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Invest in World’s New Energy Source: Part 1

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By Kenya Confidential Investments Editor – Washington DC June 22, 2016

The World’s New Energy dubbed “The New Saudi Oil” offers great investment opportunity. The Saudis are abandoning oil for the far more lucrative form of fuel… $109 billion is already flowing from the Royal Family to extract this new energy — marking the end of the oil era…

Saudi Arabia is well known as the world’s leader in its oil production. But it’s recently been shying away from it for its own energy needs. And it’s all thanks to this unique type of fuel, which is quickly being adopted worldwide. Other major OPEC members and world billionaires are also scrambling for the “New Energy” source.

Like oil, Saudi Arabia has the largest reserves of this new fuel as well. And they soon plan to export it to the rest of the world. This “New Saudi Oil” is so economic, clean, and powerful that 120 countries are now adopting it to fuel their futures.

Globally, thousands of new power plants and automotive machines are being built that use it, and there are plans for thousands more. It is expected to be the world’s dominant energy source by 2030… but the time to invest is now. In addition to the Saudis… China, India, and Russia are all on board.

US President Barack Obama just pledged $120 million toward it a few months ago, and its use has grown 30-fold during his presidency. Democratic presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton says this “New Saudi Oil” will power every home within ten years of her election.

Some of the richest men are plunking down millions as well. Bill Gates has invested $1 billion of his own money in this fuel – and has committed to doubling that. Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in it and is set to double down.

Even the world’s oil giants are on board. Exxon has admitted the use of “New Saudi Oil” will soar by 2,000%. The CEO of Shell even goes so far as to call it “the dominant backbone of the future energy system.”

And as that happens, a tiny $1 company will find itself in the spotlight, as it has the best chance of bringing the necessary quantities of this fuel to market. It’s all thanks to new, landmark energy deals that are being signed around the world.
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Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field is famous as the largest oil patch in history… The number 1 supplier of global oil starting from its discovery in 1948… to now. But just miles away, the Saudis have just made an energy “discovery” that’s promising to eclipse that legendary oilfield. A new form of fuel that’s far cleaner, cheaper, and more lucrative than oil.

This landmark event is now ushering in a trillion-dollar energy shift like nothing seen before. And now the era of oil is rapidly coming to a close.

Bloomberg reports that “Saudi Arabia is preparing for the twilight of the oil age.”The Financial Times reports: “They’re looking beyond oil… to this.” The Saudi oil minister even says soon “we’ll no longer need fossil fuels.”

You see, just as the Saudis hold more oil than any other nation in the world… Estimates for this fuel show that — just like with oil — they’re blessed with more of this new fuel than anyone else on earth. Enough to not just power their own nation — but to make it the world’s dominant exporter as well. The Arab News is calling it “Yellow Oil.” But I simply refer to it as “the New Saudi Oil.”

Arab oil

The royal family has already committed $109 billion to harnessing this new energy and will likely spend much more. In mid-2016, the crown prince unveiled a $2 trillion megafund to help harness and commercialize this new fuel. With that, Saudi Arabia is officially declaring the post-oil era here today. And now the race has begun…


28 Billionaires Unite Behind It

On November 30, 2015, 28 billionaires formed a coalition to invest in the “New Saudi Oil.”


  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
  • Virgin Mobile founder Richard Branson
  • George Soros

All of who committed to investing $20 billion in the “New Saudi Oil.”

Gates has already invested $1 billion of his OWN money into this fuel — and has committed to doubling that. Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in it and is set to double down. “There’s another $15 billion ready to go,” says Buffett.

120 Nations Form Trillion-Dollar Energy Coalition for It

Shortly after, France and India formed a mega-coalition of 120 nations to promote the “New Saudi Oil.” The coalition has earmarked $2.5 trillion to make this the #1 fuel source on the planet.

That includes OPEC members. Like Kuwait… Egypt… the UAE. All these Gulf State oil giants are scrambling to get their hands on the “New Saudi Oil.” Reuters reports they consider the new energy race “nearly as important as the current battle for oil market share.”

