political desires. Millions of Kenyans cannot fathom why Raila found it politically wise to glorify politicians arrested and charged for mongering Ethnic hate. Elevating them to the rank of “Kapengiria Six” freedom fighters Jomo Kenyatta, Achieng Oneko, Bildad Kaggia, Paul Ngei, Kung’u Karumba and Fred Kubai is viewed by many great disrespect to Kenya’s freedom struggle heroes.

As Rao’s political house was burning he found time for what was called “home-coming” parties for Ethnic Hate Mongers to signify hos approval and appreciation of their efforts to trigger tribal tension among Kenyans. The same man would later tell public barazas how President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed in uniting Kenyans or building national cohesion among tribes divided between ODM-Cord followers and their perceived “enemies” in Jubilee.

The home-coming parties are not without their measure of misfortunes for Cord. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is investigating Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama for ethnic hate speech he made in Busia county during the thanksgiving ceremony for Busia woman representative Florence Mutua on Monday, June 27.

During Muthama’s own home coming party in Machakos, Raila and his co-principals were put on notice to announce the Cord flag bearer by next moth. Former Provincial Commissioner and a key Kalonzo financial pillar David Musila the MP for Mwingi South, told Raila that Cord must name its presidential candidate by August 31st.

It comes as no surprise that his top lieutenants are advocating dismembering Kenya into ethnic enclaves that can hardly survive even as Counties without equalization funding from the central government today. As the clamour for Cord to name its flag bearer mounts Rao’s options are dwindling and his co-wives are no longer hiding their impatience. Weta’s claim that lightening does not strike the same place twice will come true when Rao declares he will be the flag bearer “wapende wasipende” in the near future.

Indeed, with 2017 General Election a year and a month away Rao’s CORD can no longer hold together. It is tearing apart and as much as Cord adherents preach Jubilee is their enemy, the coalition internal squabbles over its presidential candidate is the elephant in the room. Jubilee is an escapist scapegoat on which Rao has sent his loyal lieutenants on a wild goose chase.

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