OPEC Dumping Oil for THIS

Others who previously relied on oil are joining the race. Like Big Oil. The French giant Total is on a buying spree for shares of “New Saudi Oil” companies. It’s now investing half-a-billion each year in this new kind of fuel. ExxonMobil estimates use of the “New Saudi Oil” to soar by 2,000%.

The CEO of Shell even goes so far as to call it “the dominant backbone of the future energy system.” Shell put its money where its mouth is, staking $53 million on a “New Saudi Oil” play.

Some of the world’s richest oil billionaires are joining in, too, like… Billionaires Ray and Hunter Hunt, heirs of the Hunt Oil fortune, who recently started a “New Saudi Oil” firm to cash in on the boom. John D. Rockefeller built history’s greatest fortune on oil, but his heirs recently dumped ALL of their oil investments and staked $860 million into this fuel instead.

And one oil billionaire from Russia — the world’s largest oil exporter — recently plunked down $450 million on a “New Saudi Oil” company. Look. We’re talking about a ton of oil money here. OPEC. Big Oil. Oil billionaires. They’re all ditching the oil patch for the “New Saudi Oil”…

And for good reason… The Energy Information Agency just reported it’s the “fastest-growing source of U.S. electricity.” Soon this fuel could power 1.8 billion homes in 120 countries. The IEA — the global energy agency — even predicts it could become “the world’s single biggest source of energy.”

USA Today agrees, saying, “This will be the biggest source of energy in the future.” I’m talking about a global energy transformation on a scale NEVER seen before… Bigger than coal to the Industrial Revolution… or oil to the 20th century… Neither of which EVER supplied power to this many people. Like shale oil,” reports CNBC, “[New Saudi Oil] is shaking up the world energy scene.”

According to Business Insider, “Just as the shale revolution has made millionaires out of farmers, drove down the price of natural gas and dramatically transformed the geopolitical landscape, the new rush will also reshape our energy economy.”

One Bloomberg headline even reads: “The Way Humans Get Electricity is About to Change Forever” — Bloomberg

So are the fortunes of early investors who get a piece of this action. But even though there’s never been a better time in history to tap the “New Saudi Oil”… And even though this could mint even more brand-new fortunes than the shale boom… I doubt 1 in millions potential beneficiaries know about the new global energy boom currently underway… Or how they can get a piece of the cash the “New Saudi Oil” investments are gushing. Just like they didn’t see the shale boom coming… or busting… and lost out on the new fortunes minted.

The only reason I know about this is because I’ve been an insider in the world energy scene for the past decade. That puts me in a unique position to hear about under-the-radar stories like this long before the mainstream catches on… and that’s when all the REAL money is made.

Here’s what I know… In order to stake your claim on a share of the “New Saudi Oil”…

  • You don’t need to own land.
  • You don’t need a rig.
  • And you don’t need a lot of money

You just need to identify the tiny companies perfecting the new technologies that are poised to rake in billions as they allow this “New Saudi Oil” to be harvested. And buy in while it’s still a ground-floor opportunity. Which won’t last for long. That’s why I’ve done all the digging for you.

I’ve not only identified the companies reaping the biggest windfalls from this boom… But I’ve visited their sites…  Met their CEOs, managers, and workers… And analyzed their operations. They’re small plays trading for $1 or less. But according to my research, they could surge for nothing less than 13,400% gains. And you don’t have to invest millions like the big guys.

By my count, just a small $10,000 stake could explode into $1,340,000. Enough to fund your whole retirement on just one single play. Starting this year… thanks to a series of unprecedented global and U.S. political developments that are poised to hand investors the biggest profit windfall of their lives.

In a moment, I’ll reveal two ultra-lucrative picks for this opportunity… I’ll share with you their names, company profiles, and ticker symbols. I’ll even show you uncut footage from inside their operations… the kind everyday investors NEVER get to see. Plus, I’ll share details on why they could skyrocket for life-altering gains starting this year. But first, allow me to explain this explosive situation and why it’s…

Bigger Than the Fracking Revolution…

Because where you’ll see the most money isn’t in the fuel… what I’ve been calling the “New Saudi Oil.” It’s not even in the power plants that will generate energy using this fuel. Instead it’s in the technological revolution that’s underway right now… A rush to develop new breakthroughs to tap this fuel cheaper and much more efficiently than is currently done. Just like the fracking revolution that was driven by new technology to extract oil… Which sent the price of oil plunging… dramatically altering the world’s energy landscape…

The new energy boom in Saudi Arabia is also being sparked by cutting-edge technologies… Ones that are poised to reap tens of billions. As Business Insider reports, “no other technology is closer to transforming power markets.” That’s why this energy revolution is setting off as we speak. After all, the “New Saudi Oil” has been around for decades. But breakthrough advances that more efficiently convert it to electricity recently caused the price to dramatically plummet…

Take a look at this incredible chart…


As you can see, the price of the “New Saudi Oil” has fallen dramatically over the last few decades. But unlike with actual oil, falling prices are a good thing for investors. In fact, the cost of New Saudi Oil has plummeted 94% in just the last seven years! Up until last year most analysts wrote it off as “impractical” because of the cost…

Now it’s cheaper than oil, LNG, gas, and coal. And equal to the cost of almost every other power source — what’s known as “grid parity” in the energy field. “Even if coal were free to burn, power stations still couldn’t compete,” reports the Guardian. USA Today reports, “It costs less than you can build a fossil fuel plant for, no matter the source of energy.”

Never before has a new form of electricity gone from theoretical possibility to practical reality this fast. Now take a look at the other half of this story. How this is about to overtake the entire global electricity market — a multitrillion-dollar industry. Here’s a chart showing worldwide use of the “New Saudi Oil” since the price began dropping precipitously.

Demand Has Skyrocketed 13,800%


And here you can see where the fall in price and rise in demand clearly overlap…

That’s an astronomic 13,800% growth in use over the last decade. In other words, for every 10 homes powered in 2000… 1,390 homes were powered in 2014. Last year alone, the world generated 40 gigawatts of new power from the New Saudi Oil. That’s equal to… 40 new nuclear power plants and 70 new coal-fired plants

At this rate of astronomic growth, says Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), “[New Saudi Oil] is going to overtake everything.” But even though it’s the fastest-growing energy market in the world… A $120 billion industry poised to become the world’s largest power source… overtaking coal, oil, and nuclear… It still represents LESS THAN half of 1% of the global power mix.

But that’s rapidly changing now… As the cost of every other energy commodity — like oil and coal — inevitably goes up… The price of “New Saudi Oil” will continue to go DOWN. That’s because — unlike oil — the price isn’t limited by any kind of scarcity, only by technology. And if there’s one thing we all know about technology — from VCRs to microwaves to computers to cell phones… It’s that over time, it goes down in price and up in performance. In other words, there’s NO limit to how cheap it could get — besides zero.

As a result we’re seeing an unprecedented surge of demand for the “New Saudi Oil.” One unlike anything seen since the rise of coal in the Industrial Revolution. Or oil in the 20th century. As UBS Bank reports…“We’re At The Beginning of a New Era in the Power Markets.” Every single second a new “rig” goes up to extract this power… or a plant to harness it… Worldwide… From China and India… To Africa and the Middle East…

The “New Saudi Oil” is disrupting the entire field of energy. And becoming essential to powering millions of households in over 130 countries. Deutsche Bank predicts the “New Saudi Oil” market to reach $5 trillion globally. Money that will flow from billions of new customers… and into the pockets of early investors like you.

Will Africans lag behind?

Africa, the proverbial Dark Continent appears to be in a deep slumber as the so-called First World seizes the God-given new energy source. With the potential of millions of acres of suitable terrain stretching from multiple countries sharing the Sahara Desert through arid scrublands of the continent to Kalahari Desert, not a single nation, except perhaps South Africa, has shown intentions of investing into the new energy source.

Kenya and the East African countries of Tanzania and Uganda took over 50 years to “discover” commercial oil deposits and a yet to exploit a single barrel for export or domestic use. How long will they take to exploit the abundant new source of energy they do not need to “discover” in commercial quantities? Technology is the key to cast wealth that can transform the poverty-ridden war-torn continent.

Investing in efficient new solar energy technology will yield greater revenue and create new jobs than oil will ever achieve. It will also be environmental friendly to curb global warming.

Uganda is looking into the future and driving on the new energy super highway with production of solar buses for public transport.


Look out for Part 11 of this great investment opportunity coming soon…